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When were the first Spawn Figures made?

Todd McFarlane, co-founder of Comic Images and creator of the Spawn character, wanted to see his creation evolve into a line of action figures after the huge success of the comic.
However, Todd had some very specific specifications in mind and he wanted to produce a figure Spawn fans would be proud of.
Todd's target audience was also quite different to your regular action figure "collector" of the time, as the hobby was still in its and was still considered a niche hobby, even “geeky”, but all that was about to change.

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After many disappointing months of searching for a suitable manufacturer, but unable to find anyone able to produce the quality and detail he was looking for McFarlane gave up his quest, but not his dream…
And so, McFarlane Toys was born, specifically to manufacture and produce Spawn figures.
But these Spawn figures were no ordinary figures and raised the bar for other manufacturers to conform to and it is often recognized as being a turning point in the industry and hobby because of the unparalleled detail and sculpting that went into each of these figures far surpassed anything that had previously been achieved.
But despite being revolutionary at the time these early action figures were pretty basic compared to today's offerings.
Since then, the action figure market has developed and matured with more adult collectors and as a result the figures themselves have evolved to this new market.
McFarlane Toys has become one of the largest and most renowned toy manufacturers in the world and in addition to Spawn figures, McFarlane Toys has also produced figures from such properties as KISS, Shrek, The X-Files, Austin Powers, Metal Gear Solid, Clive Barker, Akira, the Beatles, Army of Darkness, Jaws, Rob Zombie, Alien, Predator, AC/DC and dozens of others, including holding the licenses for all the Major North American Sports Leagues.
McFarlanes Spawn figures have gone on to out sell most of McFarlanes other licenses with 34 series’ of the basic figures and many more 12-inch Spawn figures, Exclusive Spawn figures and Collectors club issues.


Spawn Releases

  • SPAWN SERIES 33: AGE OF PHARAOHS Release: Date April 2008
  • SPAWN SERIES 32: THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN 2 Release Date: October 2007
  • SPAWN SERIES 31: OTHER WORLDS Release Date: April 2007
  • SPAWN SERIES 30: THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN Release Date: December 2006
  • SPAWN SERIES 29: EVOLUTIONS Release Date: June 2006
  • SPAWN SERIES 28: REGENERATED Release Date: October 2005
  • SPAWN SERIES 27: THE ART OF SPAWN Release Date: March 2005
  • SPAWN SERIES 26: THE ART OF SPAWN Release Date: October 2004
  • SPAWN SERIES 25: THE CLASSIC COMIC COVERS 2 Release Date: February 2004
  • SPAWN SERIES 24: THE CLASSIC COMIC COVERS Release Date: October 2003
  • SPAWN SERIES 23: MUTATIONS Release Date: May 2003
  • SPAWN SERIES 21: ALTERNATE REALITIES Release Date: February 2002
  • SPAWN SERIES 20: SPAWN CLASSIC SERIES 2 Release Date: October 2001
  • SPAWN SERIES 18: INTERLINK 6 Release Date: March 2001
  • SPAWN SERIES 17: SPAWN CLASSIC Release Date: August 2000
  • SPAWN SERIES 16: NITRO RIDERS Release Date:March 2000
  • SPAWN SERIES 15: TECHNO SPAWN Release Date: October 1999
  • SPAWN SERIES 14: DARK AGES SPAWN 2 Release Date: August 1999
  • SPAWN SERIES 13: CURSE OF THE SPAWN Release Date: April 1999
  • SPAWN SERIES 12 Release Date: September 1998
  • SPAWN SERIES 11: DARK AGES SPAWN Release Date: July 1998
  • SPAWN SERIES 10: MANGA SPAWN 2 Release Date: April 1998
  • SPAWN SERIES 9: MANGA SPAWN Release Date: October 1997
  • SPAWN SERIES 8 Release Date: June 1997
  • SPAWN SERIES 7 Release Date: February 1997
  • SPAWN SERIES 6 Release Date: August 1996
  • SPAWN SERIES 5 Release Date: July 1996
  • SPAWN SERIES 4 Release Date: January 1996
  • SPAWN SERIES 3 Release Date: August 1995
  • SPAWN SERIES 2 Release Date: February 1995
  • SPAWN SERIES 1 Release Date: December 1994

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