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The AFR Ultimate Action Figure Guide "C" Listings

I have been building  a database of action figures since 2004 and  I now have more than 40,000 action figure prices, checklists and guides in this database.

This is probably the most comprehensive list of action figures available online and covers virtually every figure that was been produced between 1964-2010.

Each figure listed year, license, manufacturer, title, set and character. For example, 1989 >> Toy Biz >> Spider-man >> The New Animated Series >> Series 8: Spider Wars >> Hydro-Man.

Other information includes accessories, rarity, product number (if available) and a "value".


Please note that all prices are for informational purposes only and are NOT a solicitation or offer to buy any of the items quoted.

When researching for these articles I used many different online and offline retailers and auctions sites to get an average value AT THE TIME of writing the article.

As such they will almost definitely be incorrect as prices and values are in constant flux and change, much like the stock exchange.

Please check my articles and videos on how to grade and value your action figures for up to date prices.

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A Collapsible Table:



E= Exclusive DD= Diamond Distributors EB= Electric Boutique FAO= FAO Schwarz JC= JC Penny KB= Kay Bee Toys KM= K-Mart SDCC= San Diego Comic Con TF= Toy Fare TG= Target TR = Tower Records TRU = Toys R Us WM= Wall Mart WWC= Wizard World Chicago

Set  Info Type Value
C.B.McHaul: Mego 1977
C.B.McHaul $40.00
Jim Oakes $40.00
Kidd Watts $40.00
Joe Marconi $40.00
Prof.Braine $40.00
Bad Leroy $40.00
Sgt.Brown $40.00
Scowling Jack Jones $40.00
Speed Johnson $40.00
Trooper Car  includes Scowling Jack Jones, Speed Johnson $120.00
C.B.McHaul's Rig  includes C.B.McHaul $120.00
Bear Masher includes Prof.Braine, Bad Leroy $120.00
Highway Wrecker UKN
Truck Stop  Sears only NSR
Cadillacs and Dinosuars: Tyco 1994
Jack "Cadillac" Tenrec  5" Figures $6.00
Mustapha Cairo  5" Figures $6.00
Hannah Dundee, Scientist and Diplomat  5" Figures $12.00
Jungle Fighting Jack Tenrec  5" Figures $6.00
Hammer Terhune, Lead Evil Poacher 5" Figures $6.00
Vice Terhune, Evil Poacher  5" Figures $6.00
Hermes (Deinonychus)  with “Dino Kicking Action” 5" Figures $6.00
Zeke (Quetzalcoatlus)   Message Carrying Backpack” 5" Figures $6.00
Kentrosaurus  with "Giant Lever Arm” 5" Figures $18.00
Snakes Eyes (Triceratops)   "Giant Boulder Launcher” 5" Figures $18.00
Vehicles and Accessories
Jack Tenrec's Cadillac $15.00
Jack Tenrec's Glider $7.00
Hammer’s Tribike $7.00
Jack's Garage not released
Capitol Critters: Kenner 1992
Jammet Rat  Figures in open box $8.00
Muggle Rat  $8.00
Max  $8.00
Moze  $8.00
Ratso Nasty Evil Rat  $8.00
Kid Vicious Evil Roach  $8.00
Captain Action: Ideal 1966
Captain  Action   in first issue box showing 9 inset pictures, with the Lone Ranger shown in a red shirt  12" Figures $775.00
Captain  Action in second issue box showing the Lone Ranger in a blue shirt, including Video-Matic ring  12" Figures $825.00
Captain Action
Superman costume  with face mask and flyinq cape belt, arm shackles, phantom zone projector, block of green kryptonite and boots, plus Krypto his super dog also with cape $750.00
Batman costume    with hood, face mask bat-arang, bat rope and reel with grappling hook, utility flashlight and boots $750.00
Flash Grdon costume  with face mask, silver astro-suit, space helmet, space belt with holster and ray pistol, oxygen guidance "Zot" gun and Silver boots (#3403-3) $800.00
Sgt. Fury costume with face mask, helmet, walkie talkie, machine gun, gun belt, bandolier, grenades, .45 pistol and boots  $625.00
Steve Canyon costume  costume with face mask, 50 mission hat, helmet with oxygen mask, paratrooper uniform, parachute pack, garrison belt holster and .45 automatic, knife and boots with $550.00
The Lone Ranger (red shirt) costume with face mask, cowby hat, red shirt, black pants, gun belt with two holsters and two pistols, WInchester rifle and boots with spurs  $725.00
The Phantom costume  with purple hood, face mask, belt with holster and automatic pistols, rifle with scope, knife and boots  $725.00
Aquaman costume  with face mask, conch horns, trident spear, belt with knife sheath and knife swordfish sword and fins (#3408-2) $590.00
Captain America costume  with hood, face mask laser-beam gun, ultra-sonic intensifier pistol, belt and holster, shield and boots (#3409-0)   $750.00
Vehicles and Playsets 1967
Headquarters carry case  with Captain Action doll in Batman costume and ring (Sears exclusive) $625.00
Action Cave carry case (Montgomery Ward exclusive) $780.00
Quick Change Chamber  with Captain Action doll in Batman costume and ring (Sears exclusive)  $1,200.00
Silver Streak Amphibian vehicle  21" long, in box $1,875.00
Silver Streak Garage  (Sears exclusive) $2,000.00
Dr. Evil Sanctuary carry case  (Spiegel exclusive) $3,200.00
 Uniform and Equipment Packs 1967  with “Video-Matic" ring, in window box
The Green Hornet costume  with face mask, hat, shoulder holster, gas pistol, watch message receiver, hornet sting, TV scanner with phone, shoes and ring  $5,800.00
The Spider Man costume   with hood face mask, splder light, utility belt, spider grappling hook with rope and handle, spider saw, spray tank, with hose, spider, boots and ring  $7,500.00
Tonto costume  with face mask, headband with feather, bow, quiver and arrows, gun belt with holster and scabbard, six-gun, knife, moccasins, an eagle and ring  $1,800.00
Buck Rogers  costume  with face mask, space helmet, space gun, gloves, space belt and harness, twin jet packs, radio microphone with cord, canteen, space light, space boots and ring $2,750.00
Reissue Uniform and Equipment Packs  1967 with “Video-atic” ring, in window box
Superman costume with ring  $900.00
Batman costume with ring  $900.00
Flash Gordon costume  with ring  $925.00
Steve Canyon costume  with ring  $690.00
The Lone Ranger costume   with blue 2-piece outfit and ring  $1,800.00
The Phantom costume  with pistol and ring  $900.00
The Phantom costume  with .45 automatic and ring  $900.00
Aquaman costume  with ring   $740.00
Captain America costume with ring  $900.00
Captain Action   in third issue box showing 7 inset pictures and “Free! 4 ft. Parachute Inside"  12" Figures $975.00
Captain Action the Super Hero  in photo box "enemy of the sinister Dr. Evil” (1967-68)  12" Figures $1,125.00
Loose figure including cap, boots,gun and gun belt, scabbard and lightning sword 12" Figures $275.00
Loose ring or parachute, each  12" Figures $60.00
Dr. Evil, The Sinister Invader of Earth  in photo box 12" Figures $950.00
Loose with ray gun, gold chain, medallion, sandals and face mask 12" Figures $350.00
Action Boy   in photo box  9"  Figures $875.00
Loose   with beret, boomerang, knife belt and boots plus Khem, his black panther, with collar and leash 9"  Figures $500.00
Action Boy, The Bold Adventurer  in photo box showing space suit  9"  Figures $1,400.00
Loose with space helmet, space boots, gloves, knife, ray gun, belt, black panther with collar and leash  9"  Figures $650.00
Dr. Evil  with His Disguises and Weapons in window box  12" Figures $3,800.00
Loose with gold chain, medallion, sandals oriental face mask, bearded face mask and lab coat, thought scanner, hypnotic eye. laser ray gun, magnifying glass, ionized hypo needle and reducing ray 12" Figures $2,000.00
Playing Mantis 12" Dolls 
Captain Action doll 1998 12" Dolls  $35.00
Dr. Evil, "Captain Action's Arch Enemy,"  (#09001) with "Neutron Laser Pistol, Alter-ego Mask, Gold Medallion and Sandals"  boxed 12" Dolls  $35.00
Green Hornet with costume, mask, Hornet Sting Cane, Hornet gun and shoulder holster, oxygen mask and mini TV (Kay-Bee spedal) Figures $30.00
Kato  with brass knuckles, ninja-style throwing stars, nunchakus and micro-rader  watch (Kay-Bee ) Figures $30.00
The Lone Ranger  with costume and mask, rifle, two-gun rig and holsters  Figures $30.00
Tonto  with costume and mask, gun, rifle, bow, arrows, quiver and pet eagle  Figures $30.00
Flash Gordon  with mask, costume, space helmet, super-atomic survival belt with holster, laser pistol and space boots  Figures $30.00
Ming the Merciless with crystal ball, sword, gun with holster and cane  Figures $40.00
Captain Action , with "Atomic Laser Pistol, Lightning Blade, Cap and Boots" boxed 12" Dolls 
Captain Planets [and the Planeteers]: Tiger 1991
"THE POWER IS YOURS!"  heroes include child-sized ring 5" Figures
Captain Planet  “flys under your control” with ring 5" Figures $10.00
Duke Nukem  Glows-in-the-Dark  5" Figures $10.00
Verminious  Skumm with "Rat Rot Sprayer”  5" Figures $9.00
Planteer Wheeler  with "Real Sparking Action” and ring  5" Figures $10.00
Dr. Blight  With MAL Evil Computer Accomplice” 5" Figures $10.00
Linka  with "Working Parachute Included" and ring 5" Figures $11.00
Captain Planet  color change 5" Figures $10.00
Ma-Ti & Kwame  Bonus Pack with 2 rings 5" Figures $12.00
Hoggish Greedly (#80-629)   with "Water Spraying Action”  5" Figures $9.00
Sly Sludge (#80-630) with "Instant Toxic Sludge" packets 5" Figures $9.00
Gi Planeteer (#80-631?) with "Water Spraying Action" and ring 5" Figures $9.00
Second Batch  1992
Wheeler with "Grappling Hook and Launcher"  5" Figures $8.00
Commander Clash  with "Satellite Backpack and Radar Monitor"  5" Figures $8.00
Light & Thunder Captain Planet 5" Figures $8.00
Captain Planet  with "Power Commands"  5" Figures $8.00
Duke Nukem  with LED 5" Figures $8.00
Linka Planeteer with Eco Commands  5" Figures $8.00
Wheeler Planeteer  with Eco Commands  5" Figures $8.00
Gi  (talking)  5" Figures $8.00
Kwame   (talking)  5" Figures $8.00
Ma Ti  (talking)  5" Figures $8.00
Captain Planet  with Pollution Armor  5" Figures $8.00
MaTi   with Rescue Pack “It’s a backpack and a rescue vehicle” (#80-64?) $8.00
Wheeler  with Tread Pack “transforms vehicle into a Backpack”  $8.00
Vehicles, Acessories and Playsets 1992
Eco Disaster Bulldozer  $10.00
Eco Jailer, Planeteer Vehicle  $18.00
Garbage Cannon Truck  $16.00
Skumm-O-Copter, Eco-Villain Air Vehicle $18.00
Toxic Sludge Dump, Eco-Villain Disaster Set' $15.00
Toxic Cannon, Eco-Villain Vehicle  $10.00
Eco-Cycle, Planeteer Vehicle  $8.00
Geo-Cruiser, Planeteer Air or Land Vehicle  $10.00
Eco-Sub, Planeteer Underwater Vehicle  $8.00
Planeteer Copter, Air Patrol Vehicle  $15.00
Duke's Exploding Reactor $15.00
Third and Fourth Batch Figures 1993
Tornado Captain Planet  with "Tornado Spinning Action"  5" Figures $8.00
Argos Bleaks   with "Missile Launching Harness” 5" Figures $8.00
All-America Captain Planet   with ring 5" Figures $20.00
Arctic Captain Planet  with “Camouflage Outfit for Arctic Maneuvers” and ring  5" Figures $8.00
Armor Captain Planet 5" Figures $8.00
Meteor Captain Planet 5" Figures $8.00
Captain Planets [The New Adventures of]: Tiger 1994
Captain Planet 1994 with Snap on Anti-Radiation Armor 5" Figures $7.00
Firestorm Captain Planet  5" Figures $7.00
Thunder & Lightning Captain Planet 5" Figures $7.00
Captain Power and the Soldier of Fortune: Mattel 1987 3 3/4 " Figures 
Captain Power 3 3/4 " Figures  $10.00
Lt. Tank Ellis 3 3/4 " Figures  $10.00
Major Hawk Masterson 3 3/4 " Figures  $10.00
Lord Dread 3 3/4 " Figures  $12.00
Soaron Sky Sentry 3 3/4 " Figures  $12.00
Blastarr Ground Guardian  3 3/4 " Figures  $12.00
Vehicles and Accessories 1987
Phatom Striker evil jet  $25.00
Power Base fortress set  $60.00
Power On Energizer (#4115) with Capt. Power figure $15.00
Powerjet XT -7  heroic fighter  $30.00
Powerjet XT -7 deluxe  with Future Force Training Tape $42.00
Second Series 1988 3 3/4 " Figures 
Sergeant Scout Baker 3 3/4 " Figures  $14.00
Corporal Pilot Chase  3 3/4 " Figures  $18.00
Col. Stingray Johnson 3 3/4 " Figures  $30.00
Tritor 3 3/4 " Figures  $35.00
Dread Trooper 3 3/4 " Figures  $75.00
Dread Commander 3 3/4 " Figures  $75.00
Interlocker Throne / weapon  $15.00
Dread Stalker vehicle  $15.00
Magna Cycle  $28.00
Trans-Field Base Station $19.00
Trans-Field Communication Station  $18.00
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
Captain Scarlet  in window box 12" Doll $320.00
Loose  in window box 12" Doll $175.00
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Vivid Imagination 1993
Destiny Angel  4 " Figures  $18.00
Captain Black 4 " Figures  $13.00
Captain Scarlet 4 " Figures  $13.00
Captain Blue 4 " Figures  $13.00
Colonel White 4 " Figures  $13.00
Lieutenant Green 4 " Figures  $13.00
Captain Scarlet 12 " Figures  $72.00
Captain Black 12 " Figures  $72.00
Electronic Angel Inspector $60.00
SPV vehicle $60.00
Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys: Mattel 1996 5" Figures
Captain Simian (#15656) Heroic Leader “Rifle Shoots” 5" Figures $7.00
Gor-illa, Giant Space Warrior (#15657)  "Bazooka Blasts” 5" Figures $7.00
Spydor, Battle Scout(#15658)  "Battle Walker Fires” 5" Figures $7.00
Dr. Splitz (#15659) Crazy Mechanic "Saw Blade Spins” 5" Figures $7.00
Evil Nebula (#15661) Wicked Ruler of the Universe “Sceptor Shoots"  5" Figures $7.00
Evil Rhesus 2 (#15662)  Sworn Enemy of Captain Simian "Brain Gun Fires"  5" Figures $7.00
Large Figures and Vehicles
Speed Peeler $12.00
Gormongus $12.00
Evil Psy-Fighter  $12.00
Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys: Exclusive Premiere 1998
Rick Blaine  in tube (Kay-Bee Special) Dolls  $20.00
llsa Lund Laszlo ) in tube (Kay-Bee Special) Dolls  $20.00
Casper: Tyco 1995
Casper  in window box $12.00
Stinkie  in window box $12.00
Fastso  in window box $12.00
Stretch  in window box $12.00
Casper: Trendmaster 1997
Stinkie   with "Pop-Up Scare Action and Real Stink" $5.00
Stretch with "Pop-Up Scare Action"  $5.00
Casper's TV Set  with "Pop-Up Scare Action" $5.00
Casper's Toy Box  with "Pop-Up Scare Action" $5.00
Fatso  with "Pop-Up Scare Action and Squeeze Me Gross Noise"  $5.00
Casper  with "Real Ghostly Sounds and Haunted Action Gear, plus Transforming Disguise" $5.00
Stinkie   with "Real Ghostly Sounds and Haunted Action Gear, plus Transforming Disguise"  $5.00
Stretch  with "Real Ghostly Sounds and Haunted Action Gear, plus Transforming Disguise" $5.00
Castlevania: NECA 2007
Allucard $20.00
Dracula Closed mouth variant $24.00
Dracula Open mouth  $16.00
Simon $16.00
Simon Clear $22.00
Succubus $55.00
CAVEWOMAN: Rendition 1998
Cavewoman 9 points of articulation, with knife, pet baby T-Rex, and base, limited to 20,000 7” Figures $13.00
Cavewoman  gold variant, metallic gold bikini 7” Figures $16.00
Ace McCloud  Air Operations Expert with “Skyknight Assault Weapon System"  7 1/2” Figures (1986) $25.00
Jake Rockwell Land Operations Expert with Fireforce Assault Weapon System” (Asst.#17000) $25.00
Max Ray   Sea Operations Expert with “Cruiser Assault Weapon System" $25.00
Dr. Terror, Evil Genius  Half-Mad and Half-Cyborg $25.00
Hacker  Dr. Terror's Henchman, "Half-Mad and Half-Cyborg"  $25.00
Assault Weapon System Vehicles 1986
Sea Bat  Sea Assault Weapon System $30.00
Wild Weasel   Land Assault Weapon System $30.00
Orbital Interceptor  $30.00
Tidal Blast  Sea Assault Weapon System $30.00
Swingshot  Land Assault Weapon System $30.00
Hornet  Land Assault Weapon System $30.00
Deluxe Assault Weapon System Vehicles 1986
Skybolt, Air Assault Weapon System  $38.00
Depth Charger, Sea Assault Weapon System  $38.00
Detonator Assault vehicle  $38.00
Weapon and Acessories 1998
Land-Laser  $18.00
Aero-Sault  $18.00
Aqua-Blazer $18.00
CHAOS : Moore Action Collectibles 1997 $13.00
Lady Death
Lady Death, Glows-in-the-dark  $26.00
Lady Death, Chromium $26.00
Evil Ernie $13.00
Purgatori $13.00
Purgatori, metallic  $26.00
Lady Demon $13.00
Lady Demon, glow-in-the-dark $26.00
Royal Lady Death   black outfit 2" Figure $25.00
Royal Lady Death  metallic blue outfit (Previews exclusive) 2" Figure $30.00
Jill starring Farrah Fawcett-Majors on header cards 8 1/2" Dolls  $70.00
Sabrina starring Kate Jackson on header cards 8 1/2" Dolls  $70.00
Sabrina, revised logo on header cards 8 1/2" Dolls  $75.00
Kelly starring Jaclyn Smith on header cards 8 1/2" Dolls  $70.00
Kelly revised logo on header cards 8 1/2" Dolls  $75.00
Kris starring Cheryl Ladd  on header cards 8 1/2" Dolls  $70.00
Gift set of Sabrina, Kris and Kelly Three-Pack $250.00
Adventure Van vehicle $90.00
CHEETAH: Antarctic Press 1998
Cheetah (WNA version) 5 points of articulation 6" Figures $12.00
Cheetah, stealth variant (1: case) 6 points of articulation 6" Figures $15.00
Cheetah, European card 7 points of articulation 6" Figures $12.00
Cheetah, Japanese card 8 points of articulation 6" Figures $12.00
Cheetah, gold mail-in 9 points of articulation 6" Figures $15.00
Chips: Previews Exclusive 1998
Erik Estrada as "Ponch"  carded figures Asst. #17052 $12.00
Larry Wilcox as "Jon"  $12.00
Chips : Mego 1978
Jon 3 3/4" Action Figures: $10.00
Ponch 3 3/4" Action Figures: $10.00
Sarge 3 3/4" Action Figures: $10.00
Wheels Willy 3 3/4" Action Figures: $10.00
Jimmy Squeaks 3 3/4" Action Figures: $10.00
Motorcycle 3 3/4" Action Figures: $15.00
Jon with Motorcycle 3 3/4" Action Figures: $50.00
Ponch with Motorcycle 3 3/4" Action Figures: $50.00
Sarge with Police Car 3 3/4" Action Figures: $75.00
8" Action Figures:
Jon 8" Action Figures: $25.00
Ponch 8" Action Figures: $25.00
Sarge 8" Action Figures: $30.00
Motorcycle 8" Action Figures: $50.00
Helicopter (Empire Toys) 8" Action Figures: $55.00
Van (Empire Toys) 8" Action Figures: $55.00
Motorcycle with launcher 8" Action Figures: $15.00

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