Star Wars Droids

In the mid 1980's Star Wars Droids, an animated TV Series was launced with a new line of action figures, hoping to cash in on the past success of the Star Wars franchise, but alas it was not to be. Star Wars Droids ran for only 13 episodes between September 1985 and June 1986. 

This figures, although quite good within their own rights, never really caught on and have never really gained any notable traction with collectors.

That said there are a couple of them that sell for fairly decent money on the secondary market. Particularly with the recent hype around the new movie revitalising the franchise, probably more so than the Prequels as these are seen more as a continuation of the original series and as such have been anticipated for more than 30 years!

There were 13 figures in this line, but R2D2 and C3P0 were repaints of earlier versions and the A-Wing Pilot and Boba Fett were just re-packaged figures, and then there was Vix, who was only released in Brazil!

The figure was originally slated to be mass produced and released in the second wave Star Wars Droids figures, but the line was cancelled and the moulds were sold to Brazillian company Glasslite and was eventuall released in 1988, thus becoming THE RAREST Star Wars figure to ever be comercially produced.

Other figures to look out for in this line are the Bobba Fett, C3-P0, R2-D2 and Sise Fromm which range in value from about $2000 for the Bobba Fett, MOC, to approx $100 for Sise Fromm.

Star Wars Droids Figures

Key: First Wave / Second Wave / Omitted From Card Backs

(Alternate Name/Costume)

(“Name Later Applied”)


1.       C-3PO (Droids cartoon) [Old/New Coin]

2.       R2-D2 (Droids Cartoon)

3.       A-Wing pilot (Droids cartoon packaging)

4.       Boba Fett (Droids cartoon packaging)

5.       Thall Joben

6.       Jord Dusat

7.       Kea Moll

8.       Kez Iban

9.       Uncle Gundy

10.   Jann Tosh

11.   Tig Fromm

12.   Sise Fromm

13.   Vlix [Brazil Only]

Droids C3P0Droids C3P0
Droids R2-D2Droids R2-D2
Droids A Wing PilotDroids A Wing Pilot
Droids Boba FettDroids Boba Fett
Droids Thall JobenDroids Thall Joben
Droids Jord DusatDroids Jord Dusat
Droids Kea MollDroids Kea Moll
Droids Kez I banDroiids Kez Iban
Droids Uncle GundyDroiids Uncle Gundy
Droids Jan ToshDroids Jan Tosh
Droids Tig Fromm
Droids Glasslite VixDroids Glasslite Vix

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