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Egon Spengler Vintage Kenner Ghostbusters Review

Egon Spengler was a very odd character and had a completely different point of view from the other members of the Ghostbusters and preferred to be alone, carrying out his scientific experiments and developing new weapons.

However, as different as he was, he was no doubt the most important member of The Ghostbusters - their tactical commander who always found a way to conquer whatever ghost they faced.

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A Collapsible Table:

During the series it was revealed that his obsession with ghosts and science was the result of a terrible childhood experience at the hands of a supernatural monster, The Boogieman. The Boogieman loved feeding on the fears of kids and had chosen to torment Egon in particular, for years until Egon eventually defeated him.

He was also famous for taking his scientific experiments to the extreme, even risking his life on several occasions to save his team and the people of New York from ghosts.

One time he got hit by proton beams while trying to defeat a ghost. This reversed the atomic structure of his entire body molecules and he started aging backwards. This continued until he became a baby and was almost erased from existence, but luckily he was saved just at the nick of time.

Kenner Egon Spengler Ghostbusters S1 1986 Review

The Egon Spengler action figure was released alongside other members of The Real Ghostbusters by Kenner in late December 1986. The figures only just made it for Christmas and between December 1986 and December 1989, Kenner released three different versions, the latter two being the “The Fright” and “The Screaming Heroes” Egon Spengler.

The 5-inch action figure came on a 6-back card accompanied by a Gupter Ghost figure and Egon’s weapons for accessories.

The back card had The Real Ghostbusters logo at the top, with images of all four members of the team, The Marshmallow Man and The Green Ghost on a blue background.

The front card also had a blue background with the usual logo, a picture of Egon, the figure itself, as well as the accessories inside a bubble/blister attached to the card.

Like the other Ghostbuster figures, the Egon Spengler figure had great sculpting with accurate proportioning and a near perfect depiction of the cartoon character, NOT the movie character.

Every part of the figure was perfectly sculpted, right from the hair on his head to the boots on his feet. His whole body was covered in a jumpsuit, except for his bare hands and his face, and as well as his boots he wore eye goggles.

He had a rat tail hairstyle that extended to the base of his neck and the curls in his hair were made pretty obvious. The jumpsuit collar was also perfectly done as was the inner shirt he had on. His legs and hands were also sculpted very well, especially his right hand which was used to carry his proton blaster.

The original Spengler had sculpted boots, a belt around his waist with some sort of walkie-talkie attached to it, and a backpack over his shoulder.

There was a hole on the backpack through which the proton pack could be attached to the figure. The Gupter Ghost was made from a translucent yellow plastic with a gaping wide opened mouth to show an ugly set of teeth, there was also a painting of the Ghostbuster’s logo on his right arm.

The figure’s painting was very basic but accurate to the series; he had blonde hair, red eye goggles, a light-grey jumpsuit, with dark-green straps and a backpack that the proton pack clipped onto, and he wore a similar colored belt and boots.

Like the other Real Ghostbuster figures in this line, Egon Spengler had five points of articulation; a swivel joint on his head that allowed him to turn his neck to the left and right, and ball socket joints on his shoulders and hips that allowed him to raise and rotate his arms and legs.

He came with a proton pack as an accessory. The pack which he wore on his back, was connected to a proton blaster which he carried in his right hand. The proton pack and the blaster were connected by a short hose and there was a longer hose that shot out of the blaster, representing a proton beam.

The proton pack’s color didn’t quite match the figure, although the painting was excellent with no smudging or overlapping. It was completely blue except for the short yellow hose and a long red hose.

Variant Egon Spengler Figures

In America, there were three different versions with subtle differences. On the original figure the hose from the proton gun was connected to the back of the proton pack while on the second and third versions, it was connected to the bumper at the bottom of the pack.

Also the description of the figure on the front of the card in the first and second printings were written in white text while it was written in yellow text on the third printing.

The UK line was similar to the American second printing while the Canadian Line followed the design of the third American printing.


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