Power of the Force Figures

The Power of the Force figures were produced in 1985 after all the movies had been released and Star Wars Figures were general in a decline at retail. Without a new movie to support them few of these figures were ordered and many of the scheduled figures never made it to release.

Those that did make it to retail soon became red tag specials and were snapped up at bargain prices. This has resulted in these figures being among the rarest and most valuable of all the Star Wars figures.

The original Power of the Force line from Kenner had 15 new figures. These were added to the original mix to make a card back of 92.

This line also included 22 re-issues with their original product numbers and collectors coins making a complete run of 37 Power of the Force figures.

However, there were some coins released with previous figures as well as being availble as a mail-in premium so there are in fact 62 coins in the complete collection.

The AT-AT Driver and Nikto figures were only released outside the USA and came with coins from the other figures so there were only 35 different coins NOT 37! There are 2 other figures that are "claimed" to have been released in this line are the "Imperiak TIE Fighter Pilot and FX-7.

The R2-D2 figure here was from TESB but the periscope was replaced with a lightsaber. The rarest figure is this line, and one of the rarest of all the Star Wars figures was the Yak Face which only available in Canada and Europe. He was also released later on a Tri-Logo card. 

The Power of the Force Figures

R2-D2 w/LightsaberR2-D2 w/Lightsaber
Imperial GunnerImperial Gunner
Stormtrooper Luke SkywalkerStormtrooper Luke Skywalker
Han Solo in CarboniteHan Solo in Carbonite
EV 9D9EV 9D9
Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker
A-Wing PilotA-Wing Pilot
General Lando CalrissianGeneral Lando Calrissian
Imperial DignitaryImperial Dignitary
Yak FaceYak Face

The Palitoy Star Wars Scam

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