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Toy Biz Iron Man Animated Action Figures  Series 4 Review and Guide

Toy Biz Iron Man Animated Series 4 was cut back even further than series 3 with only 5 figures, which was a company wide policy and not just for the Iron Man line. Initially the line was only available Kay Bee Toys, but it was also later available in Toys R Us despite still having some earlier series available. As a result, interest in this line was very low and it soon became a red tag special and was the last of the Iron Man line, although Toy Biz had planned a series 5, but more on that later.

• War Machine 2 with “Double Barrel Missile Launcher”

• Inferno Armor with “Water Firing Arsenal”

• Samurai Armor with “Multi Blade Arsenal”

• Subterranean Armor with “Excavation Equipment”

• Crimson Dynamo with “Blasting Action”

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Toy Biz Iron Man War Machine 2 with “Double Barrel Missile Launcher”

This Toy Biz Iron Man Animated figure was basically a re-release of the original War Machine from Toy Biz Iron Man Animated Series 1, the only real difference was that this figure had an eye patch.

This was an awesome looking figure and probably one of the best in the Iron Man line, so collectors and fans were happy to have a second chance to pick this figure up.

He had articulation on his head, arms, elbows, legs, and knees. His color scheme is not as colorful as some of the others but the grey and black looks great on this figure especially once you have clipped on his armor

The armor on this figure, unlike many of the others, fitted well and was easy to put on and change. He also had a large missile launcher that clipped onto his shoulder, however due to its size this made standing him while wearing the missile launcher was difficult.

MOC $9-$20

LOOSE $3-$5

Toy Biz Iron Man Animated Inferno Armor with “Water Firing Arsenal”

Toy Biz Iron Man Animated SERIES 4 featured three “non-cannon” Iron Man suites from Toy Biz that were never used in the cartoon or comic books but were still reminiscent of the classic Iron Man design and suites.

The Inferno Iron Man had the basic articulation on his head, arms, elbows, legs, and knees and came with two blue “hoses” that squirted water and were connected to a container on his back filled with water. He had a classic yellow and red colour scheme with a tradition design and look.

MOC $12-$36


Toy Biz Iron Man Samurai Armor with “Multi Blade Arsenal”

This was the second armor suite in this Toy Biz Iron Man Animated series that was a “non-cannon” suite. It had a very impressive and cool looking turquoise, black and silver color scheme with a very nice new design although the suite never featured in the cartoon or comic books and unlike the inferno armor, was a far cry from the more traditional armor Toy Biz generally favored. The base figure had a turquoise and black paint scheme, with silver armor that attached to his body.

He had a swivel head with hinged leg, arm, knee, and elbow joints. The armor on this figure fits nicely with a tight fit so it does not continuously fall of like many of the others. He had multiple blads that clipped onto his back that could be put in his hand to throw but these were difficult to clip on and take off.

MOC $8-$30


Toy Biz Iron Man Subterranean Armor with “Excavation Equipment”

The Subterranean Armour Iron Man suite was another non-cannon suite that enabled Iron Man to burrow underground, which seems a bit unnecessary and redundant really but nevertheless the Toy Biz directors obviously thought it was a good idea.

This figure had a yellow plastic base figure with gold armour. He also came with a spring action “harpoon” gun but how or why he would need to use this while burrowing underground is beyond me.

The armour on this figure was quite difficult to put on and take of and he has the standard articulation on the arms, elbows, knees, and legs as well as a swivel head.

MOC $9-$20

LOOSE $3-$5

Toy Biz Iron Man Crimson Dynamo with “Blasting Action”

Anton Vanko is the oldest armoured foe of Iron Man and he is the Russian scientist who invented and built the first battle suite but when Iron Man revealed his Russian bosses planned to eliminate him and steal his work he defected and became an employee of Stark Enterprises.

This was the most popular figure in series 4 and featured the base figure is red and silver with silver and orange armour plating. He had hinged elbows, arms, knees, and legs. He also had a “fireball” that could be fired from his chest with a spring-loaded action.

MOC $5-$22


Toy Biz Iron Man Series 5 1996

After series four’s disastrous release and its quick demotion to the red tag special bin series 5 was cancelled. Many fans clamored for it to be released especially as the figures had already been tooled and publicized, however Toy Biz were not to be persuaded. 

Instead Toy Biz decided to re-vamp the molds to create new characters for the Spider-Man Techno Wars and X-Men Mutant lines. 

The Dark Aegis figure was released as Heavy Metal Beast in the X-Men Mutants line with a new color scheme of red and blue with silver armor.

Radiation armor was released as Radiation Spider-Man in the Techno Wars line, but the Spider-Man head sculpt used for this figure looks awkward and a tad too small for the body. It also had a red color scheme rather than the original blue and yellow.

Lava’s armor is probably the only one that stayed relatively the same as its original incarnation and was released as the Vault Guardsman using the head sculpt for the Radiation Armor Iron Man in a neon yellow and green combination. The Guardsman was, of course, an enemy of Iron Man.

Living Laser was going to be a re-tooled and re-designed US Agent but eventually ended up in the X-Men Mutant Armor line as Astral Armor Xavier, with translucent red plastic. 

Lastly, we have Magnetic Armor Iron Man who was converted into a Wolverine for the X-Men Mutant Armor line. The paint scheme was radically changed using red, dark, and light blue.

As this set had already been publicized and previewed there are thought to be approx. 25 sets of the PROTOTYPE figures available. A set was recently sold for an undisclosed sum on Heritage Auctions site and I could not find any evidence of another set haven been sold.

Toy Biz Iron Man Animated Secondary Market Values

Please note: All prices quote are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy at these prices. All quotations were correct at the time of writing. July 2020.

When evaluating these figures I look at previous SOLD prices on both online and offline auction sites such as Vectis, Hakes and eBay etc as well as online stores such as Amazon, Walmart and Target etc. I then take an average, however if I feel a price is too high or low, I will make a note of it.

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