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Collecting Action Figures is a unique and diverse hobby with many different elements that appeal to the young and old alike. It's more than a hobby, it's a passion.

Nothing can describe the joy or pleasure in finding an old figure from your childhood after year of hunting Comic-cons, garage sales and the internet.

Or the pleasure in proudly displaying your collection or even the enjoyment of amassing an army of storm-troopers and marching them into battle.

Which brings us to the other side of the hobby, the enjoyment, pleasure and fun of posing them and playing with them, whether in simulated battle, renacting a movie or just for fun. 

With a huge range of action figures available from comic book characters to military, Disney to video games, baseball to ice hockey, wrestling to fantasy, movies to tv series and even the surreal there is something for every taste.

But if you can't find your particular passion, don't despair, you can always create your own.

One of the most unique and growing sections of the hobby is Action Figure Customizing, the art of creating new figures from old, using spare parts and old figures to create a unique and original figure of your own.

Whatever you're into or your preferences, whether you're new to the hobby or a veteran collector the Action Figure Resource is here to cater to YOUR needs, with:

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And more...

1. Introduction

  • What Is An Action Figure?1
  • Evolution of the Action Figure 

2. What Makes A Figure Collectible?

  • What to Collect?
  • Choosing a Theme
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Should I Collect ‘em All?
  • New Or Secondhand?
  • 3. Buying Your Action Figures 

  • Where to Find Them 
  • Save Money Buying Your Figures 
  • Know Your Subject 
  • Do you want new or secondhand? 
  • Production Quantities
  • How many do you want? 
  • What Is a Variant Or Chase Figure? 
  • Where to Buy Your Action Figures

    • High Street Stores
    • Specialist Stores
    • Online Shops/Stores 
    • Car Boot & Garage Sales
    • Collectors Fairs and Comic Cons
    • Magazines and Newspapers
    • Online Auctions

    How to Clean Your Action Figures

    • Avoid handling them
    • Avoid direct sunlight
    • Humidity
    • Removing price tags

    How to Store Your Action Figures

    • Storage Methods
    • What to Check before Storing Your Figures 
    • Where is the best place?

    How to Clean Your Action Figures

    • How to “Dry” Clean a Figure 39
    • Using Chemicals 40
    • Doing Your Figures Laundry 40

    Why do my Action Figures have sticky plastic?

    Do your action figures have sticky plastic?

    What can you do to protect them?

    What Scale of Action Figures Should You Collect

    This guide will highlights the pros and cons of the various scales available to the modern collector

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