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Toy Biz Spider-Man the New Animated Series Wave 4- 1995

The Toy Biz Spider-Man the New Animated Series wave four was another hit with new villains and three new versions of Spider-man, for a total of 7 figures in all. 

  • Spider-Man Black Costume with "Web-Climbing Action" 
  • Spider-Man Web Glider with "Air Assault Action”
  • Mysterio with “Mist Squirting Action”
  • The Chameleon with "Transforming Identity"
  • The Prowler with "Extending Claws"
  • Venom II with "Removable Symbiotic Mask"
  • Spider-Man Night Shadow with "Web Swinging Gear"

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A Collapsible Table:

Toy Biz Spider-Man  (Black costume)

The Black Costumed  Toy Biz Spider-Man was apptoxiamately 5-inches in height with five points of articulation and a very accurate resemblence to the cartoon character. The paintwork was generally very good but some figures were prone to smudging around the eyes. 

Oeverall the paint application was very good with with a solid black body and a large white spider logo that was also very accurate and true to that worn by Spider-man in the animated TV series.

The special feature, or action feature, for the black costumed Spider-man was that when you detached his chest piece there was a long extendable 'web' that extended out and when released Spider-man would climb up, very slowly, with an accompanying whirring noise that came from the motor in his chest. 

For articulation he had a swivel head which allowed it to be turned from left to right; semi-ball jointed shoulders, giving them full movement; hinged elbows, single jointed knees, that allowed for a kick action; and pinned hips for an up and down movement of his legs.

Overall, this was a very basic figure with little detail in the sculpt and paintwork, no accessories and very little articulation, but despite this he proved to be a popular figure because of his close resemblence to the cartoon character without the need of any extra gimmicks.

The only thing to be aware of, and watch out for, is that the webbing that extended from his chest often broke and is usually missing from secondhand or used figures. Also may sure to check the chest area that may be damaged because of this.

MOC $14.50-$45

Loose $10-$15

Toy Biz Spider-Man  (web glider)

The  Toy Biz Spider-Man Web-Glider figure was a cross between a vamparic Spider-man and Batman in his classic blue and red costume. For a special feature he came with two webbed wings which were easily clipped onto his arms and held in place by pins that pinned into holes on his hips and knees. The were were made from a strong grey plastic. When both wings were in place his arms were fixed in an outstretched pose.

There was also a pack that clipped onto his back with a piece of yarn, or string, threaded through it and anchors on either end that could be attached to buildings etc, that Spider-man could effortlessly glide between.

The detailing and paintwork on the Toy Biz Spider-Man headsculpt and body of this figure was very good with the webbing matching up in most places and the spider logo on his chest was also well-painted. Overall, the paintwork was very crisp, clean and pure.

He had hinged joints on his shoulders that could be fully rotated, pinned elbows joints and standard articulation on his hips and knees.

He didn't come with any accessories or weapons other than his wings and the web glider feature that fitted onto his back. All-in-all this was a great looking figure, with sculpting a paintwork that very accurately resembled the cartoon character.

MOC $20-$30

Loose $7.99-$14.00

Toy Biz Spider-Man Night Shadow Spiderman

The Night Shadow Spider-man did not appear on the backing cards fort this series, so initially very few people knowe of his excistence before he began to show up in Kay Bees (KB) Toys as an exclusive.The fifure used the same sculpting as the original wave noe figure except he had a red on black costume. 

The paintwork on this figure was disappointing with a lot of smears and missing/mismatching webbing on his torso. The sculpting however was good, but this was a basic sculpt with little detail too get wrong!

This figure had the standard seven points or articulation on the head, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees and his only accesssory was a "web hook" with a suction cap to attach it wherever you wanted and could be used to hoist up Spider-man.

MOC $14.99-$29.99

Loose $5:00-$15:00

Toy Biz Spider-Man The Chameleon

The Chameleon was an interesting character who started of as an assasin/terrorist and quickly became a goofballcharacter who captured other peopls images by a device on his belt, that then enabled him to change his likeness to theirs. The sculpting perfectly captured the Chameleon's looks in the cartoon and he also came with head sculpts of Spider-man, Venom and  J Joe Jameson, all of which also looked well sculpted. He was also came with a long-handled blaster pistol that fitted in to his right-hand.

For articulation he had a swivel head, semi-ball jointed elbows, shoulders and hinged knees and pinned hips. The sculpting and paintwork on this figure was great. His torso, arms, and legs were moulded with clear muscular features wearing a solid blue outfit with red shoulder pads and boots, orange guantlets, belt and straps.

MOC $14:99-$29:99

Loose $9:99-$41:50

Toy Biz Spider-Man The Prowler

TAhe Prowler was another strange character that looked like a cross between Spawn, Wolverine and Spider-man. He wore a solid green suite with a yellow logo on his chest and belt buckle, a grey (removable) cloak, guantlets, belt and face mask.

He was well-sculpted with good detailing and great paint application. Came came with only one accessory which was recycled from the earlier Toy Biz Amazing Spider-man line and had no real use here.

The Prowler's action feature was his Wolverine claws. This worked with a spring mechanism in his hands that kept his claws locked in until you released the trigger on his wrists, which when pressed would cause his claws to spring out.

He had articulation on his neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. His neck joint only allowed for movement from side-to-side, his shoulders were semi-ball jointed and could be fully rotated but is elbows were pin jointed and could be moved up and down only and he had standard articulation on his hips and knees.

MOC $14:00-$29:99

Loose $7:99-$14.99

Toy Biz Spider-Man Venom II

This was the second Venom, AKA Eddie Brock, released in this line, the first having been released in the first wasve of figures. The sculpting for this figure, particularly the head sculpt, was very detailed showing off his muscles and viens, however the paintwork was not up to the same standards thereby decreasing the overall look a bite. Despite this the figure was well recieved by kids and fans and was one of the most popular figures in the line.

He came with two accessories, a symbiote bulletproof vest (really?? Why would Venom even need this?) and the same accessory as the Prowler. Both of these,, as mentioned above, were originally used in the Toy Biz Amazing Spider-man line.

His head culd be rotated a full 360 degrees, his shoulders had swivel ariculation and could only be moved up and down and there was no articulation on the elbows but he also had ariculation on his hips and knees.

The main gimmick, or feature on this figure was that his 'mask' could be removed to reveal Eddie Brock. The head sculpt and paint application, unlike that for the Venom mask,was very good.

On the plus side the rubber Venom mask and despite being removed and replaced numerous times throughout my childhood, it remained in one piece, without splitting, breaking or peeling, and the paintwork generally remained in a good condition also.

MOC $23:50-$39:99

Loose $15:50-$29:98

Toy Biz Spider-Man Mysterio

The last figure in this wave of Spider-man, The New Animated Series is Mysterio. This was the first inargual release of a Mysterio figure. There was a variant version of this that was exactly the same but a slightly darker shade of green was used.The mysterious Mysterio was a really cool figure with a green paint job, yellow boots, gloves and a purple cape. 

Mysterio had two 'nipple' eyes, or small holes on his chest and his back there was a large hole that a water tank was fitted into, and when this was squeezed water would shoot out of the holes in Mysterio's chest. 

Toy Biz did a great job of replicating the character's look and feel with the sculpting and paintwork for this figure. With Mysterio being almost completely green, except for a purple cloak and yellow guanlets and belt, the paintwork was pretty basic.  Mysterio couldn't turn his domed head, but his his shoulders, elbows, legs & knees were articulated.

MOC $11:50-$55:50

Loose $6:50-$23:98

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