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Toy Biz Spider-man The New Animated Series Wave 2 1994

The second series lineup featured another good assortment of villains as well as the standard assortment of Spider-man variants. The choice of villains was determined by the characters who were appearing in the show at the time.

This series was also a lot larger with seven action figures as well as vehicles, play-sets and plush toys.  

  • Spider-Man with "Web Parachute”
  • Peter Parker with "Camera Accessory”
  • Alien Spider-Slayer with “Twin Torso Spider Pincers”
  • KingPin with "Grab and Smash Action”
  • Kraven  with "Spear Throwing Action”
  • The Lizard with "”Lashing Tail Action”
  • Vulture  with "Spreading Wing Acton"

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A Collapsible Table:

Spiderman Web Parachute 

This was another version of the base Spider-man mould with a parachute. The standard type design was used by Toy Biz many times over after this first release, with slight variations. With this version, he had a folded parachute attached to his back. When you tossed the figure into the air on the descending, the parachute would open up and spider-man would float down to the ground. 

MOC $15-$20

Loose $5-$10

Peter Parker

The second figure is Peter Parker. 

Peter Parker was one of the rarer figures in this series. However, it was quite a plain figure, and the only accessories he came with was his camera.

The sculpting was good, and there was a very good likeness to Peter Parker in the animated series. The only difference was his outfit, which was quite different to the outfit he wore in the cartoon series. The figure also came with a nicely sculpted and removable camera accessory hanging around his neck. He had articulation on his shoulders, arms and single jointed elbows, with a swivel waist and bendable knees.

MOC $20-$30

Loose $5-$10

Alien Spider Slayer

The next figure is the Alien Spider-Slayer. 

The Alien Spider-Slayer was a robot Spider-Slayer from the outer stratosphere and was a fierce-looking character, painted all grey and intricately detailed with his cool pincers popping out from the centre of his torso. However, the character only ever appeared in the comic book and was never featured on the TV show.

His action feature was that when his knees were pushed together, the pincers and his mouth would snap open and closed. The Alien Spider-Man had articulation on his neck, shoulders, elbow and legs with bendable knees and some articulation on his tail. As well as this his legs had a kicking motion 

MOC $10-$30

Loose $5-$15

King Pin

Kingpin was an important and pivotal character in the show, so he was an important addition to the line. He was a huge, hulky, weight of a figure with a massive torso that was quite befitting of the formidable villain, Wilson Fisk.

Both the sculpting and paintwork on this figure were again very good, the biggest problem was his small pinhead which seemed vastly out of proportion to the rest of his body. Another problem was that due to his bulky frame, he had very limited articulation in his neck and arms.

For an accessory, Kingpin came with a black cane with a diamond on the top which could be placed in his clenched hand. When his arm was pulled back it would lock into place and when a lever was pushed in his back his arms would be released to bring the cane down on anyone’s head 

Despite the excellent sculpting and paintwork, he wasn’t a very popular toy because he was quite plain and didn’t have any special abilities and was quickly relegated to being a peg warmer with Kraven. 

One of the most expensive figures on the secondary market is Kingpin. This is probably due to his bulkiness making him difficult to send for mail order and due to his size only a limited the number of Kingpins could be displayed in the shop. Also due to his size and weight the number per case was restricted as was the number that could be produced.

MOC $20-40

Loose $2-$15


This was the first and only time Kraven was featured in a Toy Biz Spider-Man line. Later versions were only repainted versions of this figure. The paintwork and sculpting was spot on with the cartoon character with excellent detail and clearly, a lot of thought was put into the details of this figure. With a well sculpted mane and perfect arm which was spring-loaded for throwing spears. However, his grip was so tight on the spear that this feature didn’t really work.

He had eight points of articulation:  in the neck, shoulders, elbows, with bendable knees, and also a kicking movement. 

Along with Kingpin, Kraven also became a peg warmer as the character wasn’t that popular in the cartoon and wasn’t really one of Spider-man’s main enemies or even that dangerous.

MOC $10-$20

Loose $2-$15


Okay, now moving on, we come to Lizard.

This was the Toy Biz’s first attempt of doing a Lizard figure and as a result, it was not one of the best. Lizard was dressed in a lab coat, which was made from plastic and glued to the figure so it could not be removed, with a black T-shirt, Toy Biz also released a variant Lizard dressed in a red shirt. The sculpting and detail on this figure were superb but the likeness wasn't quite right with the animated character.

The lizard came with a long bendy lashing tail, like his signature move in the cartoon series. This worked by rotating his tail a few times then releasing it. The figure had articulation on its neck, arm, with single jointed elbows, and legs that could kick out and bendable knee.

MOC $10-$25

Loose $10-$12

The Vulture

Lastly, we have the Vulture.

The Vulture had a spot-on look of the character from the show with a really cool design with an awesome paint job and sculpting. True to his name, The Vulture had wings attached to the figures body, these were detachable from the arms and the arms would just drop down to his sides. 

The wings were even articulated so they could be spread out and when his legs were squeezed together, his wings and arms would go up. For an accessory, the Vulture came with a little yellow gun in his holster, 

Most of the series 2 figures are still readily available on the secondary market and until recently did not have a high value, but with the creation of the MCU and the new movies these seemed to have gained in both popularity and value.

 The Vulture is a hard figure to find, but is not overly expensive.

MOC $15-$20

Loose $10-$15

Playsets and Vehicles

  • Smythe Battle Chair Attack Vehicle
  • Plush Spider-Man doll
  • Tri-Spider Slayer
  • Daily Bugle Playset
  • Hobgoblin Wing Bomber

Plush Spiderman Superhero- This is a soft cuddly cushioned plush version of Spider-man. A great toy piece. Well, as for its articulation, he's flexible. Our cuddly neighborhood Spider-man to the rescue! 

Tri-spider Slayer- This vehicle consisted of all three awesome spider vehicles – The Black widow, Tarantula, and Scorpion–, locked together to form the formidable tri-spider slayer.

The widow features water refillable "venom" squirter, the Tarantula is also equipped with two-button firing missiles and spring action capturing legs, and lastly, the Scorpion also is armed with launch-able stinger missile and twin pincer crunching legs. No figure is attached.

Hobgoblin Wingbomber- This winged vehicle had a retractable pistol grip. Whe you pulled-back the launcher released "flaming" Pumpkin missiles! It also included 2 saw-toothed discs, 2 pumpkin bombs, and armor mask. It doesn't come with a figure.

Daily Bugle Skydive Spidey- This set featured a jump action Spider-man, the Daily Bugle building, and a web crane that let's Spidey jump right into action to save the day.

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