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Kenner Batman: The Dark Knight Collection Vehicles 1990

A total of seven Kenner Batman The Dark Knight Collection Vehicles were released in 1990. This include three that were repurposed from previous Kenner lines.

Kenner Batman Vehicles

  • Batcycle
  • Joker Cycle
  • Batjet 
  • Batcopter
  • Turbojet Batwing 
  • Batmobile 13 1/2" 
  • Batman Bola Bullet

Many of TDK Vehicles were re-issued and re-tooled from previous Kenner lines.

  • Bat Jet >>>>>>> Silverhawks Sprinthawk
  • Bat Copter >>>> Super Powers
  • Joker Cycle >>>>> Robocop

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A Collapsible Table:

Kenner Batman Batcycle

The Kenner Batman  Batcycle was first released as Robo-Cop’s Robo cycle in Kenner’s 1989 Robo-Cop line. The front of the packaging featured an artist’s impression of Batman on the cycle and the DARK Knight Batman logo on the top left. The reverse of the box shows the Batcycle’s rocket blast feature and the other vehicles available in the line, i.e. the Bat Copter, Bat Jet and Joker Cycle.

 The Bat Cycle came in a clear baggie a long with assembly instructions and a 32 page, colour, mini-catalog and some decal stickers for the bike. The bike itself was made from blue, black and yellow (or gold) plastic that was simple to assemble and easily “clicked” together, with the central seat keeping the two halves firmly together. The detail on the moulding was very good and rather than being painted, the design solely used coloured plastic. Batman fitted on the cycle in a semi-sitting / lying pose.

 This was a great toy to play with but it was very basic, was made from cheap plastic, that easily broke, and didn’t have any action features. As a result, it has very little value on the secondary market at this time.

 MIB $15:00 - $42:00

 Loose (No examples found) $2:00 $10:00

Kenner Batman Joker Cycle

The Kenner Batman Joker Cycle, like the Bat Cycle was originally released in the 1989 Robo Cop line. As with many of the Kenner releases the packaging feature an excellent artist’s impression of the Joker riding the cycle and TDK logo at the top left-hand corner. The reverse of the Joker Cycle packaging featured images of the Bat Cycle, Bat Copter and Bat Jet.

Inside, the Joker Cycle parts were contained in clear plastic baggies, with assembly instructions ands a mini catalogue featuring Kenner’s other action figure lines available.

The cycle was made from green, purple and gold plastic that snapped together easily into the Joker Cycle. The front of the cycle was dominated by a large portrait of the Jokers face. The clipped onto the front of the bike and could be launched at his enemies with the press of a button. 

The cycle, however, was poorly designed because due to the Joker’s lack of any useful articulation and the hinderance of his shirt tails (which is why many were remove or simple cut off), he could barely sit on his cycle. 

The Joker Cycle was, technically, a two-seater vehicle but it was difficult enough to try and fit the Joker on it never mind a secondary figure. Also, while the Joker’s face was attached to the front of the bike its steering was extremely limited.  Despite these faults, there was some good detailing on the body of the cycle. 

MIB $18:50 - $$43:00

 Loose $19:00

Kenner Batman Batjet

The Dark Knight Bat Jet was another design that was borrowed from a previous Kenner line. This vehicle was originally released as the Sprinthawk jet in the Silverhawks line. The only difference between them was a re-tooling of the missile launcher to a more “batcentric” one, other than that even the stickers were the same as the original. The Silverhawk was grey and orange whereas the Bat Jet looked better as a solid black.

 The packaging, as with many of the Kenner Batman figures, featured excellent artwork of Batman flying the Bat Jet and in the top left-hand corner was an image of Michael Keaton from the Batman movie.

 Th reverse of the packaging had several images of the Bat Jet taken from different angles in the top and images of the Bat Cycle, Bat Copter and Joker Cycle at the bottom.

 The Bat Jet had a missile launcher at the front that fired plastic bat shaped projectiles that was operated on the right-hand side of the cockpit. Its wings could be retracted into the jet’s body to be driven in road mode and at a flick of a button they would pop back out ready for flight mode. Also, the Jet’s canopy could slide open and closed to give access to the cockpit for Batman to be seated.

 The Bat Jet came pre-assembled and was made from solid black plastic, so no painting was required. The packaging also came with a few decal stickers for the wings, tail, and the cockpit dashboard to decorate the Bat Jet with.

This was a very solid and durable toy giving kids endless hours of fun creating their own Batman adventures.

MIB $35:00 - $55:00

Loose $12:99 - $25:99

Kenner Batman Bat Copter

The Bat Copter was a repainted re-release of the 1983 Kenner Superpowers Bat Copter. As with the packaging on many of the Kenner lines this featured some very cool artwork of the Bat Copter flying over Gotham City and firing its missiles at his enemies. There was also a photo of Michael Keaton as Batman and the Batman movie logo, as with the over vehicles in this line.

The Kenner Batman Bat Copter, as with the Bat Jet, there was missile launcher at the front that fired a Bat Hook that was attached to a winch by a cord.  When fired the Bat Hook would hook around Batman’s enemies and he could reel them in with the winch, which was operated by a button under the cockpit.

The reverse of the packaging had several images showing this feature in action, capturing the Joker and reeling him in to be taken to jail.  There were also images of the Bat Cycle, the Joker Cycle, and the Bat Jet.

The Bat Copter, like the Bat Jet, also came pre-assembled and was made from solid black plastic. It also came with some decal sticker to decorate the body of the copter and the dashboard. The copter’s roto blades could also be spun round.

There was also a yellow contraption under the cockpit that held the Joker hanging from his hand. When the copter’s rotor blades were spun round this caused this to spin also, and anyone hanging from it.

This version of the Bat Copter, as with the Bat Jet, looked far better than the original in a sleek solid matt black colour rather than the black and blue of the original.

However, the Superpowers copter was released near to the end of the Superpowers line and therefore had a very short shelf live and is a lot more valuable.

 MIB $25:00 - $85:00

 Loose $21:00 - $80:00

Kenner Batman Turbojet Batwing 

The Kenner Batman Batwing Turbojet was another awesome vehicle released by Kenner as part of the Batman Dark Knight Collection. This was not one vehicle but was designed to be three vehicles in one!

How about that for a triple threat?

Its default vehicle, as shown on the packaging, was the Batwing Turbojet or convert into a street racer for high-speed chases through the streets of Gotham, or the wings could become a turbo glider for Batman to fly after any villain.

The turbo jet was very well moulded and was highly detailed and was made from a solid matt black plastic, except for the canopy that had a slight gloss effect to give it a “glass” look. It was shaped similar in style to the Batwing with 2 workable gun turrets behind the canopy and two tail fins, that fired yellow rockets and could be detached.

Each wing had a black batman logo on a yellow background and on the undercarriage, there was more detail and two gold wheels, with the Batman logo on the hubs, these were for when it was in Street Racer mode. The canopy could be opened and closed to sit your Batman figure inside. The cockpit had a detailed dashboard decal with all the instruments for him to use.

To convert the Turbo Jet into the Street Racer all you had to do was clip off the wings and the back wheels would pop out on the wings and the front wheel pulled down.

The third mode was Attack Glider mode. In this mode when the two wings were clipped together, they created a C-clip that fitted around Batman’s waist to keep Batman in position under the wings. The gun turrets could also be attached under the wings, ready for Batman to make a quick flying pursuit, or attack!

 MIB $50:00 - $297:50

 Loose $43:34 - $90:00

Kenner Batman Batmobile 13 1/2" 

Batman would not be Batman without his Batmobile. The artwork on the box for the Batmobile was again awesome and would certainly catch your eye, and imagination in the toy aisle!

The front of the box featured some impressive artwork of the Batmobile with a Batman logo on the left and a Michael Keaton profile on the right. The reverse of the box showcased pictures of the actual Batmobile plus the other vehicles in this collection. Exactly the same vehicle was later released in the Batman Returns collection but with new packaging, as the Batmissile vehicle.

This looked identical to the movie version of the Batmobile with pop-up gun turrets on either side of the vehicle and a turbo missile launcher at the front of the car, it also had a Pop-Out Exhaust Flame at the back that rotated when the wheels were turned.

The canopy also opened and closed, and Batman could sit inside although it was a difficult procedure and even harder to get him back out, this meant that the hinge, that was very fragile, was easily broken. As a result, I usually just pretended that Batman was inside. Another problem with this was that it was only a one-seater and not a two-seater, but that said it would have to be a lot bigger as a two-seater and it actually looked pretty cool as a one-seater.

MIB     $300:00 - $869:87

Loose $90:00 - $150:00

Kenner Batman Bola Bullet

The Kenner Batman Bola Bullet vehicle had a solid gold body with a single wheel at the front and 2 larger wheels at the back, giving it the look of a classic drag car. On the right-hand side of the cockpit was a slot for keeping the Bola Snare, which was attached to the vehicle with a cord for easy retrieval. The launcher was situated on the left-hand side of the cockpit.

When the projectile was fired the snare was pulled with it creating a bola effect to capture and disable the villain. You could also use it in “bullet” mode by clipping the snare section to the top of the bola.

MIB $10:00 - $140:00

Loose $NA

Kenner Batman Strikewing

The Batman Strikewing vehicle is rather elusive and there seem to be few of them around and even less information on them. The Batman Strikewing looks very similar in style to the Batman Forever Batwing.

It was a solid black design with a missile launcher at the front and a missile launcher at the front that fired bat shaped missiles. Its wings were curved and shaped like bat wings and each wing had a gun, but these were for show and did not actually work.

There was also a gold canopy that opened This vehicle seem fairly difficult to find so I can only assume and closed for easy access to the cockpit

MIB $9:99 - $35:00

Loose $5:00 - $10:00

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