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Kenner Batman the Animated Series Wave 1

Kenner Batman The Animated Series line of figures was released in 193 to coincide with the TV series that aired from 1992-1995. Kenner released three toy lines tied in to the series. The first, Kenner Batman the Animated Series, had four waves of figures released between 1993 and 1995. Then in 1993 Batman - The Animated Series Mask of Phantasm was released, based on the feature film, but this was quickly pulled out of theatres due to a lack of interest and re-released for the home video market, and in 1995 Kenner released Batman - The Animated Series Crime Squad. 

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A Collapsible Table:

As usual the figures were blister packed onto a generic backing card. The front-facing card had a shadowy image of the dark knight in the top left-hand corner and just below this was "Batman: The Animated Series logo written in iconic white fonts. To the right of this at the top of the card was the character's name in yellow font, and the bottom half of the card was the blister pack with the figure on the right and his accessories on the left.

Kenner's logo was also visible on the bottom left corner of the blister. On the back of the backing-card, the name of the series and figure was written on the top left hand-side. Here there were images to show clearly how to use the figures action feature and/ or accessories. There was also a small picture of Gotham city in the background, on the right side.

The rest of the card displays advertisements of other toys in the line that collectors could collect. Both the TV series proved to be very popular with fans and so Kenner milked it as much as the could, thereby creating the so-called Batman Syndrome. This was the name given to Kenner's habit of re-releasing the same character over and over again and only making very minor changes in his look, colours or accessories.

Kenner Batman the Animated Series

        Turbojet Batman

        Combat Belt Batman


        The Penguin

        The Riddler


Kenner Batman the Animated Series Turbojet Batman

The Kenner Batman the Animated Series Turbojet Batman was an interesting variation of Batman. This Kenner suited Batman came with a turbojet to help him fly across Gotham fighting crime. 

The figure stood 5 inches in height and he was dressed in a grey suit, with his boots, gloves, mask, and cape all colored black. His gloves have Batman's unique fins. There were cool silver-painted harnesses and straps that were fastened across his torso, back of his arms, and legs. The Batman logo on his chest is yellow and black. 

The face of this figure was very detailed and Kenner did an excellent job with the sculpting, the paint job was also very good adding to the overall look  of this toy.

This Batman figure didn’t have much articulation with movement only at his shoulders, legs, and head but this was  quite common with most toys manufactured in the '90s.

As for accessories, the figure came with a rocket jetpack that had a transparent helmet attached to it and a black wrist rocket gun. 

The gun fired a yellow missile projectile when you pressed down on a lever behind the gun. These gadgets all had elements of a bat design, like the fin on the helmet and the jetpack engines' edges. The jetpack could be strapped on to the back of the figure. 

MOC: $12-17

Loose: $9-11

Kenner Batman the Animated Series Combat Belt Batman

The Combat Belt Batman is often thought of as the figure closely matching the Batman character from the animated series. The figure had a grey suit, black boots, black gloves that have fins on the side, a yellow utility belt, and a removable black cloth cape. In terms of sculpting, the figure had a broad, muscular chest and narrow waist. The detailing on the face is fair.

Overall, the figure is decent looking, and the paint job is okay for a massively produced toy. The figure's gloves, boots, and tights are painted jet black with a smooth satin finish. In contrast, his torso, arms, and legs are painted light grey. The figure had clear white eyes. The Combat Belt Batman was 5 inches tall with a yellow & black Batman logo on his chest. The figure had as little as five points of articulation.

As for accessories, the Combat Belt Batman is packaged with a yellow belt that could be put onto the figure, a yellow spring-loaded grappling hook that had a really good reach, a black Batarang, and a pair of handcuffs.

The belt had some little design detail and had extra hooks to hold accessories. The figure could hold the Batarang in his hand or shoot it using the same launcher as the grappling hook. The hook is tied to a string that is tied to the firing mechanism, so you don't have to worry about losing it. The back of the figure's pack has visual guides that show how to use the accessories.

MOC: $25-90

Loose: $15-21

Kenner Batman the Animated Series Robin

Batman wasn't the only hero fighting against crime in Gotham. Luckily for him, he can rely on his partner in crime-fighting Robin for assistance.

This Kenner Batman the Animated Series Robin figure was a great representation of the character from the animated television series. The figure was sculpted in his iconic red and green Robin costume, black boots, green gloves, a yellow belt, and a black removable cloth cape (the inside of the cape is yellow).

The figure's muscles and costume are well defined. There's some yellow stitching on the figure's chest, along with the yellow and black Robin logo and more details on the belt. There isn't much detail on the figure's face, but they sculpted Robin's black hair well enough. Again, there is little articulation limited to the figure's neck, shoulders, and legs.

The figure comes with a big yellow Turbo Glider with a red chest plate that could be worn by Robin. The glider is armed with a firing gun and missiles that can be dropped on villains'. The back of the figure's pack, as with Batman, had visual instructions for using the accessories.

MOC: $25-40

Loose: $10-23

Kenner Batman the Animated Series The Penguin

The Penguin figure was a burly shaped and dressed in grey pants, black shoes, a grey shirt, a cream-colored jacket, and a red bowtie. He also had a top hat, monocle, and a black trenchcoat.

The sculpt and paintwork on this figure was again above average, with some great detailing on his pants and jacket. The Penguin had five points of articulation and is also five inches tall.

The Penguin came with a red "Hypno-Spin" umbrella with a white whirling design painted on top. This accessory did not look like an umbrella but was more like a thick red barrel with a disk on top. This weapon could carried over his shoulder and aimed to hypnotize his enemies. Like the other figures in this line, visual guides can be found on the back of the figure's pack.

MOC $49:99 - $79:95

Loose $5:49 - $19:99

Kenner Batman the Animated Series The Riddler

The Riddler was one of the most accurate figures in this line based on the tv series. His outfit is a great match with the character from the show. The Riddler was dressed in a green jacket, with a black shirt, grey pants, a big grey tie, green shoes, a purple mask, and gloves. His tie even had his infamous question mark painted in purple on it. The Riddler is only 5 inches tall.

The colors on this figure were well painted, and accentuated the sculpting detail. The best part of the sculpt was the Riddler's laughing expression. Again, as with the other figures his articulation was limited to his neck, shoulders, and legs.

The figure came with a multipurpose Question Mark Launcher and a green walking cane. The launcher fired a green missile projectile, that could also be used for sliding down a zipline. This was a simple but very cool action figure to have in your Batman collection.

MOC: $15-23

Loose: $5-11

Kenner Batman the Animated Series Two-Face

This was really unique figure. The color scheme was excellently executed, not only with his black and white outfit but even his bodily features. Half of his face, hair, and one of his hands is white. Kenner did a really good job with the figure's appearance, but rather than white, they used a shade of blue to design the character. The sculpt on the face is really amazing, staying true to the figure's nature.

This figure also had Kenner’s standard five points of articulation on the figure's neck, arms, and legs. Two-Face stands at 5 inches tall.

Two face's main gimmick is a Firing Roulette Wheel Gun. This was a double-barreled gun that fireed a twin missile at his enemies. You will had to spin a roulette wheel to fire the missiles before clicking on a peg to fire. The assessor is relatively easy to use, but you could always check on the back of the figure's pack for some visual instructions. Although the figure lacks a variety of weapons, Two-face is a cool villain to have on your collection shelf.

MOC: $15-45

Loose: $9-14

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