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Toy Biz Iron Man Figures

Iron Man has always been a popular Marvel character but sine the release of the first Robert Downy Jr movie he seems to have rocketed to super stardom!!

After the success Toy Biz had with their Spider-man line that launched simultaneously with the cartoon Toy Biz decided to continue the trend with their Iron Man release. As a result, this series was released early with very little fanfare and came as a surprise to the many Iron Man fans.

These 5-inch figures were an instant success, which was partly driven by a new concept that the designers had come up with for this line; interchangeable vac-metallized armor.

However, Toy Biz probably over relied on this and produced 2-3 variants of Iron Man for each series, and finally by series four the concept seemed to have run its course and lost its appeal and so the planned fifth series of figures was hurriedly cancelled before production began.

Another factor in the demise of this line was the exorbitant cost of the vac-metallized armor, which proved to be far more expensive than any one had originally thought and therefore ate heavily into Toy Biz's margins, unlike the Spider-man and X-Men lines which proved to be popular and very profitable for them.

Biz Iron Man Series 1 1994

Series one consisted of two Iron Man variants and a War Machine with interchangeable vac-metallized armor and four villians, Mandarin, Blacklash, Spider-Woman and Grey Gargoyle. Blacklash was, in fact, the first incarnation of Whiplash, aka Mark Scarlotti. These figures were released in the early fall of 1995 to coincided with the new animated series the was airing.

  • Hydro Armor
  • War Machine
  • Iron Man
  • Mandarin
  • Blacklash_
  • Spider-Woman
  • Grey Gargoyle

Iron Man with “Plasma Canon Missile Launcher”

In the early series of the comic book and TV series, Iron Man was thought to have been an employee of Stark Enterprises, employed as Tony Stark's personal bodyguard. This figured was modeled after the arm or worn by Iron Man in the animated series rather than his classic armour. 

His body had a yellow and red colour scheme like that of the earlier Mego figure. As well as his interchangeable red armour he also had a plasma cannon and a missile launcher. He had articulation on his shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and head.

MOC $20-$55

LOOSE $5-$10

Hydro Armor with “Deep Sea Weapons”

Although Tony Stark's normal armour can function underwater it is far from waterproof and was inefficient. So, Stark designed this special deep-sea suit, Hydro armour. The figure itself mainly a yellow body sculpt with some red paintwork and gold armour.

The armour on this figure was a bit fiddly and difficult to put on and if when you managed to clip it on, they would often fall-off!  His helmet also was difficult to get on and was not very accurate to the cartoon. As accessories he came with 2 harpoon spears. He was articulated on the hips, knees, arms, and head. He also came with a spring-loaded harpoon that clipped on to his arm and a spear.

MOC $10-$25

LOOSE $5-$10

War Machine with Shoulder Mount Cannons

This was a cool, metallic silver figure. Jim Rhodes, AKA War Machine, was not only a close and valued friend of Stark's but also the chosen successor to Stark Enterprises and Iron Man as well as previously holding the roles of pilot and business partner. This was the first War Machine figure to have ever been released and he proved to be a popular choice with fans. He came equipped with two rather formidable and heavy-duty rotatable shoulder canons.

He had articulation on his head, arms, elbows, legs, and knees. His colour scheme is not as colourful as some of the others but the grey and black looks great on this figure especially once you have clipped on his armour. 

MOC $12-20

LOOSE $5-$12

Mandarin with “Light Up Power Rings”

One of Iron Man’s oldest and deadliest enemies is the Mandarin, a former Chinese government figure who gains knowledge far in advance of Earth’s from Power Rings he finds in a crashed alien spaceship. Now he is hell-bent on forcing the world into his vision of a new feudal world order.

Unfortunately, his articulation was sacrificed in favour of his action feature. He had translucent plastic green hands that lit up with an eery green glow when a button on his back was pressed. As a result, the wires went through his back and up his arms, so there is no articulation in his arms. He also came with a helmet and cape, but these were poorly made, and the cape did not fit on to his back very well. He has articulation on the arms, elbows, legs, knees, and head.

MOC $8-$15

LOOSE $3-$10

Whiplash/Backlash with “Whip Cracking Action”

The Whiplash figure, AKA Mark Scarlotti, first encountered Iron Man when he was working as an enforcer for the criminal Maggia. Whiplash got his name from his specially designed whips that he used to shatter Iron Man’s armour. Iron Man then redesigned his armour to protect himself from Whiplash and his whips, but Whiplash also redesigned and upgraded his whips and changed his identity to Backlash. The head sculpt that was used for Backlash was also used for the Toyfare Guardian and Captain Britain.

Backlash would crack his whips when a lever on his back was pushed, unfortunately it did not work very well and was very tame.  As well as his whips Backlash also came with his Nunchak which were one weapon in the cartoon series as the whip retracted into the handle to become the nunchaks.  The sculpting and painting on this figure were very bland and boring but it is fairly accurate.

His articulation is reasonable but when he is wearing his cape the movement of his head is very restricted. Due to his  “Whip Cracking Action” the articulation in his arms was very limited, which was a pity because the “whip action” was very feeble and he would have been much better with the normal articulation in the arms on the positive side his legs and knees were quite well articulate with good movement. Unfortunately, his feet were also slightly unaligned which made him virtually impossible to stand.

MOC $10-$20

LOOSE $3-$5

Spider-Woman with “Psionic Web Hurling Action”

This version of Spider-Woman was not based on the original Spider-Woman but instead it featured Julia Carter. Julia Carter was an ordinary mother and homemaker as well as being an amateur tennis player who was target by a secret organization called the Commission for an experiment.

The Commission secretly injected spider venom into Julia into increasing dosages until she became Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman then became accidentally involved in the Secret Wars mini-series which became the inspiration for Iron Man’s alien costume design. She later joined up with Iron Man and his friends in ForceWorks.

Spider-Woman came with 2 psionic webs that could be fired from her hands when a button on her back was pressed. This meant that her arms had little articulation and had an awkward pose so that she could ‘fire’ her webs. This was probably a poor choice as she would have been a much better figure with the standard articulation.

The paintwork on this figure is awesome, if somewhat sloppy. She has a dark bluish costume with a large white spider on the front. The detail on her head sculpt is great compared to most of the others. Articulation is on the shoulders, hips, and knees.

The same figure was repainted and re-released in a later series as the original Spider-Woman Jessica Drew.

MOC $$10-$25

LOOSE $2-$5

Grey Gargoyle with “Stone Hurling Action”

Grey Gargoyle used to be a renowned French scientist until he accidentally spilled one of his experimental formula on himself. He later discovered that not only he could turn himself into a living statue, but while in statue form, he could temporarily turn others into stone. He also discovered that while his enemies were in stone form, he could inflict permanent damage on them. 

Grey Gargoyle was a ‘bland’ figure to look at being made of grey stone.  His body was a plain grey and he had painted blue gloves and boots on his hands and feet.  He also came with a removal blue cape, which hindered his throwing action when worn.

Toy Biz did an excellent job of re-creating his stone features and hard straight lines and he came with some ‘crazy’ stone which he did though with his right hand. His head sculpt is probably the best in this series with nicely chiselled features. His right arm had a spring mechanism so when the crazy stone was place in his right hand his arm could be pulled back and released, throwing the stone from his hand. He had articulation in his legs, knees, arms, elbows, and head.

MOC $5-$25

LOOSE $5-$10

Toy Biz Iron Man Animated Secondary Market Values

Please note: All prices quote are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy at these prices. All quotations were correct at the time of writing. July 2020.

When evaluating these figures I look at previous SOLD prices on both online and offline auction sites such as Vectis, Hakes and eBay etc as well as online stores such as Amazon, Walmart and Target etc. I then take an average, however if I feel a price is too high or low, I will make a note of it.

MOC $20-$55

LOOSE $5-$10

MOC $10-$25

LOOSE $5-$10

MOC $12-20

LOOSE $5-$12

MOC $$10-$25

LOOSE $2-$5

MOC $$10-$25

LOOSE $2-$5

MOC $20-$55

LOOSE $5-$10

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