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Toy Biz Spider-Man the New Animated Series Wave 7 The Collectors Series 1995

This was the seventh series, or wave, of the Spider-man: The New Animated Series line of action figures to be released under the title of the Special Collectors Series. 

All the figures in this series were based on characters or variants featured in the comic book and not the TV series. This was also the last of the “generic packaged” series as from series 8 each new release had its own unique title. This was to make it easier for retailers and distributors to distinguish the different characters and series when reordering their stock. It also made it easier for collectors to identify which they had and therefore which ones they needed. The packaging for this series was therefore the same as the previous releases.

• Spider-Man 2099 with "Spider Assault Weaponry"

• New Spider-Man with "Venom Containment Gear"

• Total Armor Rhino with "Anti-Spider Armor"

• Spider-Woman with "Black Widow Assault Gear"

• Stealth Venom (Sneak Attack Symbiote)

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New Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) with "Venom Containment Gear"

This figure featured the new Ben Reilly Spider-Man costume rather than the more traditional Peter Parker Spider-Man, even the artwork on the backing card was changed to feature the new Ben Reilly costume.

The body sculpt on this figure is the same as the Spider 2099, Scarlett Spider and Web Shooter Spidey figures featuring a more slender and muscular body. 

The Spider logo on this figure is a lot bigger than on the Peter Parker figures and covers virtually his whole torso. Again, the paintwork is quite good but there is a little seepage of red through the black in some places and the webbing in place does not match up or connect properly. 

Despite the Ben Reilly costume he had a standard head sculpt but with a dark outline around the more prominent eyes. 

Toy Biz did a great job of replicating the look of the new costume with this figure. The red and light blue (the Peter Parker Spider-Man was a darker blue) paintwork and silver gauntlets have been applied very well will little overlap. His arms and legs are a solid blue, except for some red and webbing on his figures.

Also, the spider webbing painted on his face is more pronounced and better applied than previous figures, although still far from perfect it is a big improvement. In some places the web is either missing or doesn’t match up, which should have been spotted in preproduction by QC but I guess because it was mass produced as a toy for children they probably figured it wouldn’t matter. 

For articulation there was a swivel head, pin jointed elbows and ankle joints as well as hinge jointed knees and swivel jointed hips and shoulders, that moved up and down only and not sideways.

For accessories he had a repainted rocket launcher, that originally came with Nick Fury in the series 5 release but this time with black rockets instead of red, which clipped onto his back and a very futuristic looking gun.



Total Armor Rhino with "Anti-Spider Armor"

This figure used the same mould as the Series 2 Rhino figure, but with some added armor. His body in fact is exactly the same sculpt with the same coloring.

The sculpting for this figure and the paintwork were exceptionally good with plenty of detail, particularly on the head sculpt. The extra armor on this figure, which was also removable, clipped onto his shoulders, wrists, and ankles. The ankle and wrist manacles were quite fragile and easily broken.

For accessories he came with two flintstone style weapons, a hammer, and an axe, which fitted quite well into his hands.

For an action feature he had a lever on his back that when pushed his head popped up and down in his classic “head butting” movement.

Overall this is a great figure, but as it’s basically a re-release of the series 2 figure, it’s probably best to skip this one, unless of course you either missed it the first time around or are a completist.

MOC $5-50 - $29.99 

Av $19.00

Loose $3.50 - $7.00

Av $5

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Spider-Woman with "Black Widow Assault Gear"

Back in the 80s and 90s most action figure lines didn’t have any female characters as it was thought that boys wouldn’t want to play with them, and when a line did have a female character they were often short packed difficult to find.

This is the Jessica Drew version of Spider-Woman, who never actually appeared in the TV show, so it was based on the comic-book character. This figure was actually the same figure as the Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman released in the Toy Biz Iron Man Animated line but with different paintwork.

The sculpting here is good, but not very character accurate. The head sculpt is particularly good, with a lot of detail and her hair is also nicely sculpted, but it is just a shame it is Julia Carpenter and not Jessica Drew!

Her female attributes, as discussed before, were also overly accentuated, to put it mildly, may be by doing so they hoped it might appeal more to the boys (or their fathers ).

This version of Spider-Woman has her in a red and yellow costume, see below for a comparison between this version and the Iron Man version.

This figure has swivel articulation on her shoulders and hips and pinned articulation on her elbows and knees.

MOC $4.00 - $19.99 

Av $15.00

Loose $5.00 - $10.00

Av $7.00

Stealth Venom (Sneak Attack Symbiote)

The Stealth Venom came with two enormous alien looking “hands” or “claws” that easily clipped on and off his regular hands. Although rather strange and weird looking and did not relate to anything on the TV series or in the comic-books they looked totally awesome and they were excellently sculpted.

For this figure Toy Biz used the same mould as the Venom Unleashed figure but being a stealth version of Venom, the figure was sculpted using clear plastic.

Also, the head sculpt used on this figure was the same Venom head sculpt that came with the Chameleon figure. The only color on this figure, due to his “stealth” mode, was a red spider emblem on his chest, red lips, black eyes and a blacked-out mouth. He also had clear wrap-around tentacles like those that came with the Carnage Unleashed figure.

Spider-Man 2099 with “Spider Assault Weaponry”

This was the first time that Spider-Man 2099 was released as an action figure, way before he became popular in the cartoon or as a game or a movie character, and as a result few kids knew anything about him. This meant that he was not a very popular character when originally released, however over the intervening years he has become increasingly popular with fans and collectors.

The Spider-Man 2099 figure had excellent sculpting and detail and featured a perfectly red-painted Spider skull on his chest and head.


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