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The Story of Captain America

Captain America, the all-American superhero was brought into this world from humble beginnings. Born as the only child of Joseph and Sara Rogers, Steven Rogers was just an ordinary kid who had health problems growing up.

He lost his father at an early age and his mother soon followed during his teenage years. Steve took up industrial fine arts before World War II and then decided to enlist in the Army at the onset of the war, but because of his skinny and frail condition he was rejected.

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Capt America 01

Steve Rogers Becomes Captain America

An army officer saw Rogers as a prospective test subject for a covert military research project dubbed Operation Rebirth and subsequently offered him another way to serve his country.

After passing a rigorous testing phase, Steve was chosen as the first test subject for the project which aimed to create super soldiers for the battlefield.

His body was bombarded with injections of the Super-Soldier serum created by a scientist named Abraham Erskine and was then exposed to bursts of vita-rays to activate the chemicals inside his body.

This process effectively transformed the skinny Rogers into a muscular individual with enhanced reflexes and perfect physiological form. Steve Rogers became the apex of the human specimen perfection- almost superhuman to say the least but still human.

Capt America Transformation

Not long after the successful experiment, a Nazi infiltrator killed the scientist who had committed to memory the final process in creating the serum. This left Rogers as the only recipient of the experiment and unknown to him, this project was actually done in response to the Nazi’s development of their own super soldier named the Red Skull who would later become his main nemesis.

The government made Rogers a propaganda figure for America and gave him a uniform to represent the country’s colors complete with an indestructible shield made of rare metals as a weapon to fight his enemies. Thus Captain America was created and became the symbol of American freedom and justice.

As Captain America, he trained in different military tactics, weaponry, demolition and martial arts; specializing in hand to hand combat.

Captain America: The War Years

Capt America Punches Hitler

During the war he served as America’s best counter terrorism and special operations personnel and succeeded in bringing down Red Skull and the Nazi regime to end the war.

During the final days of the war, Captain America had an unfortunate accident while trying to stop a bomb-loaded drone. He was given up for dead after the plane exploded and caused him to fall into the icy waters of the Arctic, but he was actually entombed in an icy chasm and the serum in his body helped preserve him in the block of ice for several years.

Several decades later, a new group of superheroes called the Avengers discovered Captain America’s body and revived him. Not long after, he adjusted to modern life and he became an integral part of the team, even serving on missions for the national agency S.H.I.E.L.D. led by his old war buddy Nick Fury.

Captain America Becomes an Avenger

Capt America First Avenger

During these modern times, Captain America still stood as the champion of American freedom and assumed leadership of the Avengers until he opposed the Superhuman Registration Act which caused civil unrest across America.

For some time, Captain America went underground and became the leader of the Secret Avengers. This group battled their equals until such time when Captain America realized that this war was going nowhere and decided to surrender.

This series of events ultimately led to his death when he was shot outside a New York federal courthouse by a sniper and then from point blank range by a brainwashed woman.
America now weeps for their hero’s demise.

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