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Kenner Batman Returns Wave Vehicles 1992

In 1992 a series of Kenner Batman Returns Vehicles was released. This line included a reissued Batmobile and Batwing Turbo Jet, as well as eight of vehicles:

● Re-Issued Batmobile

● Batmobile (Batmissile)

● Batskiboat (All-Terrain)

● Re-Issued Batwing (Turbojet)

● Bruce Wayne Custom Coupe

● Laser Blade

● Robin Jet Foil

● Sky Blade

● Sky Drop

● Penguin Umbrella Jet

Wave 2 Vehicles

● Batmobile (Camo Attack)

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A Collapsible Table:

Re-Issued Kenner Batman Returns Batmobile

This was the same vehicle as in the Dark Knight Collection except the packaging had a Batman Returns label on it. seater.

MIB     $300:00 - $869:87

Loose $90:00 - $150:00

Re-Issued Kenner Batman Returns Batwing (Turbojet) 

This was exactly the same vehicle as in the Dark Knight Collection except the packaging had a Batman Returns label on it.

MIB $50:00 - $297:50

Loose $43:34 - $90:00

Kenner Batman Returns Batmobile (Batmissile) 1992

One of the coolest Kenner Batman Returns vehicles ever released was the Batman Returns Batmissile. The packaging was completely different to the original as was the car itself. It was quite a bit larger than the first Batmobile, and the canopy opened a lot easier allowing better access for Batman to sit inside. No more needing to just pretend he was driving, as with the original!

Instead of the two-rotating gun turrets that the Dark Knight Batmobile had, this one had two hidden spring-loaded rocket launchers that popped up on either side of the vehicle and came armed with yellow rockets that could be fired from it.

At first, it looked like the regular Batmobile, but at the push of a button behind canopy the vehicle's sides popped off to reveal the Batmissile. Kenner even put detailing and stickers on the inside of these side panels so when they popped off, they would still look the part.

The only real downside with this was that there was a lack of detail in the cockpit, some decals like the Toy Biz Batmobile would have been nice. That said, the rest of the Batmobile had plenty of detail on the vehicle. Also, it would have been a nice touch if it had had the ‘flame’ effect on the exhaust that the Dark Knight version had

MIB     $150:00 - $329:95

Loose $50:00 - $150:00

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Kenner Batman Returns Batskiboat (All-Terrain) 1992

The Batskiboat came in a solid box featuring some of Kenner’s excellent artwork on the front of the packaging showing the Batskiboat shooting across the water like a bullet from a gun. The packaging featured the red, blue, and purple color scheme Kenner used for the Batman Returns line.  The sides of the box showed the Batskiboats two modes, Water mode and Ski mode. The back of the packaging showed off the figures and other vehicles available.

In boat mode it has a very slick all black look with rocket launchers on either side of the canopy. There is a lot of detail moulded into the sculpting of this vehicle. Many kids would try to fold up the legs on its ‘wings’ which they couldn’t, thereby often breaking them.

The canopy at the back opens and the Batman figure easily fits inside. However, as was often the case, the hinges were very fragile, and it was common for it to break making it impossible to keep it on and closed. Inside the canopy was a detail dashboard.

On either side of the canopy were the spring-loaded missiles launchers that were fired by pressing a button on either side.

To change it into snow mode the tips of the wings were flipped up and underneath a single and double ski could be flipped down. At the back of the vehicle was a spinning turbo.

Overall, this was an often overlooked, but nonetheless awesome looking vehicle.

MIB     $25:00 - $111:50

Loose $20:00

Kenner Batman Returns Bruce Wayne Custom Coupe 1992

As well as all his Batman gadgets and vehicles, Batman also needs to get around when he is NOT Batman, so Kenner released his custom coupe. This was a two-door black sports car that came with a variant Bruce Wayne figure dress in a blue polar neck and lack trousers.

The windshield, or canopy open and Bruce Wayne could sit inside., looks can be deceiving and this was no simple coupe had some special features. The wheels were plastic, rather than rubber, and had silver painted hubs. This was the first time Kenner released this vehicle, but it was released for a later Batman line and a Spiderman line.

The spoiler on the tailgate at the back of the car could be pull back and Bruce Wayne transformed into Batman. This also revealed a missile launcher on either side of the car for added protection. This effect was achieved by using two figures on a “slider” that was activated by pulling out the spoiler.

The car also came with front headlights and tail break lights. The car itself was pretty basic and plain looking but the quick change was a great feature.

You could slide the spoiler to reveal a hidden weapon compartment on the side of the doors or conceal a Batman figure into a hidden compartment! After concealing the Batman figure, the Bruce Wayne figure can fit into the backseat, and you shut the windshield.

In the face of danger, pull back the spoiler, and Bruce Wayne "changes" into Batman and the launchers are exposed for firepower. The launchers can be tilted to different angles to target elusive villains. Bruce Wayne can go about his normal daily business routine but is ready for any danger he might face.

MIB  $4:99 - $69:99

Loose $0:99 - $29:99

Kenner Batman Returns Laser Blade 1992

Laser Blade was a fast motorcycle-like vehicle for Batman. The Laser Blade packaging featured Kenner’s usually classic artwork with Laser Batman flying the Laser Blade on the front and images of the other figures and vehicles available on the back. Within the packaging the Laser Blade came in a plastic clear baggie with an instruction sheet, stickers and a small pocket-sized catalogue featuring all their other lines.

Laser Blade was a sleek, black, powerful bike similar in style to the modern-day power bikes you see. The “steering” was controlled by an operating console, which was a detailed sticker situated at the front of the bike. There was enough space here to fit Batman in a semi-lying position.

Not only was this a very cool, sleek and powerful bike but at the touch of a button its 2 wings, that folded up when in bike mode would flip down ready for Batman to take-off and continue his high-speed chase even in the air.

Each of the Laser Blade’s wings also had a bat emblem on them and there was a large bat-shaped projectile attached to the undercarriage that could be released and dropped on his enemies. To give the bike a little color there were some chrome stickers for the side panels of the bike.  The bike had 3 wheels, 2 at the front, 1 at the back.

The Laser Blade jet bike was reminiscent of the Batcylcle, with a great looking design and plenty of detail, that was great fun to plan with despite being fairly simplistic with very few features.

MIB $11:50 - $33:84  

Loose $3:24

Kenner Batman Returns Robin Jet Foil 1992

As Batman’s partner, it only seemed fair that Robin should also get at least one really cool vehicle to play with and this Jet Foil was it. The front of the packaging features a really cool artists impression of Robin riding the Jet Foil Cycle.

The Jet Foil had a dark green body with a red “steering” column that lifted up from the main body when in use, this also had Robin’s “R” logo on it. At the front of the Jet Foil is a firing mechanism that could be loaded with yellow plastic bat shaped missile. This was actually quite a powerful missile launcher.

The body of the Jet Foil is quite well moulded with a fair amount of detail on it.  When looking at this vehicle from an angle you can see that it actually has a bat shape. Robin can be posed either in a standing or sitting position. If standing there is room for another figure behind him. Although this is technically a water vehicle it did have wheels, so it could be used as a road vehicle as well, with a little imagination (which I had a lot of as a child!).

MIB $5:50 - $47:16    

Loose $12:99 - $20:00

Kenner Batman Returns Sky Blade 1992

The Sky Drop Vehicle was an intimidating black airship with purple fins and wheels. There was a compartment on the ship's belly where you could hide Batman and attach him to a handlebar with some cord. Then simply push a button, and he comes exploding into action from the airship, dropping from its belly to dispense justice on the unexpecting villians below!

At the end of a successful mission, wind the cord as shown on the box to get Batman back into the airship and ready for his next mission.

MIB     $15:99 -b#36:00

Loose $9:80 - $15:00

Kenner Batman Returns Penguin Umbrella Jet 1992

The Penguin Umbrella Jet looks exactly like something the Penguin would fly around in. It was mostly painted red, with wings shaped like umbrellas, and there were umbrellas, that could be rotated, on the underside of the wings. The Penguin can sit in the cockpit and control the jet as it flies around, spraying "Knockout" gas from the sprinklers on the underside of the wings. When stationary the jet stood on 2 umbrella shaped landing “skis”.

The packaging, along with the other vehicles in the series, has excellent artwork featuring the Penguin flying jovially in his jet and photos of the other figures and vehicles in the series.

MIB     $15:50 - $81:00

Loose $13:00 - $31:00

Kenner Batman Returns Batmobile (Camo Attack) 1992

The Camo Attack vehicle was a repainted version of the earlier Batmobile but this vehicle has a black and white camo design, but it has all the same features as the Batmobile. There is a bulletproof cockpit for Batman, Pop-out spinning exhaust "flame," pop-up side guns, and a launching turbo missile. However, this vehicle also came with a bonus Batman Figure!

MIB  $219:00

Loose $160:00

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