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Kenner first debuted the MLB Starting Lineup Baseball Figures in 1988 by releasing a 124 player set, a 5 player stand and a mail in baseball and each team had at least four players in the set.

Kenner also distributed the players to stores generally by geographical region, so it was virtually impossible to complete the collection or find players from out of market.

The Starting Lineup Baseball Figures were sold in cases of 16 figures which were approx 4-inches in height. Each of the figures also came with one or more trading cards, and occasionally another keepsake such as a mini-poster or medallion. 

The  were a limited number of poses a figure could have, which was initially 10, for each sport but in 1993 and 1995 Kenner introduced a number of new poses. Most of the figures featured the teams' home kits ot plain kits as back in the 80's it still was possible to add too much detail to the paintwork on the figures, even 2-tone striped kits were a challenge. They also had very limited articulation with joints at the shoulders, neck and waist and a base that resembled a part of the baseball field. 

The Starting Lineup Baseball Figures came in blue blister packs as each sport was "color coded". This was so that both retailers and collectors could quickly and easily identify the figures and the individual sports from a distance.

Initially they were primarily sold to large retail stores and the sets were produced regionally which created large sets, however Kenner noticed that they were actually selling more to hobby dealers than toy stores. 

Due to the large quantities of Starting figures produced many of the figures became red tagged items and can still be bought on eBay and other secondary markets for as little as a few bucks however  some of the more highly sought after can sell for hundreds of dollars, so it's important to know what you're looking for.  

As well as their regular All Star series over MLB figures Kenner also released several sub-series of :

  • Team Lineups & Award Winners
  • 1989 Baseball Greats Series
  • 1991 Headline Baseball Series
  • 1992 Headline Baseball Series
  • 1993 Headline Baseball Series
  • 1993 Stadium Stars
  • 1994 Cooperstown Collection
  • 1994 Stadium Stars
  • 1995 Cooperstown Collection
  • 1995 Stadium Stars
  • 1996 Cooperstown Collection
  • 1996 Stadium Stars
  • 1997 12 Inch Series
  • 1997 Classic Doubles
  • 1997 Cooperstown Collection
  • 1997 Freeze Frame Series
  • 1997 Stadium Stars
  • 1998 12 Inch Series
  • 1998 Classic Double
  • 1998 Cooperstown Collection
  • 1998 Freeze Frame Series
  • 1998 Stadium Stars
  • 1999 12 Inch Series
  • 1999 Classic Doubles
  • 1999 Cooperstown Collection
  • 1999 One on One
  • 1999 Stadium Stars
  • 2000 All Century Team
  • 2000 Baseball Elite
  • 2000 Classic Doubles
  • 2001 Cooperstown Collection
Cal Ripken Jr.Cal Ripken Jr.
Nolan RyanNolan Ryan

Rare Starting Lineup Baseball Figures 

The Rarest MLB Starting Lineup Baseball Figures are:

  • 1988 Cal Ripken Jr. 125.00
  • 1988 Nolan Ryan 125.00
  • 1989 Scott Fletcher (FP) 125.00
  • 1989 12.00 Tony Gwynn 250.00
  • 1989 Greg Maddux (FP) 100.00
  • 1989 Cal Ripken Jr. 175.00
  • 1989 Mike Scioscia (FP)110.00
  • 1990 Greg Maddux220.00

1994 Cooperstown Collection Jackie Robinson #44 $150.00 (note: there was also a #42 produced which goes for much less than this one, ie about $8! 

Please note that these prices are only a guideline as they are continually fluctuating and changing.

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