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Toy Biz Spider-Man the New Animated Series Wave 3- 1995

By the time Toy Biz Spider-Man the New Animated Series Wave 3  included one of the most collectible figures of all the Spider-man lines, the original Rhino figure, which was short-packed.

In fact when word got out it sparked off what became known as the great Rhino hunt of 1995 causing prices on the secondary market to soar as collectors feverishly hunted them out.

Over time though the market settled down as more became available and demand began to dip as more collectors managed to acquire him. His price has now leveled off to around the $40-50 mark.

As a result, this series became and probably remains, one of the most popular series of all the figures.

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  • Spider-Man Spider Armor with "Super Web Shield”
  • Shocker Shooting Power Blasts 
  • Green Goblin with “Goblin Glider Attack"
  • Scorpion with “Tail Striking Action"
  • Rhino (scarce) with “Head Ramming Action"

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A Collapsible Table:

Toy Biz Spider-man (Super Poseable)

This was, and stillm is, undoubtably one of the greatest Spider-man figures ever released, Toy Biz did an excellent job of recreating the characters look with this figure, however his webbing is mismatched, or even missing, in a few places. That said the spider emblem on his chest is good and well painted.

This was one of the first figures to utilize so mant points of articulation, and the first to use the movable chest plate. He had joints at his ankles, knees, hips (full range of motion), waist, torso, shoulders (full range), elbows, wrists, and neck.

What was nice about the neck was that you could make Spider-man face in almost any direction a normal person could since it worked like a ball-and-socket joint. The fact that he can also be twisted at the torso allows you pose him is in more realistic positions.

MOC $50-$100

Loose $10-$15

Toy Biz Spider-man Spider Armor

This version of Spider-man didn't appear in The New Animated series until the very last episode. The sculpting  for this figure featured a "waffle" loke effect with a mettalic grey color and black undercoating.

The detail on this figure, particularly for the waffle effect, was superb and tha paint application was very good too. The only accessory he came with was a small rouind mattalic grey hand shield. His right arm ewas armed with a spring loaded mechanism that was used the fire the shield from his hand.Hower, like so many of Toy Biz's gimmick and features the actual execution of this feature was very poor.

 He had the basic articulation on his neck, shoulders, elbows, kick out knees.

MOC $10-$15

Loose $5-$10

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Toy Biz Shocker

Shocker was a strange character in the TV show, whose face we never saw, as he even wore his mask in bed. Like Rhino this figure was also short packed and difficult to get hold of, but as he wasn't a major character it did not have as much effect on his price as it did with Rhino. This was the first and only Toy Biz Spider-man action figure released of Shocker, so because of this and his scarcity he has had his value quite well.

.Shocker (Herman Shultz) wore a yellow and red costume with black criss-crossin, which looked very good. His left asrm was armed (get it ;)) with a spring loaded mechanism that was used to fire energy bolts at his enemies. .

He had a swivel head, pinned arm and knee  joints and hip articulation, but due to the springs in his arme there was no arm articulation.

Overall this was a well designed, painted and sculpted figure that was true to character in the TV show.

MOC $20-$40

Loose: $10-$15

 Toy Biz The Green Goblin

Norman Osbourne AKA, The Green Goblin, was one of Spider-mans fiercest and most tenacious foes, with no remorse. This was a great looking figure that really nailed the Green Goblin's character from the TV series. 

Although he wasn't a peg warmer, he wasn't scarce either and was easy to find. The sculpting, particarly on the head sculpt, even down to his evil grin, was very detailed and the paintwork was well-applied.He had a ball jointed head, swivel jointed hips and shoulders and pin jointed knees and elbows. 

This figure came with a couple of cool accessories, like a pumpkin bomb that could be fitted into his open right-hand, ready to toss it at his enemies. He also had his solid blue Goblin glider with plastic missiles that could be launched from the front by a spring. He could be hooked into placed on the glider with two footholds. 

MOC $20-$50

Loose $10-$15

Toy Biz The Scorpion

The Scorpion was a fantastic looking figure with a well detailed body and head sculpt and a light and dark green colour scheme. The head sculpt has some great detailing, including the Scorpions menacing snarl and bared teeth. 

This figure is a near-perfect rendition of the character from the show, with the face, backpack, elongated tail, and bright green paint. The Scorpion had  good articulation neck, shoulders, elbow and knees but no wrist articulation. However, posing him was rather difficult as a result of the minimal articulation on his tail. The Scorpions "action feature" was that when you moved his arm his tail would strike like a stinger. 

MOC $20-$50

Loose $10-$15

Toy Biz Rhino

Lastly we have Rhino. This was the first release of Rhino and it had its fair share of flaws, including a poorly sculpted head and face. In the show, he was known for his sheer destructive power and love for bashing into things head first. This was taken into consideration with his choice of action feature, as his head could pop up like a head-butt when you pressed a peg on the back of the figure.

The figure was sculpted in a solid dark grey colour schemewith little detailing on his body other than some over sized muscles. The head sculpt was ok, but nothing special and the paint application here was very shoddy and unimpressive. 

He was a big, bulky, heavy set figure, akin to the previous Kinpin figure which is probably a reason why he was short-packed. He had articulation on his shoulders, and hips with a swivel head but no knee or elbow articulation.

However, this was an ultra rare edition in this series, as stated above, and was the one to look out for, as a result of production issues. Probably due to his size.

MOC $20-$50

Loose $10-$15

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