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Toy Biz Spider-man The New Animated Series Wave 2 1994

The second series lineup featured another good assortment of villains as well as the standard assortment of Spider-man variants. The choice of villains was determined by the characters who were appearing in the show at the time.

This series was also a lot larger with seven action figures as well as vehicles, play-sets and plush toys.  

  • Spider-Man with "Web Parachute”
  • Peter Parker with "Camera Accessory”
  • Alien Spider-Slayer with “Twin Torso Spider Pincers”
  • KingPin with "Grab and Smash Action”
  • Kraven  with "Spear Throwing Action”
  • The Lizard with "”Lashing Tail Action”
  • Vulture  with "Spreading Wing Acton"

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Spiderman Web Parachute 

A version of Spider-man with a parachute. The standard type design has been used many times over after this first release.

Peter Parker

his is a rare action figure of Peter Parker from the Spiderman animated series with a very good likeness of the character; however, the figure isn't exactly as cartoon accurate as you'd expect, with his outfit being quite different.

The figure came with a nicely sculpted removable camera accessory hanging over his neck and articulation on his neck and arms and single jointed elbows, a swivel waist and bendable knees.

Alien Spider Slayer

A robot spider slayer from the outer stratosphere, this was one cool looking guy to add to your collection. This figure featured strong articulation with snarling jaws and spider pinchers.

This character was only in the comics series but, was never featured on the TV show. It was a fierce-looking character, painted all grey, intricately detailed with his cool pincers popping from the center of his torso. 

The play feature of this figure is, squeezing his legs together would make his pincers snap shut, and his mouth too would close in a bite. The alien Spider-Man has movement at its neck, shoulders, elbows, legs that could kick, and bendable knees. It also has some articulation in its tails.

King Pin

This heavyset figure featured a massive torso, that was quite befitting of the formidable villain, Wilson Fisk. Unfortunately, due to his bulky frame, Kingpin had very limited articulation in his neck and arms.

He wasn’t a very popular toy, but King Pin was an important character in the show and so was an important addition to the line. He had a simple, neat paint job with nice little details. For accessories, King Pin came with a black cane with a diamond on top. Like Kraven, King Pin's play featured him lifting his arms and dropping a blow with his cane.


This was the first and only time Kraven featured in a ToyBiz action figure line. Later versions were only repainted re-leases of this original figure. It featured a very good likeness of the animated series character and he had a spring-loaded arm for throwing spears. 

Clearly, a lot of thought was put into the little details of this figure, with a well-sculpted mane and perfect eyes. He had eight points of articulation in the neck, shoulders, elbows, bendable knees and a kick movement.


This was the first attempt of Lizard that Toy Biz made and as a result wasn’t the best action figure made of him. Like in the initial Gambit figure, the Lizard was dressed in a plastic lab coat, but the likeness wasn’t quite right.

Toy Biz also launched a variation figure of Lizard dressed in a red shirt. This figure was in high demand after its release. The Lizard had a long bendy lashing tail, like his signature move. The figure had articulation on its neck, arms, with single jointed elbows, legs that could kick out and bendable knees.

The Vulture

This is a hard figure to find with a spot-on look of the character from the show, a really cool design and awesome paint job. True to his name, the Vulture has wings attached to the figure's body.

The wings were detachable from the arms, and the arms just drop to the side. He also came with a little yellow gun in a holster as also his wings and arms would go up when you squeezed his legs together.

Playsets and Vehicles

  • Smythe Battle Chair Attack Vehicle
  • Plush Spider-Man doll
  • Tri-Spider Slayer
  • Daily Bugle Playset
  • Hobgoblin Wing Bomber

Plush Spiderman Superhero- This is a soft cuddly cushioned plush version of Spider-man. A great toy piece. Well, as for its articulation, he's flexible. Our cuddly neighborhood Spider-man to the rescue! 

Tri-spider Slayer- This vehicle consisted of all three awesome spider vehicles – The Black widow, Tarantula, and Scorpion–, locked together to form the formidable tri-spider slayer.

The widow features water refillable "venom" squirter, the Tarantula is also equipped with two-button firing missiles and spring action capturing legs, and lastly, the Scorpion also is armed with launch-able stinger missile and twin pincer crunching legs. No figure is attached.

Hobgoblin Wingbomber- This winged vehicle had a retractable pistol grip. Whe you pulled-back the launcher released "flaming" Pumpkin missiles! It also included 2 saw-toothed discs, 2 pumpkin bombs, and armor mask. It doesn't come with a figure.

Daily Bugle Skydive Spidey- This set featured a jump action Spider-man, the Daily Bugle building, and a web crane that let's Spidey jump right into action to save the day.

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