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How Transformers Armada Revitalized a Franchise 

The Armada line helped enormously to revitalize the Transformers brand introducing a whole new universe and storyline including the introduction of a mysterious lost race of Transformers called the Mini-Con robots. 

A large part of this lines success was due to the introduction of the Mini-Cons who proved to be popular with fans and children alike, and have continued on into many subsequent toylines to this day. 

The Mini-Cons were very small robots that could attach themselves to larger transformers creating new weapons, or when partnered with their larger counterparts they gave them increased powers and skills, making whoever controlled them virtually invincible!

 They were sold in packs of three at the Basic/Scout price-point with each team being distinguished by its own special gimmick or theme and featured much improved articulation, posability, complexity and originality over the previously released G1 figures.

 There were a total of 7 waves of these Mini-Con teams released with approx. three teams featured in each wave, but many of the later teams were redecoed or retooled versions of the earlier teams.

The Amarda line also marked a sharp change in the design of the figures back to the simpler and more basic transformations of the G1 and G2 figures, unlike the Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and Robots in Disguise figures which had featured rather intricate and often complex transformation modes that many fans and collectors found frustrating.

Another unique feature with the Armada toys is that electronic features became standard in nearly all the larger toys as well as special action features that were activated by attaching the Mini-Cons in the appropriate position. 

Some of these gimmicks, such as as Hot Shot's "axelzooka", Scavenger's stompy-stompy action, and Optimus Prime's auto-transforming trailer were quite complex and innovative in how they worked.

One of the highlights of this series was the awesome Megatron tank that could carry up to 10 Mini-Con figures!

Also a new semi-truck Optimus Prime was released which when the cab changed into a robot the trailer  automatically opened up into a Mini-Con super base station complete with lights, sounds, projectiles, launching ramps and gun stations for Mini-Con figures! 

You could also create a Super Optimus Prime by changing the robot into an upper body form and the base became legs to combine the 2 parts into Super Optimus Prime, one of the biggest and baddest robots made!

Another unique figure introduced was the massive Unicron — a huge toy based on the character from The Transformers: The Movie.

Standing a staggering 16 inches tall and featuring electronic lights and sounds and changing from planet 

Gigacon Assortment

• Transformers - Armada Jetfire with Comettor

• Megatron with Leader 1- MEGATRON commands the DECEPTICONS by being the strongest and most terrifying warrior of them all. He can use his massive firepower for maximum devastation, enabling him to level a battlefield to the ground.

• Transformers - Armada Tidalwave with Ramjet

• Maxcon Assortment

• Transformers - Armada Predacon with Sideburn and Skidz

• Transformers - Armada Red Alert with Longarm

• Starscream with Swindle

• Thundercracker with Zapmaster

Super Base Assortment

  • Powerlinx Optimus Prime with Corona Sparkplug- Prime has 2 Modes Basic and Super. Super Prime Measures in at 13". Primes trailer is set with an auto sensor that changes according with the mode prime is in. ie if Prime is in truck mode the . . .


Supercon Assortment

 Blurr with Incinerator

  • Demolisher with Blackout
  • Hoist with Refute
  • Hot Shot with Jolt
  • Optimus Prime with Over Run
  • Powerlinx Cyclonus with Crumplezone
  • Scavenger with Rollbar
  • Sideswipe with Nightbeat
  • Sideways with Rook and Crosswise
  • Smokescreen with Liftor
  • Thrust with Inferno
  • Wheeljack with Wind Sheer

 Unicron Assortment

  • Unicron with Deadend

Mini Con Teams

• Adventure Team- Team members include Ransack, Iceberg, and Dune Runner

• Air Assault Team- Transformers -Team members include Jetstorm, Sonar, and Runway. Team combines to create the Dark Sabre.

• Air Defense Team- Team members include Jetstorm, Sonar, and Runway. Team combines to create the Star Sabre.

• Air Military Team Team members include Thunderwing, Gunbarrel, and Terradive

• Dark Race Team- Team members include Dirt Boss, Mirage, and Downshift. Team combines to form the Dark Skyboom Shield

• Dark Sea Team- Team members include Storm Cloud, Waterlog, and Ocean Glide.

• Destruction Team-Team members include Drill Bit, Dualor, and Buzzsaw.

• Emergency Team- Team members include Prowl, Firebot and Makeshift. Each member of this team can convert to a projectile weapon

• Land Military Team- Team members include Wreckage, Knock Out, and Bonecrusher.

• Night Attack Team- Team members include Fetch Broadside and Scattor.

• Race Team- Team members include Dirt Boss, Mirage, and Downshift. Team combines to form the Skyboom Shield

• Road Wrecker Team- Team members include Drill Bit, Dualor, and Buzzsaw. A repaint of the original 

• Space Team- Team members include Astroscope, Payload, and Sky Blast. Team combines to form the Requium Blaster

• Street Action Team- Team members include Grindor, High Wire, and Sureshock. Team combines to form Perceptor.

• Street Speed Team- Team members include Oval, Backtrack, and Spiral

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