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Toy Biz Spider-Man the New Animated Series Wave 5- 1995

This was another excellent line of figures introducing some of the newer characters from later episodes of the Animated series.  The villians in this series were some of the more popular characters, which made this series very popular with fans. Carnage was originally due to be in this line-up but was dropped to shorter the number of figures to help keep costs down. 

  • Six Arm Spider-Man with "Six Arm Arachnid Battle Attack" 
  • Battle Ravaged Spider-Man with "Secret Storage Backpack"
  • Nick Fury with "Missile Launching Jet Pack"
  • Morbius with "Transforming Vampire Action"
  • Punisher
  • Spider-Sense Spider-Man with "Wall Crawling Action"

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Six Arm Spiderman

This was quite a unique and popular figure of Sider-man. On this figure Spiderman had six arms that were a result of a failed science experiment. All the arms had articulation, as well as the legs, bendable knees and neck movement. 

Also the figure came with a webbed up punch glove and webbed up club with spikes. A cool, weird "action" feature was that all the arms rotated at the shoulder when the legs were squeezed together.

Battle Ravaged Spiderman

The Battle Ravaged Spiderman featured our hero wearing a ragged, torn and dishevelled looking outfit. He looked beat up, with claw marks on his thigh, a torn mask and hair tuff sticking out from the top of the mask and a removable camera in his belt.

He also came with what seems to be a ripped up tentacle from a fight and a soft webbed backpack that split opened when squeezed. He had the usual joints in the neck, shoulders, elbows, legs, and knees.

Spider-Sense Spiderman

The overall costume on this figure was painted black with red spider web patterns and blue leggings. The figure also had a large peg  at the side of the for his web crawling action!. 

He came with a web-hook and cord that attached to his wrist, then when the peg was pressed, his arms would move up and down, to climb. Which, realistically, is kinda weird because, with his abilities, why would he need this? 

Articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, knees and legs that could kick out.

Nick Fury

Dressed in a blue outfit with white boots, gloves, and an eye patch Nick Fury is an imposing with a "Missile Launching Jet Pack" with shooting missiles that plugged onto his back and a side-arm that attached to the side of his waist. 

Articulation: arms, legs, knees 


AKA Frank Castle was a popular character in this line, painted and designed in great detail. One of the best figures made in the entire lineup. He possessed very strong articulation and a sculpt with a strong resemblance to the animated series character. The Punisher came with a removable plastic shoulder belt, a headset, an ankle knife and a gun with yellow glue shooter effects that could be added to make it look like his gun was spitting out bullets. 

Articulation: head, shoulders, elbows, legs and bendable knees.


This was another fierce-looking character from the series but lacked the blood-sucking holes in his palms. He was painted wearing a black dinner jacket, red shirt with white veins running across his arms and blue pants. He also had piercing red glowing eyes, a goatee beard and long black hair. To complete his vamperic look he came with a scary looking bat that could be attache to his forearm. This figure allso had the added feature that when his likes were squeezed together his face changed from vampire to Morbius.

Articulation: Arms + legs

Secondary Market Values

Please note that these prices are for information and are not an offer or solicitation to buy any.

 When researching these prices, I check both online and offline auction houses as well as retails sites to find the most up to date and accurate prices at the time of making this video.

 Also bear in mind prices can fluctuate based on their condition, and whether they are complete with all the accessories etc., especially with loose figures.

 So, the current prices for these figures, in no particular order, are:


MOC  $10-$50 Av $30

Loose $10-$12


MOC $20-$30

Loose $5-$10

Web Cannon Spider-Man

MOC $15-$30

Loose $5

Carnage Unleashed

MOC $5-$50 Av $30

 Loose $5-$20 Av $10


MOC $5-$15

Loose $2-$6


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As such they will almost definitely be incorrect as the prices and values are in constant flux and change.

Please check my articles and videos on how to grade and value your action figures for up to date prices.

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