The AFR Ultimate Action Figure Guide "E" Listings

This page is for all action figure lines beginning with the letter "E".

This Action Figure Price guide is meant to be used for informational purposes only and not to give you a definitive value for your figures as most of the prices in this guide are more than 10 years out of date, so why have I published them and why don't I update them?

There are several reasons why I have published these prices, and trust me I thought long and hard about NOT using them, however I decided that for the novice and pro collector this figures still have some use and value and use and that it would be more useful to publish them or not so YOU can decide.

You see, my reasoning is that these values still give an indication of which were the more popular and expensive, therefore harder to find figures, and that these facts are likely to still be true to this day even if many of the values and prices have dropped or even increased significantly.

Why Don't I Update The Prices?

Quite frankly, with a database of OVER 10,000 figures, and growing, it would be impossible to keep up with the forever changing prices and values, particularly with the huge number of auction sites and retail sites on the internet.

Therefore, instead and in order that you can find a truer value of the figures you have, or are looking to buy, I have written a separate comprehensive, step-by-step, easy to follow guide on the best tools and websites to use in order to get the most up to date prices and values possible for your action figures. 

PLEASE NOTE: These prices ARE NOT an offer to buy, or sell any figures but are for purely informational purposes only.



E= Exclusive DD= Diamond Distributors EB= Electric Boutique FAO= FAO Schwarz JC= JC Penny KB= Kay Bee Toys KM= K-Mart SDCC= San Diego Comic Con TF= Toy Fare TG= Target TR = Tower Records TRU = Toys R Us WM= Wall Mart WWC= Wizard World Chicago

Set  Info Type Value $
Talking figure  36.00
Talking figure  dressed 36.00
Walking figure glowing heart 25.00
Walking figure  scarf  22.00
Walking figure dress and hat 22.00
Walking figure robe 22.00
Action figure  glowing heart 14.00
Action figure   scarf with Speak & Spell 14.00
Action figure  dress and hat 14.00
Action figure  robe 14.00
E.T. & Elliott  with powered Bicycle 14.00
Eagle Force: Mego 1982
Capt.Eagle 10.00
Goldie Hawk 20.00
Sgt. Brown 10.00
Kayo 10.00
Zapper 10.00
Harley 10.00
The Cat 10.00
Redwing 10.00
Stryker 10.00
Big Bro 10.00
Wild Bill 10.00
Turk 10.00
Baron Von Chill 20.00
Shock Trooper 20.00
Savitar 20.00
Beta Man 20.00
General Mamba 20.00
Nemisis 20.00
Bivouac Adventure Pack  with Turk 30.00
Tactical Adventure Pack  withSgt. Brown 30.00
Communication Pack  with Zapper 30.00
Ocean Patrol Pack  with Redwing 30.00
Eagle Island playset  with Sgt. Brown,Kayo, Zapper, Harley,  The Cat, Redwing  110.00
Eagle Island playset 80.00
Talon Tank 80.00
Fighter Plane 80.00
Motorcycle with sidecar 20.00
Eliminator Jeep 50.00
Rampage Tank 80.00
Bushwacker Jeep 50.00
Command Assault Set (HG Toys) 80.00
Tank Commander Set (HG Toys) 80.00
EARTWORM JIM: Playmates 1995
Earthworm Jim  5" Figures 8.00
Battle Damage EWJ  5" Figures 8.00
Earthworm Jim  Special Deep Sea Mission Suit 5" Figures 9.00
Peter Puppy  5" Figures 8.00
Psycrow 5" Figures 8.00
Hench Rat & Evil the Cat  5" Figures 8.00
Bob & #4  5" Figures 9.00
Princess What's-Her-Name  5" Figures 14.00
EWJ Pocket Rocket Vehicles 17.00
ECW: Jakks Pacific 1999
Series 1
Kevin Thorn $12.00
Punk $14.00
Rob Van Dam $12.00
Sandman $12.00
Tommy Dreamer $12.00
SERIES 2 1999
Ariel $12.00
Balls Mahoney $8.00
Elijah Burke $10.00
Joey Styles $10.00
Kelly Kelly $12.00
Mike Knox $10.00
SERIES 3 1999
Layla $14.00
Marcus Cor Von $12.00
Matt Striker $9.00
Nunzio $9.00
Snitsky $12.00
Stevie Richards $10.00
Tazz $10.00
SERIES 4 1999
Boogeyman $8.00
CM Punk $10.00
Elijah Burke $8.00
John Morrison $8.00
Matt Striker $8.00
Tommy Dreamer $8.00
ELVIRA: Figures Toy Co 1999
MYSTRESS OF THE DARK carded 8" Figures
Elvira  with Chainsaw 8" Figures 15.00
Elvira Glow-in-the-Dark  limited edition figure (5,000) 8" Figures 20.00
Elvira Witch variant figure 8" Figures 16.00
EVEL KNIEVEL: Ideal 1973
Evel Knievel white, red, & blue outfit 7" Figures 52.00
Robby Knievel  Teenage Daredevil 6” Figures 58.00
Vehicles with Figures 1973
Stunt Cycle  7" Figures 86.00
Stunt and Crash Car  7" Figures 115.00
Canyon Sky Cycle  7" Figures 128.00
Formula 1 Dragster  7" Figures 98.00
Vehicles, Accessories and Playsets 1973
Arctic Explorer Set 30.00
Chopper 70.00
Explorer Set 30.00
Racing Set 30.00
Rescue Set 30.00
Road & Trail Adventure Set  with figure and Trail Bike 110.00
Scramble Van 78.00
Skull Canyon playset 165.00
Stunt Stadium 138.00
Trail Bike 55.00
EXOSQUAD: Playmates  1993
General Purpose 5" E-Frame 
J.T. Marsh    with 3" Figures in window box with fold-over flap 18.00
Alec DeLeon  with Aerial Attack E-Frame 18.00
Phaeton with Command E-Frame  with Field Communications E-Frame 18.00
Typhonus with High Speed Stealth E-Frame 20.00
Light Attack 8" E-Frames 1993 with 3" Figure battery powered in large try-me box
General Shiva E-Frame     with Amphibious Assault Light Attack 28.00
Marsala (#6324)  with Rapid Assault Light Attack E-Frame 28.00
General Purpose 5” E-Frame 1994   with 3" Figures in window box with fold-over flap
Sean Napier  with Police Enforcer E-Frame  15.00
Wolf Bronski  with Ground Assault E-Frame  15.00
Nara Burnes   with Reconnaissance E-Frame 15.00
Rita Torres  with Field Sergeant E-Frame  15.00
Maggie Weston  Field Repair Light Attack E-Frame 28.00
Livanus Troop Transport  Light Attack E-Frame Neosapien    28.00
Jump troops   with Ultralight E-Frame Battle Machines on header card
Gunnery Sergeant Ramon Lightfeather     (Heavy Gravity) (#6381)    7.00
Lance Corporal Vince Pellegrino   (Fireboss) 7.00
Second Lieutenant Colleen O'Reilly   (Rapid Recon) 7.00
Captain Avery F. Butler (Command)  7.00
Reissue  1995 in hanging window box 12.00
Sean Napier Reissue in hanging window box 12.00
Wolf Bronski Reissue   12.00
Nara Burnes Reissue   12.00
Rita Torres Reissue  12.00
General Purpose 5” E-Frame  1995 with 3" Figures  in hanging window box 
General Draconis   with Interrogator E-Frame 12.00
Jonas Simbacca with Pirate Captain E-Frame 12.00
Peter Tanaka   with Samurai E-Frame 12.00
Jinx Madison  with Fire Warrior E-Frame 12.00
Marsala  with Sub-Sonic Scout E-Frame  12.00
Special Mission 5" E-Frames 1995  in box with flap
 J. T. Marsh   with Deep Space Special Mission E-Frame  14.00
Alec DeLeon  with All-Terrain Special Mission E-Frame (#6862)  14.00
Typhonus  with Deep Submergence Special Mission E-Frame  14.00
Wolf Bronski  with Suterranean Special Mission E-Frame  14.00
Neosapien Warriors  on header card
Neo Lord   with Metallic Assault Armor 10.00
Neo Cat   with Metallic Predator Armor 10.00
Exoconverting E-Frame 1995 in box with hanging flap
 J. T. Marsh  with Exoconverting Aerial Attack  E-Frame  15.00
Real Walking Series  1995 in huge cubical box
Marsala     with Exowalking Light Attack E-Frame 22.00
Livia   with Neo Sapien Walking Light Attack E-Frame 28.00
Mini Exo-Command Assortment 1996
Phaeton and J.T. Marsh  with Olympus Mons Command Ship Bridge Battleset  7.00
 J. T. Marsh and Typhonus  with Resolute II Hangar Battleset  7.00
Alec DeLeon and Phaeton  with Vesta Space Port Battleset  7.00
Space Series E-Frames in large cubical box
Kaz Takagi   with Exo-fighter Space E-Frame Thrax with Neo-fighter E-Frame 28.00
Exocarrier Resolute II  27.00
EXOSQUAD: Playmates 1995 3" Attack Mecha Figures 
Excaliber MK VI     Tactical Corps Assignment 3.00
Raidar X Battloid    Tactical Corps Assignment 3.00
Gladiator Battloid  Tactical Corps Assignment 3.00
Spartan Battloid   Tactical Corps Assignment 3.00
Excaliber MK VI  Battloid Civil Defense Unit Raider 3.00
Raider X   Battloid Civil Defense Unit Raider 3.00
Gladiator   Battloid Civil Defense Unit Raider 3.00
Spartan   Battloid Civil Defense Unit Raider 3.00
Robotech Defense Force Attack Mecha 1995
Gladiator Destroid 7" figure 9.00
Spartan Destroid  7" figure 9.00
Raidar X Destroid  7" figure 9.00
Invid and Zentraedi Attack Mecha 1995 7" figure
 Zentraedi Power Armor Botoru Battalion  7" figure 9.00
 Zentraedi Power Armor Quadrona Battalion  7" figure 9.00
Invid Scout Ship  7" figure 9.00
Bioroid Invid Fighter  7" figure 9.00
Battlepod Class E-Frame 1995
Zentraedi Tactical Battlepod  18.00
Invid Shock Trooper  18.00
Officer’s Battlepod  18.00
Vehicles  boxed
VeriTech Hover Tank  25.00
VeriTech Fighter  20.00
T-Bone, Bottle Leader  Figures  20.00
Spike, Martial Arts Master  Figures  20.00
Stegz, Weapons Expert  with °Shooting Disk Launcher"  Figures  20.00
Bullzeye, Arial Fighter   with "Gravity-Wing Bombs" Figures  20.00
Evil Haxx, Deadly Velociraptor  with "Slashing Blades"  Figures  25.00
Sam Hain  Figures 5.00
Slimer  Figures 5.00
Mouth Critter  Figures 5.00
House Ghost  Figures 5.00
Roland  Figures 5.00
Egon Figures 5.00
Eduardo  Figures 5.00
Kylie  Figures 5.00
Deluxe Eduardo  Figures 5.00
Deluxe Egon Figures 5.00
Deluxe Kylie Figures 5.00
Deluxe Roland Figures 5.00
Ecto 1 vehicle  Vehicle 25.00
Eduardo on a Motorcycle Figures and vehicles (1998) 10.00
Roland on a Gyro-Copter Figures and vehicles (1998) 10.00

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