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Kenner Batman the Dark Knight Collection Wave 2 Guide & Review

As with the Kenner Batman the Dark Knight Collection Wave 1 figures these figures came on a standard backing card (except the Joker figures) with the bubble enclosed figure on the bottom half and the top half featuring a Michael Keaton picture on the left and the Batman emblem and title etc. on the right with an inset picture of the actual figure. The reverse of the cards had images of all the figures, except the wave two figures, and vehicles on the bottom half and any action feature instructions at the top.

All the Kenner Batman Dark Knight figures had Kenner’s standard 5 POA with hip and arm joints and a swivel head joint. His left hand on most of these was sculpted with a clenched left fist whereas his right hand was sculpted open in order that he could hold and use his many accessories. 

Most of these variant Kenner Batman figures also came with a removable cloth cape that was attached by a C-clip to Batman’s neck. Unfortunately, the cloth that these was made from was not strong and therefore was easily damaged or lost, as a result most of the Batman figures on the secondary market are missing the cape.

1991 Second Batch

o Powerwing Batman

o Thunderwhip Batman

o Knock-Out Joker 

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Powerwing Batman

The “Powerwing” Batman in Series 2 resembled the Crime Attack Batman from series 1 repackaged for this series and with a different accessory. He was also re-released and repackaged for the Batman Returns line. For the Batman Returns line he had black on gold suite and a gold Powerwing Glider.

As with most these figures he Kenner still used the 1984 Superpowers Batman sculpt for this figure but with Kenner’s standard 5 POA and no knee articulation. 

This Kenner Batman wore a solid black suite with a gold and black logo on his chest and a gold belt. The Bat logo was painted rather than sculpted onto his chest plate on this figure, which meant in some cases it was painted at an angle, he also did not have any pupils painted on his eyes.

As a result the only paint applied to this figure was on the logo and his belt so there was little room for error here other than the sometimes crooked logo.

His accessory was his “Powerwing” glider,  which had two footholds to hold Batman in a standing position when mounted on it. It also had a spring-loaded firing mechanism on the front that fired a large gold harpoon shaped missile.

All-in-all this is a nice, classic looking Batman but because he was really just another “Superpowers” variant Batman he wasn’t really very unique and in my mind is well over-priced for what he is, unless you buy a loose figure at the lower end of the scale.

MOC $20:00 - $127:50 ($45:00)

Loose $4:00 - $10 (loose this figure is almost identical the Crime Attack Batman)

Thunderwhip Batman

The second Kenner Batman figure in wave two was a Thunderwhip Batman. The figure was also repackaged and re-released in the Batman Returns line but with purple, rather than gold accessories.

This figure, as with the Powerwing Batman, was molded in an all-black suite with a gold belt and logo painted onto his chest plate. However, this Batman had a wheel on his back that when spun round made his right arm, and any weapon he was holding, spin also.

He came with two weapons, a Thunderwhip and a ninja star style weapon. Although the ninja stars were not featured in the final cut of the movie, but they were in the original cut.

Again, as yet another variant that closely resembled the Powerwing and Crime Attack figures I feel it is overpriced, yet it still seems popular with collectors, may be because of its classic look.

MOC $10:45 - $39:99

Loose $8:50 - $12:00

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Knock-Out Joker

The third figure in this was the Knock-Out Joker. On the packaging for this figure the Michael Keating image was replaced by that of Jack Nicholson., but the reverse of the card had the same images of the Knockout Joker’s Powerfist at the top and the series 1 and 2 figures and vehicles below.

This was one of the few figures to feature a new sculpt rather than a repainted version from the Super Powers collection. The detailing was excellent; however, he resembled the cartoon character more than Jack Nicholson.

The paintwork was quite shoddy in places and very mediocre with a lot of overlapping and bleeding of the colours.

The colour scheme was also completely different to that of the movie Joker’s outfit. Here he was dressed in a navy-blue waist coat with orange neck scarf, bright green belt and orange trousers or pants and purple gloves.

The articulation on his shoulders also makes them stand out as if he were wearing shoulder pads, whereas if they had been made a little lower it would have looked a lot better.

The Knockout Joker came with 2 accessories, a small yellow pistol with a “POW” flag and a “Powerfist” bazooka which was re-tooled from the Police Academy line.

This was spring triggered and when the button was pressed the “fist” was released and popped out. This relates to a scene in the movie when the Joker and his gang are watching TV, and the Joker uses a similar device to punch a hole in his TV during a news segment about Batman.

This is one of the hardest of all the Kenner Batman figures to find and this reflects in his price on the secondary market.

MOC $50:55 - $109:95 ($80:00)

Loose $25:00 - $52:00

Please note: Many of the loose figures are sold WITHOUT the accessories and in Batman’s case the clip-on cape is also often missing, therefore the figures complete with all the accessories generally sell for 50% more than those without.

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1991 “Deluxe Crime Master Edition”  Toys R Us Exclusives

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o Batman with "Night Glider"

1991 Vehicles

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