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Iron Man has always been a popular Marvel character but sine the release of the first Robert Downy Jr movie he seems to have rocketed to super stardom!!

After the success Toy Biz had with their Spider-man line that launched simultaneously with the cartoon Toy Biz decided to continue the trend with their Iron Man release. As a result, this series was released early with very little fanfare and came as a surprise to the many Iron Man fans.

These 5-inch figures were an instant success, which was partly driven by a new concept that the designers had come up with for this line; interchangeable vac-metallized armor.

However, Toy Biz probably over relied on this and produced 2-3 variants of Iron Man for each series, and finally by series four the concept seemed to have run its course and lost its appeal and so the planned fifth series of figures was hurriedly cancelled before production began.

Another factor in the demise of this line was the exorbitant cost of the vac-metallized armor, which proved to be far more expensive than any one had originally thought and therefore ate heavily into Toy Biz's margins, unlike the Spider-man and X-Men lines which proved to be popular and very profitable for them.

Biz Iron Man Series 1 1994

Series one consisted of two Iron Man variants and a War Machine with interchangeable vac-metallized armor and four villians, Mandarin, Blacklash, Spider-Woman and Grey Gargoyle. Blacklash was, in fact, the first incarnation of Whiplash, aka Mark Scarlotti. These figures were released in the early fall of 1995 to coincided with the new animated series the was airing.

  • Hydro Armor
  • War Machine
  • Iron Man
  • Mandarin
  • Blacklash_
  • Spider-Woman
  • Grey Gargoyle

Iron Man

In the early series of the comic book and TV series, Iron Man was thought to have been an employee of Stark Enterprises, employed as Tony Stark's personal bodyguard. This figured was modeled after the armor worn by Iron Man in the animated series rather than his classic armor.  His body had a yellow and red color scheme similar to that of the earlier Mego figure. As well as his interchangeable red armor he also had a plasma cannon and a missile launcher.

Hydro Armor

Although Tony Stark's normal armor can function underwater it is far from waterproof and was inefficient. So Stark designed this special deep sea suit, Hydro armor. The figure itself mainly a yellow body sculpt with some red paintwork and gold armor. As accessories he came with 2 harpoon spears.

War Machine

This was a pretty cool, metallic silver figure. Jame Rhodey, AKA War Machine, was not only a close and valued friend of Stark's but also the chosen successor to Stark Enterprises and Iron Man as well as previously holding the roles of pilot and business partner. This was the first War Machine figer to have ever been released and he proved to be a popular choice with fans. He came equipped with two rather formidable and heavy duty rotatable shoulder cannons  .

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