The AFR Ultimate Action Figure Guide "I" Listings

This page is for all action figure lines beginning with the letter "I".

This Action Figure Price guide is meant to be used for informational purposes only and not to give you a definitive value for your figures as most of the prices in this guide are more than 10 years out of date, so why have I published them and why don't I update them?

There are several reasons why I have published these prices, and trust me I thought long and hard about NOT using them, however I decided that for the novice and pro collector this figures still have some use and value and use and that it would be more useful to publish them or not so YOU can decide.

You see, my reasoning is that these values still give an indication of which were the more popular and expensive, therefore harder to find figures, and that these facts are likely to still be true to this day even if many of the values and prices have dropped or even increased significantly.

Why Don't I Update The Prices?

Quite frankly, with a database of OVER 10,000 figures, and growing, it would be impossible to keep up with the forever changing prices and values, particularly with the huge number of auction sites and retail sites on the internet.

Therefore, instead and in order that you can find a truer value of the figures you have, or are looking to buy, I have written a separate comprehensive, step-by-step, easy to follow guide on the best tools and websites to use in order to get the most up to date prices and values possible for your action figures. 

PLEASE NOTE: These prices ARE NOT an offer to buy, or sell any figures but are for purely informational purposes only.



E= Exclusive DD= Diamond Distributors EB= Electric Boutique FAO= FAO Schwarz JC= JC Penny KB= Kay Bee Toys KM= K-Mart SDCC= San Diego Comic Con TF= Toy Fare TG= Target TR = Tower Records TRU = Toys R Us WM= Wall Mart WWC= Wizard World Chicago

Set  Info Type Value $
Savage Hulk  with "Transforming Action” 6" Figures 10.00
Battle Damaged Grey Hulk  with “Bombastic Blasters"  6" Figures 10.00
Leader with "Anti-Hulk Armor" 6" Figures 10.00
Sho-Hulk  with "Gamma Cross Bow"  6" Figures 12.00
Abomination   with "Toxic Blaster" 6" Figures 10.00
Rampaging Hulk with "Collapsing Brick wall” 6" Figures 10.00
Electronic Hulk Rage Cage  6" Figures 18.00
 THE OUTCASTS: 1997  (Asst. #43180) 
Desert Mutants 5" Figures 7.00
Battle Hulk  with "Head-Ramming Mutant Outcast" 5" Figures 7.00
Leader-Hulk (#43182) with "Jump Attack Gargoyle Sidekick" 5" Figures 7.00
Wendigo (#43183) with "Venomious Snap Attack Rattlesnake" 5" Figures 7.00
Chainsaw (#43184) with "Launching Bat Attack Action" 5" Figures 7.00
Two-Head (#43185) with "Missile Attack Kangaroo Rat" 5" Figures 7.00
SMASH AND CRASH (Asst. #43440): 1997 Figures 
Hulk  with "Crash-Out Action"  7.00
Battle-Damaged Hulk  with "Restraints and "Smash-Out" Action" 7.00
Doc Samson   with "Omega Blaster" 7.00
Leader, Evil Robot Drone  with "Missile-Firing Action"  7.00
Zzzax   with "Energy Trap" 7.00
Smart Hulk (#48201) with "Gamma Blaster Power Park” 6” Figures 7.00
Hulk 2099  (#48202) with "Chainsaw & Gatling Gun" 6” Figures 7.00
Absorbing Man (#48203) with "Wrecking Ball & Breakaway Safe"  6” Figures 7.00
Maestro (#48204) with "Fallen Hero Armor" 6” Figures 7.00
Abomination  $14.00
Hulk w/steel beam weapon 6” Figure $10.00
Mega Clap Hulk 6” Figure $12.00
Power Punch Hulk 6” Figure $10.00
Jeannie 6” Figure 50.00
Bottle playset 130.00
ID 4 ( INDEPENDENCE DAY): Trendmaster 1996 with a Mission Disk , one of 11 disks.
Captain Steven Hiller   + disk 5 6" Figures 8.00
Techical Expert David Levinson (#6355)  + disk 6 6" Figures 8.00
President Thomas J. Whitemore (#6356)  + disk 7 6" Figures 8.00
Alien Science Officer + disk 2 8” Aliens 10.00
Alien Shock Trooper (#6367) + disk 3 8” Aliens 10.00
Alien Attacker Pilot (#6368) + disk 4 8” Aliens 10.00
Second Alien Batch with Host 8” Aliens
Alien Weapons Expert  + disk 10 8” Aliens 10.00
Alien Zero Gravity   + disk 1 8” Aliens 10.00
Large Alien Figures
Alien Supreme Commander   with Host and motion sensor  + disk 1, in window box 20.00
Alien Supreme Commander  with Bio-Containment Chamber + disk 1 15.00
Area 51 Micro Playset Playset 12.00
Defend New York City Micro  Playset 12.00
Los Angeles Invasion Giant Playset 25.00
Bio-Containment Chamber  Accessory 5.00
Electronic F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet   + disk 9 Vehicles  18.00
Electronic Alien Attacker ship  Vehicles  20.00
Electronic Alien Attack Leader  Vehicles  15.00
Indiana Jones: Kewnneer 1982
Indiana Jones  with hat, jacket, shirt, pant, boots holster gun and whip in window box   12” Figures 325.00
Loose  12” Figures 160.00
Indiana Jones  with whip and pistol  4" Figures 230.00
Cairo Swordsman  with sword and dagger 4" Figures 25.00
Toht  with trench coat and pistol  4" Figures 25.00
Marion Ravenwood  with monkey  4" Figures 220.00
Sallah  4" Figures 85.00
Belloq  4" Figures 75.00
German Mechanic  4" Figures 75.00
Indiana Jones   in German Uniform 4" Figures 85.00
Belloq  (Kenner, mail-in) 4" Figures 30.00
Belloq  (same as mail-in figure, but carded) 4" Figures 500.00
The Map Room Adventure   with Indiana Jones in Arab disguise  playset 105.00
Streets of Cairo with 3 figures (#46040?) playset  120.00
Well of the Souls action    with 12 snakes and 2 torches playset 160.00
Desert Convoy Truck  90.00
Arabian Horse  130.00
Indiana Jones in Arab outfit from Map Room Adventure playset Loose Figures 18.00
Marion Ravenwood  from Streets of Cairo playset 25.00
Monkey Man  from Streets of Cairo playset 15.00
Indiana Jones: LJN 1984
THE TEMPLE OF DOOM (Asst. #4000)  with Battle-Matic Action
Indiana Jones 5” Figures 160.00
Mola Ram 5” Figures 45.00
Giant Thugee 6” figure 75.00
Indiana Jones: Star Toys 1987
Indiana Jones Basic Figure, with whip, gun and hat   Figures 90.00
Indiana Jones Basic Figure with giant snake Figures 90.00
Indiana Jones Basic Figure with alligator Figures 90.00
Indiana Jones with Watch
Indiana Jones with Cloth Bag
Indiana Jones with Compass
Indiana Jones: Hasbro 2008
  12'' FIGURES
Cairo Swordsman $20.00
German Soldier $20.00
Indiana Jones talking $22.00
Indiana Jones w/whip $20.00
Mutt 20.00
German Soldier with Motorcycle 16.00
German Soldiers 16.00
Indiana Jones with Ark 16.00
Indiana Jones  with Temple Trap 16.00
Marion Ravenwood & Cairo Henchmen 16.00
Cairo Swordsman 8.00
German Soldier 8.00
Indiana Jones w/whip cracking action 8.00
Marion Ravenwood  8.00
Monkey Man 8.00
Rene Belloq 8.00
Sallah 8.00
Cargo Truck 30.00
Troop Car 30.00
Inspector Gadget: Galoob 1984
INSPECTOR GADGET with 8" Magic action features and 20 moving parts 115.00
Loose 60.00
Inspector Gadget: Tiger 1995
Go Go Gadget   with Snap Open Hat! 5 ¼”  Figures 17.00
Go Go Gadget  with Expanding Arms! 5 ¼”  Figures 17.00
Go Go Gadget  with Expanding Legs! 5 ¼”  Figures 17.00
Go Go Gadget  with Telescopic Neck! 5 ¼”  Figures 17.00
Go Go Gadget  with Squirting Water Action    5 ¼”  Figures 17.00
Go Go Gadget  with Fall Apart Action 5 ¼”  Figures 17.00
Penny and Brain  5 ¼”  Figures 22.00
M.A.D. Agent  with Bazooka 5 ¼”  Figures 28.00
Dr. Claw  with Dropping Hand and M.A.D. Cat 5 ¼”  Figures 28.00
Gadget Mobile Vehicles 32.00
Gadget Windsurfer  with Inspector Gadget figure and top secret mission packet 20.00
Gadget with Copter Pack  and top secret mission packet 22.00
IRON MAN: Toy Biz 1995
Iron Man with "Plasma Cannon Missile Launcher" 5" Figures 13.00
Iron Man Hydro-Armor  with "Deep Sea Weapons" 5" Figures 13.00
War Machine  with "Shoulder Mount Cannons" 5" Figures 14.00
Spider-Woman with "Psionic Web Hurling Action" 5" Figures 16.00
Mandarin  with "Light Up Power Rings" 5" Figures 14.00
Blacklash with Nunchak  with "Whip Cracking Action” 5" Figures 14.00
Grey Gargoyle  with "Stone Hurling Action"  5" Figures 14.00
Second Batch
Iron Man Space Armor   with "Power Lift Space Pack" 5" Figures 8.00
Iron Man Stealth Armor  with "Fight Action Module" 5" Figures 8.00
Iron Man Hologram Armor  with "Power Missile Launcher"  5" Figures 8.00
Hawkeye  with "Bow and Arrow Arsenal" 5" Figures 18.00
Modok  with "Energy Brain Blasts" 5" Figures 8.00
Blizzard   with "Ice Fist Punch" 5" Figures 18.00
Whirlwind  with "Whirling Battle Action" 5" Figures 18.00
Third Batch
Tony Stark   with "Armor Carrying Suitcase" 5" Figures 6.00
Iron Man Arctic Armor  with "Removable Armor and Launching Claw Action"  5" Figures 6.00
Hulk Buster Iron Man   with "Power Removable Armor  5" Figures 8.00
Century   with "Cape and Battle Staff' 5" Figures 6.00
Dreadknight   with "Firing Lance Action" 5" Figures 6.00
Titanium Man with "Retractable Blade Action'' 5" Figures 10.00
Fourth Batch 
Iron Man Samurai Armor  with "Multi Blade Arsenal" 5" Figures 6.00
Iron Man Subterranean Armor (#46142) with "Excavation Equipment"  5" Figures 6.00
Iron Man Inferno Armor (#46143) with "Water Firing Arsenal" 5" Figures 6.00
War Machine 2 (#46144) with "Double Barrel Missile Launcher"  5" Figures 6.00
Crimson Dynamo (#46145)  with "Blasting Action"  5" Figures 6.00
Iron Man   in window box 10" Figures 10.00
Mandarin  in window box 10" Figures 10.00
War Machine   in window box 10" Figures 10.00
Iron Man Space Armor   in window box 10" Figures 10.00
Tony Stark Techno Suit    in window box 10" Figures 10.00
Fin Fang Foom   in window box Dragon 13.00
Aureus Gold Dragon   in window box Dragon 13.00
Argent Silver Dragon   in window box Dragon 13.00
IRON MAN (MOVIE): Hasbro 2008
Iron Man mark 1 $14.00
Iron Man mark II $12.00
Iron Man mark III $18.00
Iron Man prototype $15.00
Iron Monger $18.00
Repulsor Red Iron Man silver centurion E:TG $18.00
Stealth Operations Iron Man war machine, E:WM $15.00
Repulsor Power Iron Man $26.00
Vince     5" Figures 15.00
Larry 5" Figures 15.00
Daryl  5" Figures 10.00
Spare Tire 5" Figures 10.00
Skid the Kid 5" Figures 10.00
Hubcat (the Cat) & Bumper (the Dog) 5" Figures 15.00
Vehicles and Accessories (1991) 5" Figures
Crash & Bash Chair 5" Figures 10.00
Crash Cycle 5" Figures 8.00
Crash Test Center 5" Figures 20.00
Crash Car with Dash figure 5" Figures 20.00
Student Driver Crash Car with Axel figure 5" Figures 20.00
Crash Plane  Vehicles  15.00
Crash Cannon  Vehicles  15.00
Crash ATV  Vehicles  10.00
Crash Lawn Mower  Vehicles  10.00
Crash Cab  Vehicles  15.00
Crash 'N' Dash Chopper  Vehicles  8.00
Slick 5" Figures 10.00
Spin 5" Figures 8.00
Daryl 5" Figures 6.00
Spare Tire 5" Figures 8.00
Skid the Kid 5" Figures 8.00
Hubcat (the Cat) & Bumper (the Dog)  5" Figures 9.00
Crash 'N' Bash Chair  Vehicles 10.00
Crash Cycle  Vehicles 9.00
Crash Chopper Vehicles 12.00
Crash ATV with Flip figure  Vehicles 15.00
Crash Lawn Mower with Wack figure  Vehicles 15.00
Crash Go Kart with J.R. figure  Vehicles 15.00
Crash Test Center playset  Vehicles 25.00
Junkyard Playset  Vehicles 25.00
Junkman   with Rocket Tire Launcher 10.00
Piston Head with Super-Charged Cam Cover Missile  10.00
Sideswipe  with Turbo-Powered Dummy slammer 10.00
Jack Hammer   with Hydraulic Ram Pump 10.00
Crash Dummies in Pro-Tek Suits 
Bull in Pro-Tek Suit  8.00
Slick in Pro-Tek Suit 8.00
Spin in Pro-Tek Suit 8.00
Chip in Pro-Tek Suit 8.00
Dent in Pro-Tek Suit 8.00
Daryl in Pro-Tek Suit 8.00
Spare-Tire in Pro-Tek Suit 8.00
Ted in Pro-Tek Suit with bonus video 12.00
Junkman with free video  12.00
Dummy Dirt Digger Vehicles 10.00
Crash Dummy Flip-Over Truck Vehicles 18.00
'Bot Hauler vehicle    Vehicles 12.00
JunkBot Wrecker vehicle Vehicles 20.00
Crash Cannon  Vehicles 12.00
Crash Alley   Playset 25.00
THE INFACEABLES "Mystic Warriors of Change": Galoob 1995
Iron Lion Good Warriors 6 ¼” Figure 18.00
Robash Good Warriors 6 ¼” Figure 18.00
Sphinx Good Warriors 6 ¼” Figure 18.00
War Dog  Good Warriors 6 ¼” Figure 18.00
Brainor Evil Warriors 6 ¼” Figure 18.00
Tembo  Evil Warriors 6 ¼” Figure 18.00
Torto the Claw Evil Warriors 6 ¼” Figure 18.00
Tuskus Evil Warriors 6 ¼” Figure 18.00
Crusher Cruiser Mobile Command Base Vehicles 28.00
Horrible Hammer Roving Attack Tank Vehicles 28.00
Incredible Thrasher Wheeling Attack Tank Vehicles 28.00



E= Exclusive DD= Diamond Distributors EB= Electric Boutique FAO= FAO Schwarz JC= JC Penny KB= Kay Bee Toys KM= K-Mart SDCC= San Diego Comic Con TF= Toy Fare TG= Target TR = Tower Records TRU = Toys R Us WM= Wall Mart WWC= Wizard World Chicago

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