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Breakfightin Raphael Playmates TMNT S2 Wacky Action 1989 Review

The Breakfightin Raphael figure was released in 1989 as part of Playmates series 2 Wacky Action line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. Each of the figures in this line came with all-new accessories, a unique turtle quiz joke book and a Wacky action feature.

Breakfightin Raphael (and all the other turtles in this line) had great sculpting, and unlike their earlier counterparts, released in 1988, these figures had coloured eye pupils and Raphael was sculpted with a mischievous, devilish grin.

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A Collapsible Table:

Breakfightin Raphael Backing Card

The figure came on a colorful 21-back blister card.  The card itself was a bright yellow, green, red, and purple. The top half of the front of the card had the TMNT logo with the Wacky Action title in red font on a yellow starburst above this. The bottom half was completely taken up by the figure in the blister pack.

The reverse of the card was divided into 6 panels or boxes. The top two  had a white panel with instructions on how to use Raphael’s Wacky Action feature and to the right of this was a panel featuring the other Wacky Turtles in this series.

The two boxes below these was a green box on the left featuring the other Turtle Clan figures and a blue box featuring the Foot Clan figures. The final two boxes below these had Raphael’s bio on the left and the TM information and proof of purchase on the right.

Card Text

When Raphael gets wound up, he likes to unwind on his back. He slides on his detachable garbage can gyro-lid and flips into a back-breaking Ninja spin. Nothing will be left standing inside the circle of Turtle terror as the disgusting rat bola spins ferociously in Raphael's green grip.

The Foot don't stand a chance against Raphael's streetwise, breakfightin' manoeuvres. His anti-Foot stars slice with the ruthlessness of a vegematic!

So turn up the boom box and let the breakfightin' master teach the Foot a few steps. Raphael would gladly sweep the Shredder off his feet and prove once and for all that it takes two to tangle!

Breakfightin Raphael Review

Raphael was painted an almost glossy emerald-green colour with a red bandanna and wristbands. The front of his shell was yellow and the back a dark matte green. He had a black belt with his initial R in the buckle. The paintwork on this figure was very good with just a little over lapping on the joints. The one major “fault” or problem with this figure was that due to the angle his legs were sculpted in he was very difficult to stand unaided.

For articulation Raphael had a swivel head with left to right movement, swivel arm (or more accurately shoulder) joints that could be turned a full 360 degrees, and a swivel joint at the wrist. His legs were also swivel jointed rather than ball jointed which limited their movement. 

Other than his garbage can gyro lid he had a Rat Bola and Anti-Foot Clan stars, both of these were made from a navy-blue plastic. 

The Breakfightin Raphael figure featured a Wacky Action feature that consisted of attaching his garbage Can Gyro Lid to his back and winding him up. His garbage can lid was made from a similar blue plastic as his accessories with a sticker on its top with images of some garbage. 

The garbage can lid had a peg that was used to fit it onto Raphael’s back. Then when he was placed on his back, he would spin round on the garbage can lid in a breakdancing style, knocking any opponents who tried to get close, flying. There was a small lever under Raphael’s left arm that when pressed would make him spin.

Despite being a great action feature, it was, unfortunately, too short, and easy to break, rendering it useless on most and almost impossible to find in working order.

After spending several hours researching this figure online I couldn’t find any “known” variants and the following values are its current value in Feb 2022

Values as of Feb 2022

MOC $45-$120

MLC $10-$25

Loose $5-$15

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