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Toy Biz Spider-Man the New Animated Series Wave 6 1996

Toy Biz Spider-Man the New Animated Series released in 1996 had five new figures in total. Three new Spidey variants and two enemies.; a new Carnage figure and a Tombstone and three new Spider-man figures. Only one of these Spider-man variants did not appear in the show, but all the rest did in one shape or form.

With the release of this series, Toy Biz also upped the ante with their articulation, this line was the first to feature their new ankle joints.

This series included:

• Man-Spider with "Immobilizing Restraints" 

• Octo-Spidey with "Poseable Tentacles" 

• Web Cannon Spider-Man with "Web Blast Action"

• Carnage Unleashed with "Removable Symbiotic Limbs"

• Tombstone with "Double Punch Action"

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A Collapsible Table:

Web Cannon Spiderman

This Spider-Man used the fairly standard sculpt of Spiderman used in previous lines. The paintwork on this was excellent, especially the webbing on his suit and the spider on his chest. The webbing on his torso, arms and legs match up almost perfectly and are definitely a big improvement on many previous sculpts. This one has very little "bleeding" or overlapping. The blue used to paint this figure was a matte dark sky blue which gave it a good contrast to the red.  

For an accessory he came with a Web-Cannon backpack that clipped onto his back by a C-clip around his waist. This was made from gunmetal grey plastic and had two tubes that came out of the two tanks on his back and connected to the "guns" that clipped on to his forearms. The Web-Cannon came with two "web globs" that fitted into the end of the  "web-cannons" on his forearms  and when the tanks on his back were squeezed they fired out of the web-cannons.

He had articulation on his head, which could only be turned from left to right and swivel arms and legs and pinned articulation on his knees and ankles and swivel jointed wrists. This was the first Toy Biz Sider-Man to have the new ankle articulation which was enthusiastically received by fans and collectors. 

The sculpting on this figure was a fairly accurate portrayal of the cartoon character, but in all honesty they can't go far wrong with Spider-man as his costume pretty much covers his whole body like a tight fitting smooth body stocking leaving little need for much detail on the actual sculpting. 

MOC $15-$30

Loose $5


This figure is based on the storyline when Spider-man took an experimental serum created by Dr. Mariah Crawford to prevent his transformation into a spider. But the serum backfired, causing Spider-Man to mutate even faster, transforming him into the six-armed, inhuman Man-Spider!

Although not 100% accurate to the cartoon this was an awesome monster version of Spiderman with multi arms, a ripped outfit, three sharp fingers on each hand and a monster face with mandibles. 

The detail on his clothing, torso, arms and legs was fantastic. His arms, legs and head were all painted with grey spider’s hair, but there is also a variant version with brown hair that came with the KB Toys exclusive six-pack. 

Each of Man-Spider’s six clawed arms was articulated at the shoulder joint. He also had hinged hip articulation, pinned knees and a swivel head. His mandible could also be moved, but they were very fragile and easily broken.

He also came with a set of restraints, 2 arm restraints for each of his sets of 3 arms and a restraint for his head mandibles, which had to be fitted very carefully due their fragility.

MOC  $10-$50 Av $30

 Loose $10-$12

Carnage II Unleashed

The Carnage Unleashed figure was one of the best figures released in their entire Spider-Man Animated line. The red on black colour scheme looked excellent and was well defined and painted.

On of the best features of this figure was his removable symbiote mask. His mask was made from red rubber and had excellent detail, perfectly matching the cartoon character. The Cletus Cassidy head sculpt underneath the mask was also perfectly sculpted, especially considering back in the day the sculpts were done by had without any real scan technology.  

The only faults with the mask were that it was extremely difficult to get back on once it was off, and for some reason they decided to paint the inside black. This meant that when removing the mask black paint was often rubbed off onto Cassidy’s head sculpt.

Carnage Unleashed came with two weapon attachments that easily clipped onto his wrists. He also came with some rubber tentacles that wrapped around his waist. 

He had articulation on his head, shoulders, elbows, knees and hips giving him a huge range of movement and posability

MOC $5-$50 Av $30

Loose $5-$20 Av $10


This was a fantastic Spidey figure, featuring our webbed hero wearing a Dr Octopus style tentacle apparatus. This figure used the same sculpt as the Web-Cannon Spidey and as both this and the Web-Cannons were removable they could have just released these or added them as an extra accessory. The only difference between the two was a slight difference on his hand sculpt.

The tentacles fitted on to Spider-man with a headset and waist attachment, because of this it was difficult to fit back on once it had been taken off. Each of the tentacles were made from a soft bendable plastic with wire in the middle so they could be twist and posed in and position you wanted. 

For the paintwork and sculpting of this figure see the Web-Cannon Spider-Man above.

MLC $15-$35


This figure had very little resemblance to The Tombstone, AKA Lonny Lincoln, cartoon character but the sculpting was excellent with some great detailing on it, especially on the head sculpt. His arm and chest muscles were also well defined and sculpted. 

The paintwork was also impressive, the eyes were painted a fiery red with black eye-liner and he had blood red lips. His large collared shirt was a solid black and he was wearing plain grey trousers, or pants, held up by a large wide black leather belt  with a silver belt buckle. On his wrists he had black studded wristbands and on his feet he wore high brown leather cowboy boots. Despite his face only having a passing resemblance to the cartoon character there was no mistaking his overall look and who he was supposed to be.

His accessories were two chrome gauntlets that clipped onto his wrists and a short-barreled "tommy-gun". He also had a "punching" feature that worked by pressing down on a lever on his back.

He had articulation in his: arms and legs, which could be rotated a full 360 degrees; pinned elbow and knee joints and pinned swivel joints on his hips.

MOC $5-$15

Loose $2-$6

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