What Were the Killer Tomatoes?

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was a spoof movie of the 1950’s and 1960’s Horror B-Movie flicks.

Released in 1978 it quickly gained a cult status. It is also a little known fact that the sequel, released in 1990, was one of George Clooney’s early movies.

In fact it gained such a cult following that there was even an animated TV Series produced by Fox TV between 1990-92.

Whether it was this that inspired Mattel, some weird quirk of the marketing department or a short lapse from sanity, a line of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes action figures, released in 1991. The line consisted of nine double packs of poseable PVC figures based on the animated TV Series, with each pack featuring a human and a tomato from the series.

One of the lines biggest attractions however was that they were produced in the 3 ½ inch scale, which had become the standard by then. This meant that they were compatible with most of Mattels over figure lines produced at the time, and even Kenner’s Star Wars figures. Just imagine the scene, Darth Vader being attacked by a horde of Killer Tomatoes on the Death Star! 

Like the TV series and the movies the figures seemed to have also gained a cult following, despite their simplicity, and sell for between $50-$150 depending on the character.


• Wilbur Finletter Vs. Beefsteak

• Dr. Gangreen Vs. Ketchuck

• Igor Vs. Fangmato

• Chad Vs. Tomacho

• Ranger Woody Vs. Zoltan

• Fireman Hoser Vs. Mummato

• Tara Boumdeay Vs. Missing Tomato Link

• Ultimato Vs. Officer Bookum

• Whitley White Vs. Phantomato

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