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Toy Biz Spider-Man The Animated Series Vehicles Guide and Review

The Toy Biz Spider-Man The Animated Series Vehicles were released in 1994. Action figures weren’t the only thing Toy Biz focused on; they also launched various vehicles, playsets, and even a stuffed toy. 

Here I take a look at the:

  • Plush Spider-Man  
  • Tri-Spider Slayer
  • Hobgoblin Wing Bomber 
  • Smythe Battle Chair Attack Vehicle
  • Spider-Man (Wheelie Cycle) Motorized 1995
  • Hobgoblin Pumpkin Bomber 1995
  • Venom Assault Racer 1995
  • Spider-Man Radio Control Spider Cycle 1995
  • Rip ‘N Rev Cycle 1995

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A Collapsible Table:

Toy Biz Spider-Man Plush 1994

If you are interested in a The Toy Biz Spider-Man that isn’t plastic, you may like this one. The plush Spider-Man figure is a version of Spider-Man made of fabric. Dressed in a complete Spider-Man suit, this feels like a more child-friendly toy because there are no small pieces around, and nothing could break.

The design is basic. There aren’t so many details in the stitching and sewing, but it’s a good-looking toy. For articulation, it’s safe to say that the figure can bend and squeeze in several different ways without damage. You’ll only have to keep it clean over time. The stuffed toy comes standing in a box with a transparent front. The backing card features an image of the toy, as well as other images of other figures in the Toy Biz line.

MIB: $40 - $70

Loose: $35-$60

The Toy Biz Spider-Man Tri-Spider Slayer 1994

The artwork for the Tri-Spider Slayer was awesome and featured a huge artist’s animated image of the Slayer attack Spidey on the streets of  NYC.

The The Toy Biz Spider-Man Tri-Spider Slayer looks like a really insane hybrid machine. Created by father and son, Alistair and Spencer Smythe, the Slayer is as lethal as it looks. The set is made of 3 attack vehicles that you put together to make the Slayer.

Forming the base of the machine is the Scorpion. This is a green painted mechanical looking scorpion. The highlights are painted in red, yellow, and chrome. The Scorpion was a formidable vehicle with another two rocket launchers at the front and a third rocket launcher on the end of its tail as a stinger. This was NOT operated by any button or firing mechanism but by pulling back and releasing his tail. The Scorpion also had twin-pincer action claws at the front. These claws were activated by pulling back on the Scorpion’s tail.

The second part of the The Toy Biz Spider-Man Spider-Slayer was the Tarantula. This was very light and was made in one piece. The detail on the sculpting was great as was the paintwork. This figure was a six-legged blue Tarantula. Two of its legs were for gripping onto the Scorpion and holding it in place, which were operated by a lever being pushed down at the back of the Tarantula.

These could also be used to trap and hold his enemies, such as Spider-Man. There were two button-operated missile launchers at the front and a circular dent on top of its body where the Black Widow Robot sat in place . As well as the gripping legs to hold him place there was a hole at the back of its underbelly that fitted over a peg at the back of the Scorpion, near its tail.

The pinnacle, or top of the vehicle, was the Black Widow Robot . This is the smallest of all three of the figures. Painted red, black and purple. The paintwork was both effective and applied well, as well as looking great. The Black Widow’s abdomen and legs fitted into place on the Tarantula, making the formidable Tri-Spider Slayer.

The Black Widow was designed with button activated clawing front legs, these were operated by a large button on the Black Widow’s back. and a “venom” squirter belly, that could be filled with water and when squeezed shot a jet of water from the Widow’s jaws.

The Black Widow Robot’s water squirting belly fitted into the “crater” on the top of the Tarantula, and there were four slots that his four black legs fitted into to lock it into position.

In the cartoon the Tri-Spider Slayer uses the Tarantula’s legs to walk or move, but on this vehicle when you fold up the Scorpions legs to use this function they become very loose and unstable. Also, in the cartoon this is huge compared to Spider-Man so this is by no means to scale as Spider-Man is quite a bit taller and is far too big to fit into it.

However, that said the great thing about this  even as individual toys, they are very playable and look great! Overall, the paint job and the detailing is good’ if a little basic.  

MOC: $75-$100

Loose: $50-$75

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The Toy Biz Spider-Man Hobgoblin Wing Bomber 1994

On the front side of the pack of the toy, you can see the Hobgoblin flying on the bomber shooting out flaming pumpkins, and a little image of the toy on the bottom left corner. On the reverse is a large photo of the Hobgoblin Wing Bomber, the action figures, the Daily Bugle playset and the Tri-Spider Slayer.

The vehicle was sculpted like a bat with outstretched wings. The sculpting was not really detailed and the body was a solid purple, with black shading towards the edges. The claws were also black.

The front of the Bomber had a fierce looking face. There as an extra mask that could be attached to to front to give it an even fiercer look.

Underneath each wing was a pumpkin bomb the could be released by a button on the top of the wing. There was also a pumpkin disk firing mechanism in each wing. These were operated by a “pull-back” lever on each wing, which when released fired the disk from the wing.

On the underbelly there was a handgrip that could be lower to hold onto it an a firing position. When holding the hand grip there was a lever at the back that could be pulled back and when release fired another pumpkin missile from the front of the bomber.

The Bomber came with an armor mask that fitted onto the head of the bat for protection, two saw-toothed disks, and two pumpkin bombs and a pumpkin missile.

MOC: $70- $99

Loose: $60-$70

The Toy Biz Spider-Man Battle Chair Attack Vehicle 1994

The Smythe Battle Chair Attack Vehicle was made from multiple parts with a nice color scheme. The vehicle had a spider-like crawling action, doors that opened and closed, fired missiles, and had an ejector seat.

It also had an auto-opening captivator that captures Spider-Man. The vehicle comes in a box that displays an image of Smythe in the battle chair attack vehicle and the Amazing Spiderman logo. The backside of the box also displays an image of the vehicle and advertisements of other toys in the series.

MOC: $75-$100

Loose: $50- $75

Toy Biz Spider-Man (Wheelie Cycle) Motorized 1995

The Spider-Man Wheelie Cycle was  packaged in a clear blister pack and came with an undetachable Spider-Man figure. The bike was painted all red. Toy Biz designed web patterns that were sculpted  into the front side of the vehicle, which was a nice touch.

Another little but really cool thing about the bike was that ‘Spider’ is spelled in yellow on one side of the rear, and there was a spider logo over the front tire.

The secret to the wheelies was the friction-powered motor inside. You could power it up by pushing the rear wheel forward quickly several times. Once you were ready, position the bike on the rear wheel, and then press the button at the rear. Spider-Man will rev up and chase after criminals. The wheelies could last for over 20 feet!

The rear side of the pack has a visual guide of how to play with the toy, and of course, images of other toys in the Toy Biz Spider-Man line.

MOC: $90 - $110

Loose: $85- $90

The Toy Biz Spider-Man Hobgoblin Pumpkin Bomber 1995

This toy set also came on a blister pack like the Wheelie Cycle. The Pumpkin Bomber was a lot smaller than the wing bomber, as it was similar in style to the Green Goblins bomber rather than a plane like the Wing Bomber, it also came with a Hobgoblin figure.

The sculpt and design of the vehicle wasn’t particularly outstanding and was painted purple with black and yellow highlights. The front of the vehicle looked like a hobgoblin putting on a helmet, and it could easily have passed as a battering ram.

The Hobgoblin figure was well painted and detailed but there was no articulation as it was made specifically to go with the Hobgoblin Bomber. For accessories, the figure came with two yellow pumpkin missiles that could be fired out of the wings.

The pumpkin bomber was powered by a two-speed pull-back motor. To activate this, you had to drag the vehicle back on a flat surface till you heard a click. Then you let it go!

As the vehicle sped up, it changed speed to become faster, and the missiles automatically fired. The reverse of the backing card had images showing how use this feature and images of the other toys in this series.

MOC: $75- $100

Loose: $50- $70

The Toy Biz Spider-Man Venom Assault Racer 1995

This was the third motorized vehicle that was released in the Toy Biz animated line and also came in a blister pack. This was a fierce-looking vehicle designed to look like Venom’s symbiote.

Toy Biz did a great job with the design and detail on the sculpting. The whole vehicle was painted blue, with black veins webbing through the body.

The front of the vehicle was sculpted as Venom snarling with an open mouth and flashing teeth dripping green saliva. The detail and paintwork on this sculpting was great and it looked awesome. There was also a giant white spider sculpted on the back canopy of the car, and of course Venom is sat in the drivers seat.

The Racer was also equipped with the twin-speed Pull-Back Motor. Once you pull the vehicle back on a flat surface and you heard a click sound let it go. As the vehicle revs up, the canopy closes and conceals Venom.

The backing card of the figure has instructions for how to rev the vehicle up, and it also advertises other toys in the series you might be interested in.

MOC: $90-$120

Loose: $70-$90

Toy Biz Spider-Man Radio Control Spider Cycle 1995

This is yet another vehicle for Spider-Man. At first glance, it looks like the Wheelie Cycle, but the Spider Cycle has some unique features.

Like the Wheelie Cycle, this bike also sports red body paint and ‘Spider’ written on the rear side of the bike, as well as the spider logo on the back seat and webbing sculpted into the front.

The exhaust area has some really cool detailing that almost gives the impression of a real engine. There are also smaller tires beneath the bike for balance.

The bike came with a simple Spider-Man figure. There isn’t much the figure can do, though, apart from sitting and speeding around. The figure has a sleek glossy finish, and the details are just fine.

The bike had a simple remote-controlled engine that could move forward, stop, or turn in reverse action. The radio controller is a small red device with the Spider-Man emblem on it and a toggle for movement.

The toy came boxed, rather than blister packed like some of the other vehicles in this line and on the back there as an image of the bike, highlighting some of its features and parts.

MOC: $100-$150

Loose: $75-$100

Rip ‘N Rev Cycle 1995

Personally, this is one of my favorite vehicles in the series. The Rip’ N Rev Cycle is like a stuntman version of Spider-Man, except that there are no stunt platforms.

This feature has two parts. One part is the bike itself. The bike comes with a seated Spider-Man figure. The figure has a nice paint job and looks like other figures before it. The bike itself is well sculpted in plastic, but the detailing isn’t so great. There are yellow flames around the tires, and the Spider-Man logo on the side, and the windscreen is designed like Spider-Man’s mask.

The other part of the Rip N’ Rev Cycle is the launching platform. This is basically where the cycle takes off from on his bike.

The cycle had a ripcord that was designed like a chain and came with a launcher handle with a release bar.  The launcher used a ripcord action accelerator, so once you placed the bike in the launcher, you simply pulled on the ripcord and released the bar to send Spider-Man racing after villains. The bike could race for over 30 feet with a realistic revving sound, and it works without batteries. The platform also featured flame designs and a spider logo. A cool feature was the pop-up flames that popped up when you launched the bike

The toy set came in a box with an image of the bike racing with its wheels on fire on the front and on the left corner, was an image of a kid playing with the actual toy. The back of the box highlighted all the different parts and functions, and it also advertises different collectible toys by Toy Biz.

MOC: $100- $150

Loose: $80-$100


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