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Toy Biz Spider-Man the New Animated Series Wave 5- 1995

This was another excellent line of figures introducing some of the newer characters from later episodes of the Animated series.  The villians in this series were some of the more popular characters, which made this series very popular with fans. Carnage was originally due to be in this line-up but was dropped to shorter the number of figures to help keep costs down. 

  • Six Arm Spider-Man with "Six Arm Arachnid Battle Attack" 
  • Battle Ravaged Spider-Man with "Secret Storage Backpack"
  • Nick Fury with "Missile Launching Jet Pack"
  • Morbius with "Transforming Vampire Action"
  • Punisher
  • Spider-Sense Spider-Man with "Wall Crawling Action"

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A Collapsible Table:

Spider-Man the New Animated Series Six Arm Spiderman

In season 2 of Spider-man the New Animated Series Spider-man grows four extra arms after taking a serum he had been working on, which is supposed to nullify his spider abilities, but instead it ended up speeding up his mutation and when he woke up he had gained four new arms (imagine all the cool things you could do with SIX arms and more importantly six hands, that's thirty fingers!).

The sculpting and paintwork on this figure was very accurate to the cartoon character and they complimented each other. He had a semi-ball jointed head giving him right to lefft movement on his head, hinged hips, and pin jointed, kick action knee joints. His arms were all articulated at the elbow and connected to a large swivel joint at the shoulders which allowed them to spin. 

The six-armed Spider-mans action feature, or gimmick, was that when his legs were pressed together his arms would spin a flail, knocking out anyone within reach.

He had two accessories that could be clipped into his hands, a webbed boxing glove (I'm not quite sure what use this was to him) and a webbed, piked, baseball bat.

MOC $21:00 - $49:99

Loose $10.49 (only one sold in the last 3 months)

Spider-Man the New Animated Series Battle Ravaged Spiderman

This is the battle ravaged Spider Man, right after the neo genetic nightmare of Man-spider and was one of the few times you saw Spider-man get beat up and his clothes tattered and torn.

He saw some serious, serious action right here. There were subtle little tears all over his clothes and on his back, there was also a large chunk missing from his thigh and he had like claw marks or teeth on him too. I loved this look. 

His eyes were my favourite part because they just looked like he got messed up something bad. He also has got a little tuft of hair sticking out of the top of his mask, which was a nice added touch.

The only thing I did not like was that they gave him a removable camera on his belt but when removed there was a giant hole where the camera pegged in. It's a pretty decent looking camera but in the animated series he had a flashlight, which he used a couple times, not a camera.

He also came with what looked like a Doctor Octopus tentacle that had been ripped out. You would have thought this would be made from bendy wire or similar, but it was just plastic that was very malleable.

It looked a little bit too thin to be one of Doc Oc's but it did had that strange Dock Oc look to it. One of my favourite accessories was his web backpack which was simpl to fix to his back, and actually opened to keep things inside. I like that a lot. I think itwas a great accessory to have and I remember hiding many things in it. You could even have him hiding the “tentacle” in there!

MOC $12.99-$49:99

Loose $8:50-$14.99

Spider-Man the New Animated Series Spider-Sense Spiderman

Spider Sense Spider-man had an all black and dark blue suit which inverted when his "spider-sense" was activated.  The paintwork on this figure was clean, clear and crssp although the webbing, in places, was misaligned and the spider on his chest was not quite central. He also had luminiscent green borders around his eyes.

Spider Sense Spider-man had articulation on his shoulders, hips, knees, elbows and a swivel head. The hips and knees had pin joints giving him wide hips as if he had just dismounted a horse. When a lever in his side was pressed his arms would rise and fall in a "climbling" motion, or that was what it was meant to look like.

His accessory was a hook, whiuch could be hooked onto his hand or used to glide down a zip line. To this end he came with some yarn, or string, attached to two sucker pads tthe could be used to make a zip line for him.

MOC $35:00

Loose $12:40

NB. I could only find one copy of each of these that had sold recently, but they seem to be fairly reasonably priced juging by what others have sold at.

Spider-Man the New Animated Series Nick Fury

This Nick Fury figure had a pretty basic colour scheme with a solid blue body, white gloves, boots and belt. The sculpting in contrast was very good, especially on his head sculpt as head was sculpted with a menacing grin but it had little resemblance to the TV character. The paintwork however, was not up to the same standards as the sculpting and looked rather shoddy in places, particularly on his hair and eye patch. On the plus side the addition on some "stubble" on his chin was a nice touch.

For articulation his head could be moved sideways and he had swivelled shoulders allowing them to be moved up and down. He had hinged elbows and knees and swivel jointed hips. 

There was some very good detailing on this figue, for example he had his .Fury name badge on his chest, his insignia clearl clean and sharp on his left shoulder andf belt buckle. His chest and back had good muscle definition as well. 

His right-hand was sculpted to hold his pistol and his left-hand completely open. His belt and straps are nicely detailed but there is a total lack of contrast as far as colours go, a little red or even yellow might have been nice to have given him some contrast. 

This classic version of Nick Fury is a favourite of mine as I'm not a fan of the more recent releases based on the Samuel Jackson version of Nick Fury. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Samuel Jackson but he just is not Nick Fury.

There were no gimmicks or "action features" for Nick Fury, but then he really didn't need them and would have been "out of character" if he had. However, he did have some nice accessories. Firstly, he had a pistol that fitted into his right-hand, he also had two small projectiles or rockets that clipped onto his boots. Lastly, there was a double "barrelled" rocket launcher that clipped on to his back using a C-clip. The rocket launchers used a spring loaded firing mechanism that was released, or fired, by turning a dial at the bottom of each of the launchers.

Overall, depite its inaccuracies, was a great looking figure with some great sculpting work, that had a look and feel more in line with  the comic book character than the TV character.

MOC $30-$40 

Loose $25:00 (complete with accessories)

Spider-Man the New Animated Series Punisher

After watching his family get gunned down in several attempts on his life from the mafia, Frank Castle decided to take his revenge by fighting back with his ex-military. He has taken to the streets vowing to punish all those who would do evil. 

Okay, so here we have the Toy Biz Spider-Man Punisher action figure. Although this guy appeared in the TV show, this sculpt is more comic book accurate. 

In the TV show his jumpsuit was a little bit of a lighter blue and he came with a nice overcoat and his head did not quite look quite like this. 

However, overall, I am happy with this guy's sculpt and I can overlook the non-show accuracy, this was a great Punisher figure from the belt to the skull. It was just kind of nice to have a good Punisher figure, although there are a few small downsides, s with this guy. 

His head sculpt is decent and I like the little five o'clock shadow that's been painted on his face and his hair is nicely swept back. There is also a nicely sculpted and toned scar, to really show that this is a guy means business.

The only odd thing that I have for this guy is the actual the size of his hands. They just seem exceedingly small on him. I would have liked it if they were just a little bit bigger, like they did for the Nick Fury figure. 

The other thing that was odd was his back which looked a bit weird because it was scooped and jutted out too far. 

His articulation was fairly decent, his head could move from side to side, his arms moved up and down. his elbows moved and his legs could go up and down as well, and he had some elbow and knee articulation. 

You can also see some nice sculpting and paintwork on his gun holster and the little pouches that were painted in go all the way around him. 

One little odd bit though is he has this little hole drilled in on his back, I am not sure why they have that on there. He did not come with any accessories that fitted it; it was just there. 

Probably, he was going to have some other accessory, but Toy Biz changed their minds. He also came with like a little knife that fitted into a small holster on his ankle, but it was a little too small and was easily lost. 

He also came with a nice little “boxed” shaped gun that he could hold in his hand and looked totally unrealistic, but it gave him an added air of authority.  There were two projectiles, I’m not quite sure what they are meant to be, that could be shot from his gun with a little spring mechanism that was fairly strong, and you get a pretty good distance with it.

Despite the few minor drawbacks that I have with this guy, he's still a pretty decent figure and one that I'm actually happy to display on my shelf whether it's just by himself or with the rest of my Spider-Man line of action figures. 

MOC $92:00 (only one found)

Loose $7:99 - $25:00

Spider-Man the New Animated Series Morbius

Michael Morbius was a Nobel Prize winning scientist who was desperately trying to find a cure for a rare blood disease that he suffered from. While researching electroshock therapy and bats his experiment went horribly wrong, and he transformed into the pseudo vampire Morbius 

The transformation gave him some of the abilities of a normal vampire like flight and super strength. But he lacked some of the other more supernatural abilities, like controlling animals or being able to shape shift. 

He also gained some of their weaknesses as well, such as the constant need to feed in order to maintain his strength and vitality. However, there was no aversions to sunlight but being out during the day weakened his abilities rather than killing him.

In the Saturday morning cartoon, which this was based off Morbius did not feed in the traditional sense, as the mere mention of blood was strictly prohibited so to placate the censors Morbius fed off of his victims through leech like suckers on his hands to drain the plasma from their bodies. 

The biggest drawback with this figure was that he had black, rather than blue, hair but that wasn't the only inaccurcy, he also didn't have any suction pads on his palms for drinking the plasma, or blood and his shirt was a bright boold red instead of a lime green colour. For an accessory he came with a fairly well sculpted and detailed bat that could be easily clipped on to his arm. For articulation he had semi-ball jointed shoulds, hinged elbows and knees and pinned hips. 

His action feature, or gimmick was that when you squeezd his legs together his head spun round to reveal a vampire face. The human face had very little resemblance to the cartoon character but had some good dtailing as did his vampire face. 

Despite the inaccuracies the sculpting and paintwork was good as was the detail, for example the viens pooping out on his arms, his bulging muscles, red eyes and gottee beard.

MOC *$49.99

Loose $3:00 - $24.99

*NB: At the time of writing this guide I could not find any MOC Morbius figures that had recently sold, so this is my best guesstimate.

Secondary Market Values

Please note that these prices are for information and are not an offer or solicitation to buy any.

 When researching these prices, I check both online and offline auction houses as well as retails sites to find the most up to date and accurate prices at the time of making this video.

 Also bear in mind prices can fluctuate based on their condition, and whether they are complete with all the accessories etc., especially with loose figures.

 So, the current prices for these figures, in no particular order, are:

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PLEASE NOTE: All prices and values quoted on this site were correct at the time of publication based on the average value across several online and offline auction sites etc. The prices quoted ARE NOT an offer or solicitation to buy any figures at these prices.

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