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Jurassic Park the Lost World Action Figures Series 1 1997

The vintage Jurassic Park the Lost World action figures after Kenner had been bought out by toy giant Hasbro but the chunky, colorful, play focused style of the original Kenner figures, that proved to be so popular, was kept.

The line consisted of seven human figures, including the only action figure ever of Richard Schiff, and sixteen dinosaurs.  This series again proved to be extremely popular and was named one of the bestselling toys of 1997.

Also the Jurassic Park the Lost World series 2 figures were released in much lower quantities and as a result fetch higher prices on the secondary market than the series 1 figures.

Jurassic Park the Lost World series 2 also had 3 Walmart exclusive sets. The most valuable, and probably the rarest of all the Kenner Jurassic Park toys, was the DINO TRACKER SET which wasn’t released until 1997, despite originally being planned for release in 1994 along with the rest of the Lost World line.

The set came with: two different prehistoric creatures (not dinosaurs!); dino damage attack action and capture gear; two sets of weapons, a Bola Launcher and a net launcher (the Aerial Net Trap); and lastly, a dino tracker figure making a total of 18 pieces in the complete set, this means that to find a complete set loose is virtually impossible and therefore pushing up the value of MIB sets to about to around the $100 mark.

There was also an exclusive YOUNG TYRANNOSAURUS REX SET that came with a Dino Tracker figure and three pieces of capture gear and a big muzzle which can go around the figure's jaws. This set generally sells for approx. $150.

Lastly was the Target Utahraptor Set. The dinosaur comes with: three pieces of capture gear including a big muzzle which can go around the figure's jaws; a Dino Tracker, which stands in a fairly neutral pose with weapons. This set was the largest of the three and sells for around $150 although a MIB set has been known to go for upwards of $300!

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A Collapsible Table:

Jurassic Park the Lost World Humans

 Most of the Human figures in Jurassic Park the Lost World first series usually sell for approx. $10-$15, except for the Peter Ludlow and Sarah Harding figures sell for approx. $50-$60 and can go as high as $100.


Jurassic Park the Lost World Dinosaurs

 Like the Human figures Jurassic Park the Lost World basic dinosaurs generally sell for $10-$20 on average and the electronic figures for between $40-$70. The few exceptions to this are:

• The Tyrannosaurus Rex Thrasher which sells for $200-$275 but has been know to go as high as $500!

• The Bull Tyrannosaurus Rex which sells for $250-$350 with a high of $450.

• The Carnotaurus which sells for between $200-$300.

TLW-S1-trike1Triceratops Trike
Bull T-Rex
SPINOSAURUS Code name: "Slice"

The Vehicles

 The largest vehicle in this series was the Humvee and sells for approx. $80-$100 whereas the others sell for around $20.

The prices for the two play sets on the other hand range from $100-$120.


Play Sets

Dino Damage Medical CenterDino Damage Medical Center
Mobile Command CenterMobile Command Center



Jurassic Park: The Lost World Series 2 1998

In 1998 Hasbro released Jurassic Park: The Lost World series 2 figures, and as with the second series of Jurassic Park line these sold in much lower quantities as the first series and only consisted of three humans and two dinosaurs.

This has also resulted in them fetching slightly higher prices on the secondary market than the first series.

Due to the limited run of these figures the humans generally sell for between $60-$80 on the secondary market and the dinosaurs for approx. $30-$40

Series 2: The Humans


The Dinosaurs

Chaos Effect 1998

About the same time as the Lost World series 2 figures were released the Chaos Effect line was also released. 

These figures represented the merged DNA of various dinosaurs by mad scientists. The line featured mainly repaints of previous dinosaurs, humans and vehicles along with a few new sculpts.

Despite poor sales at the time this line has become popular with collectors and as a result some of the figures have become difficult to find.

A follow-up series, featuring glow-in-the-dark figures, called Night Hunters was due to be released but it was scrapped in favor of the Jurassic Park Dinosaurs line, which had a closer tie-in with the movies.

With only 2 humans in this series, which weren’t very popular they can be picked up for around $20 on eBay. The re-painted dinosaurs go for about the same but the new sculpts are about twice the price, selling for between $40-$50 axcelpt for the OMEGA T-REX and THRASHER T-REX which sell for between $150-$200.

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