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Toy Biz Iron Man Action Figures  Series 3 Review

Due to the Toy Biz Iron Man US Agent figure being held back there were only six figures in this series but there were still 24 figures per case.

As well as the Tony Stark figure featured here there was also a civilian Tony Stark, with his car planned. This would have featured Stark with a completely different head sculpt, but as with the US Agent figure these were also dropped from the final line-up.

Century, Dreadknight and Titanium Man were packed two to a case with the others being packed six to a case, leading to a ‘perceived’ shortage of them however due to the large production run and poor sales they all remained readily available and can still be easily found to this day.

• US Agent 

• Tony Stark with “Amour Carrying Suitcase”

• Iron Man Artic Armour with “Removable Armour and Launching Claw Action”

• Hulk Buster Iron Man with “Power Removable Armour”

• Century with “Cape and Battle Staff”

• Dreadknight with “Lance Firing Action”

• Titanium Man with “Retractable Blade Action”

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Toy Biz Iron Man US Agent 

The US Agent figure is probably the most famous of all the Toy Biz figures, and it has a long back story to it. Originally due to be released in Series 3 it was dropped at the last minute and was rumoured to be released in series 4 or 5, but of course he did not materialize in series 4 and 5 was cancelled altogether.

According to the reports from Toy Biz at the time approx. 100 prototypes had been made and about 50 of these are said to be “in circulation”. These were ‘released’ loose in baggies with a shield and the standard ID Badge but without the image or sticker.

The same Toy Biz Iron Man was then re-tooled, given a new head sculpt and armoured and was to be released as Living Laser in S5 which was then also cancelled. As a result, it began to look like it would never see the light of day, but it was finally released in the X-Men Mutant Armour line as Astral Armour with translucent red plastic and as a short packed figure with only one per case.

The only difference between the figure finally released and the Living Laser figure was that the released figure had an open left-hand.

But the story does not end there. In early 1997 a ‘Foreign Release” US Agent figure began cropping up. This figure was unique because it had all the markings of an original Toy Biz figure including a sequential production number from series 3 and it came on a Toy Biz backing card with all the bio information etc. 

These figures were promoted as limited-edition figures from a company called “Elegant Way”. They were apparently part of a wristwatch promotion and it is believed around 10,000 of these were produced before Topy Biz were able to stop the production.  All shipments and produced figures were supposed to have been destroyed but for months after they continued to trickle out of Asia and you still find them occasionally being listed on eBay with a rather hefty price tag.

Foreign Release (10,000) Silver Embossed < 50-100 $30-$100

Prototype $450-$750

Toy Biz Iron Man  Artic Armour with “Removable Armour and Launching Claw Action”

The Toy Biz Iron Man Artic Armour Iron Man only appeared in one issue of the comic and then only for a few panels, nevertheless Toy Biz decided to include him. He has articulation on the head, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. This figure has a very cool look (pardon the pun) with a full-silver suite. He comes with a “flamethrower” and a spring-loaded claw which would shoot out (if his action worked properly, which on many of them it did not!).

MOC $12-$25

LOOSE $2-$10

Toy Biz Iron Man Century with “Cape and Battle Staff”

Century was an Alien who led the terrorizing Scatter race however when the Scarlett Witch and Force Works came across him, he was amnesiac and joined their quest to stop the Scatter race from invading Earth. Soon after he disappeared into obscurity bringing an end to his short-lived time in the Marvel Universe.

Century was a well-sculpted figure with a base grey body and a contrast of light blue and dark blue for his armour. He had the standard articulation in the arms, legs, elbows, knees, and head. The only accessories he came with were a battle staff and his cape. This figure did not feature any action figure.

MOC $8-$25 $150

LOOSE $8-$10

Hulk Buster Iron Man with “Power Removable Armour”

After his first run in with the jolly green giant Stark built his Hulkbuster armour, and he was eternally grateful he did when the Hulk arrived at the SE Gamma Bomb factory.

The Hulk buster exo-suite enabled Iron Man to go a few rounds with the formidable Hulk. This was a huge figure and despite the lack of attachments and accessories it was one of the most popular Iron Man variants produced.

The figure had a yellow and red colour scheme. The paint application was poor with a lot of overlapping. He had hinged articulation on the arms, elbows, knees, and legs but no head articulation. The armour for this figure fitted surprisingly well compared to most of the other armoured figures in this line. With his armour on he stands higher than the Toy Biz Hulk figure.

MOC $12-$80

LOOSE $3-$18

Toy Biz Iron Man Titanium Man with “Retractable Blade Action”

Boris Bullski was an ambitious and loyal member of the communist party who came up with the idea of Titanium Man as the answer to the capitalist Iron Man, in the hope that his defeat at the hands of communism would help advance his political career. The pair clashed many times, but Stark had a far superior suite and thrashed him every time.

The Toy Biz Iron Man  figure had a bulky body with a dark green body and olive-green armour. He had standard articulation on the arms, elbows, knees, and legs but like Hulkbuster no articulation on the head. He came armed with a retractable saw blade that attached to his arm.

MOC $10-$26

LOOSE $10-15

Tony Stark with “Amour Carrying Suitcase”

This Toy Biz Iron Man figure was a “base” figure of Tony Stark allowing for any of the armour from the other series to be attached to him. The figure came with a special case used to carry his suite in when not in use and came with a pair of shin pads and an armour faceplate, all of which are only the front which makes him look rather weird from the back. He had articulation on the arms, elbows, knees, legs, and head.

Toy Biz were also going to release a civilian Stark figure with his car, but these were cancelled at the last minute despite having been displayed at the New York Toy Fair. This figure was also due to feature an all new head sculpt, but alas, it was never to be.

MOC $15-$30   $150

Loose $8-#15

Dreadknight with “Lance Firing Action”

This figure is based on the character of Professor Nathan Garret, the Black Knight, who genetically created a winged horse and an arsenal of weapons. When he died his winged horse flew away and was later found by the scientist Bram Velsing who worked with Dr Doom. However, Dr Doom discovered that Velsing was plotting against him and punished him by fusing his mask to his face.

Velsing took up weapons like those of the Black Knight and became known as the criminal Dreadknight.

This was an unusual looking and colourful figure. His lance had a spring action so when released it would shoot out, but like so many of the action features on these figures it either did not work or was poorly made and never lasted long.

He comes with a blue skull headed shield which clips on to his arm and a spring-loaded lance which, sometimes, shoots out. His cape is removable, but he looks a bit “strange” without it.  He had the usual articulation on his legs, knees, arms, elbows, and head.

MOC $8-$30


Toy Biz Iron Man Animated Secondary Market Values

Please note: All prices quote are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy at these prices. All quotations were correct at the time of writing. July 2020.

When evaluating these figures I look at previous SOLD prices on both online and offline auction sites such as Vectis, Hakes and eBay etc as well as online stores such as Amazon, Walmart and Target etc. I then take an average, however if I feel a price is too high or low, I will make a note of it.

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