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Todd Toys Spawn Series 1 Action Figure

Todd Toys was the original trading name for what is now known as McFarlane’s Toys. The very first Spawn figures were released in late 1994 in an all-plastic clamshell package with a comic book enclosed with each figure. These identical figures were re-released a year later on blue lightning bolt header cards, without the comic book, but with a second batch of figures.

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Spawn Series 1 Action Figure Review

The first “official” debut of the Series one Spawn figure was at the New York Toy Fair in December 1994, however few collectors are aware that there was a Blue variant Spawn released as a Diamond Comics Distribution exclusive in April 1994, making it the true OG Spawn figure.

This exclusive Spawn figure was given away to any dealers or retailers who ordered a minimum of one case of the new Wildstorm Spawn cards. However, demand for these was very low and as a result few of these Blue Variant Spawn figures were distributed, causing their value to increase substantially, until 2003 when cases of undistributed figures were “discovered” in the McFarlane’s warehouse and released, causing prices to plummet.

The Spawn figure came in clamshell packaging with a mini comic book inserted inside behind the figure on the backing card. The figure was secured within the clamshell in a plastic tray with some wire ties to hold him securely in place. The backing card featured some classic Spawn artwork and the Spawn logo. The reverse of the card had instructions on how to attach his chains to his cape and the skull on his belt and images of the other figures in the series and the 3 vehicles that were also released in this line. 

The sculpting on this figure was excellent and Todd (McFarlane’s) Toys quickly established itself as a premium toy company with an eye for detail on its figures and arguably single headedly kick-started the adult collectors’ market with these “toys”.

The paintwork on this figure was probably the best part with its classic Spawn red, white and black colour-scheme.  His torso, legs and arms were mainly a matt black with bred abs on his torso. He also had red spiked gauntlets on his hands.

He had a white skull at his waist which was very detailed and well-sculpted, with the chains dangling loosely from its mouth, when fitted.  Each of his arms hand spiked red armbands similar in style to his gauntlets just below his elbows. On the thigh of his left leg he had a red bandanna and on his right leg he had another spiked ankle band similar to the one on his arm.

The contrast between the red, white, and black looked really good on this figure. His head sculpt was painted mostly black with a white face “mask” but there was no mouthpiece and he had narrow, bright green, devilish eyes. He had a silver chain around his neck that held his large billowing, red cape in place, which was detachable. The only accessory or weapon, as such, that he came with was a spiked 2 by 4 piece of wood.

Spawn Variants

There have been several variants of this figure produced over the years other than the Diamond Comics exclusive, about eight in total, and I will be going into these in a lot more detail in another video, but probably the most famous, or infamous, of them was the so-called Hamburger head Spawn.

Values as of Feb 2022

MOC $25-$70

MLC $25-$30

Loose $18-$25

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