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Tremor Todd’s Toys Spawn Series 1 1994 Review

Tremor (Richard Masullo) used to be a normal human being who was a mob member before he was forced to undergo extreme experimental genetic testing by his boss. However, the tests went wrong, turning him into a huge bio-mechanical monster. In order to cover up the mess, the mob killed his entire family setting off Tremor on a path of revenge against his old bosses.

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Tremor Todd’s Toys Spawn Series 1 1994 Review

Rather than the usual blister packaging this figure was packaged in a clamshell with a Spawn comic book behind the figure instead of the usual backing card. The front of the clamshell had a couple of stickers highlighting Tremor’s features and the back page, which was visible from the reverse of the clamshell, displayed the 6 characters available in this series along with the three vehicles and a description of the figure’s action feature. The comic book could be easily slid out of the packaging to access the figure.


The sculpting of this figure, from his overly small head to his huge feet, was truly awesome! In fact, it was the McFarlane’s Spawn figures, with their detailed sculpting and paintwork, that probably started or made action figure collecting a more mature and respected hobby than ever before.

Tremor had two very realistic horns pointing forward on the top of his head and an ugly set of teeth with scars under his eyes, which combined to give him an evil growling facial expression.

His upper body was considerably larger than his lower torso, with muscular arms covered in veins, bumps and dots which extended to other parts of his body.

An interesting aspect of this figure was his left arm, which had an extension in the form of a cylindrical rod which could be pushed back inside.

His left hand was sculpted clutched into a fist while his right hand was wide open with claw-like fingers. His legs were very muscular with huge feet.

The figure’s back was just as perfectly sculpted as the front. He had a swollen back with a bumpy spine that ran down the center of his back.


The figure came in multiple colors that perfectly matched each other to give a beasty impression. He had a black head with snarling white teeth, red eyes and a pair of white horns.

On his mid-section he had a black chest, shoulder region and back. The outer sides of both his arms were also black, with white stripes in between. The rest of his chest region and arms were green with yellow dots scattered all over. His hands and palms were painted alternatively in white and black. Both his legs are painted in black as well with a white stripe running down the center of each leg. Like his hands, his feet were painted alternatively in black and white.

Features and Accesories

Although Tremor didn’t come with any accessories, he had a cool action feature. This was activated by locating a small button on his upper left arm and sliding it forward. This caused the hidden part of his left hand to extend with force, as if delivering a punch.

Tremor had five points of articulation: A swivel joint on the neck that allowed for 3600 rotation of his head, swivel joints between his shoulder and arms that also allowed complete rotation of his arms and lastly, his legs could be moved forward from the swivel hip joints.

Variant Tremor Figures

In term of variants, the figure had an alternate version that looked exactly the same but was orange instead of green. Just to make things even more interesting the series 1 Tremor had 16 different versions with varying colors, front, card background, stickers etc.

Some of the more interesting variations were:

• Version 4 was painted in orange and had a “America’s Best” sticker as well as a left “Spring-Loaded” sticker.

• Versions 7 and 14 were both bilingual Canadian versions which had the card descriptions written in English and French – also variation 7 was orange, while variation 14 was green.

• Version 9 was a Spanish version and version 10 was Chinese.

• Versions 11 and 12 came in the same green colour with the comic background, and the “Arrow” sticker,

• Version 13 also came with the “America’ Best” sticker.

• Lastly, versions 15 and 16 were both completely painted in gold but while 15 had a comic, version 16 had a cool lightning background.

Tremor v1

• Orange costume

• Right "Spring-Loaded" sticker

• Silver twist-tie

Tremor v2

• Orange costume

• Right "Spring-Loaded" sticker

• Black twist-tie

Tremor v3

• Orange costume

• Right "Spring-Loaded" sticker on left

Tremor v4

• Orange costume

• Left "Spring-Loaded" sticker

• "America's Best" sticker

Tremor v5

• Orange costume

• Left "Spring-Loaded" sticker

• "Arrow" sticker

Tremor v6

• Orange costume

• Left "Spring-Loaded" sticker

• "Arrow" and "America's Best" stickers

Tremor v7

• Canadian "bi-lingual" edition

Tremor v8

• Spanish edition

• Right "Spring-Loaded" sticker on right

Tremor v9

• Spanish edition

• Right "Spring-Loaded" sticker on left

Tremor v10

• Chinese edition

Tremor v11

• Green costume

• Comic background

• "Arrow" sticker

Tremor v12

• Green costume

• Comic background

• "Arrow" and "America's Best" stickers

Tremor v13

• Green costume

• Lightning background

Tremor v14

• Canadian "bi-lingual edition"

• Green costume

Tremor v15

• Gold colored

• Comic background

Figure Name v16

• Gold colored

• Lightning background

Values as of Aug 2022

MOC £8.29 - £20.00

* Although some sold for as much as £48.50but these were an exception rather than the rule.

MLC (Mint Loose Complete) £5.63 - £15.49

Loose < £5

*Please note: Due to the excess number of variants in this line I could not accurately determine the value for each variant, but on the whole they generally match the prices listed above except for the odd occasional figure.

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