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Toy Biz Spider-man The New Animated Series Wave 6 1996

This series featured a new Carnage figure as well as Tombstone and three new Spider-man figures. Only one of these Spider-man variants did not appear in the show, but all the rest did in one shape or form.

Do you know which one did not?

Let me know in the comments below!

This series included:

• Man-Spider with "Immobilizing Restraints" 

• Octo-Spidey with "Poseable Tentacles" 

• Web Cannon Spider-Man with "Web Blast Action"

• Carnage Unleashed with "Removable Symbiotic Limbs"

• Tombstone with "Double Punch Action"

The first figure we are going to look at is:

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Web Cannon Spiderman

This figure had detachable futuristic canisters on his back with web globs that could be attached to the end of the canister pipe in his hands and fired when the backpack was squeezed.

Without the web cannons this is still a great figure with articulation on the arms, elbows, knees, hips and, for the first time, ankle articulation and a swivel head. The paintwork and sculpting are superb on this figure.

MOC $15-$30

 Loose $5

 Next, we have:


This was a wonderful figure that featured our hero Spider-man wearing Doctor Octopus's apparatus, with bendy tentacles attached to a waist belt, and his headset. The tentacles were not jointed, but they were bendable.

These were also detachable and without his tentacles, it was a regular Spiderman figure, almost identical to the web cannon but with slightly different hands and lighter colours. However once removed they are exceedingly difficult and fiddly to get back on, so you are better leaving them attached. He also had the same articulation as Web Cannon Spider-man.

MOC $20-$30

 Loose $5-$10


This figure is based on the storyline when Spider-man took an experimental serum created by Dr. Mariah Crawford to prevent his transformation into a spider. But the serum backfired, causing Spider-Man to mutate even faster, transforming him into the six-armed, inhuman Man-Spider!

This was an awesome monster version of Spiderman with multiple arms, a ripped outfit, three sharp fingers on each hand and a monster face with huge mandibles. The sculpting, paintwork and detail on these figures are all great. When tis figure was first released it was not extremely popular, maybe due to a lack of awareness of the character. However, over the year he has become increasingly difficult to find.

The Man Spider came with restraints for all six arms and a face mask to prevent him from attacking with his pincers. All this came about to reverse his on-going mutation.

Each of his six spider arms were articulated in two places, mid-section and at the joint with Spider-man’s body. He also had articulation on the hips and knees and a swivel head.

MOC  $10-$50 Av $30

 Loose $10-$12

Carnage II Unleashed

The sculpting and paintwork on this Carnage was excellent and one of the best features was the removable rubber face mask that revealed Cletus Cassidy underneath. The Cletus face sculpt is also good and fairly accurate to the cartoon. But be warn, the mask is exceedingly difficult to remove and even harder to get back on!

He also came with some tentacles that could be wrapped around his body. Unlike the previous Carnage figure this one came with his weapons already sculpted onto his hands, but he also came with two additional clip on weapons, an over sized claw hand and a double-bladed axe.

There was articulation on the neck, shoulders, elbows, legs, and knees.

MOC $5-$50 Av $30

 Loose $5-$20 Av $10


AKA Lonny Lincoln was a muscular ghostly white looking character, he was an albino, dressed in a black shirt and grey fitted pants, with some red lipstick and a hint of eyeliner.

He came with chrome painted gauntlets that could be attached to his hands, he also had a gun. There was a peg on his back that when pressed would make his arms swing like jabs'

The sculpting and detail on this figure were great, even though not accurate to the cartoon. He had a swivel head and peg joints on the elbows and knees and hinge joints on the arms and hips but no ankle joints.

MOC $5-$15

 Loose $2-$6

Secondary Market Values

Please note that these prices are for information and are not an offer or solicitation to buy any.

 When researching these prices, I check both online and offline auction houses as well as retails sites to find the most up to date and accurate prices at the time of making this video.

 Also bear in mind prices can fluctuate based on their condition, and whether they are complete with all the accessories etc., especially with loose figures.

 So, the current prices for these figures, in no particular order, are:


MOC  $10-$50 Av $30

 Loose $10-$12


MOC $20-$30

 Loose $5-$10

 Web Cannon Spider-Man

MOC $15-$30

 Loose $5

 Carnage Unleashed

MOC $5-$50 Av $30

 Loose $5-$20 Av $10


MOC $5-$15

 Loose $2-$6


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Pleas note that all prices are for informational purposes only and are NOT a solicitation or offer to buy any of the items quoted.

When researching for these articles I use many different online and offline retailers and auctions to get an average value AT THE TIME of writing the article.

As such they will almost definitely be incorrect as the prices and values are in constant flux and change.

Please check my articles and videos on how to grade and value your action figures for up to date prices.

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