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Toy Biz Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 

In this Toy Biz Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 Review and Guide I will be taking a close at each of the figures, their accessories, variants and current values.

In the previous video we looked at the first wave of figures in this line released by Toy Biz in 2002, so in this video we are going to take a look at the second series. As discussed in the previous video the Marvel Legends line was intended to be a spinoff line from the Spider-Man Classics line, but it proved to be so popular that it is still running to this day.

With Toy Biz the line went on to have 16 series but in 2007, Hasbro got the Marvel license and continued producing the line for a few more years before it was unfortunately canceled. However, with the event of the MCU and its huge popularity and growing fan pressure the Marvel Legends line was eagerly re-introduced.

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Toy Biz originally packaged each of the figures in the initial waves with a comic that was usually about the character, a mini gold poster, and a display stand. 

The Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 figures were released in 2003, and as with the first series there were several variations, however these variations were usually to do with the comic or poster etc, rather than the figure its self, although there were some figure variations also.  This meant that although there were “officially” 4 characters in the line there were a total of 6 different characters as for some reason the Hulk and Doombot weren’t featured on the backing cards. On top of that there were also several variations available, this meant that there were actually 16 different variations in total available in this line (see below).

The packaging for these figures was very generic and to save on costs Toy Biz used a clamshell design, which remained the same for all the figures. The clamshell had a space at the front for a card to be  inserted with the Marvel Legends logo and character name. This meant that the backing card could also be generic as this only had the Marvel logo and series II printed on it at the top. The comic book would then be placed on top of this followed by the action figure before being sealed.

The reverse of the Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 card had a character profile of the character in the blister and images of each of the four characters in this wave. 

The figures stood about 7 inches in height, in a blister pack and featured as much as  as 30 points of articulation, making them fully poseable. At the time, these Marvel Legends figures probably  had the best articulation available on the market.

Please note that the prices quoted in this video are generally for the basic figure and not the variants. Now let's take a look at these amazing figures in detail.

All 16 variations available in Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2:

 ● Hulk w/ Torn Lab Coat

● Dr. Doom US

● Dr. Doom w/ Gold Poster UK

● Dr. Doom w/ Gold Poster CA

● Doombot

● Doombot w/ Gold Poster UK

● Doombot w/ Gold Poster CA

● Human Torch w/ #4 US

● Human Torch w/o #4 US

● Human Torch w/ comic w/o #4 CA

● Human Torch w/ Gold Poster w/o #4 CA

● Human Torch w/ Gold Poster w/o #4 US

Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 The Hulk

The Hulk first made his appearance in series 1, and this figure in Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2  was a variant of this figure. This new Hulk was exactly the same as its predecessor using the same sculpting and design.

This sculpt was excellent and very detailed and this variant was sculpted with a torn white lab coat. This was a fully articulated figure that stood at about 7 inches. In terms of packaging, the figure also came with an Incredible Hulk Comic book alongside a mounting platform.

MOC: $30-44

Loose: $26-37

Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 Dr. Doom

Dr. Victor Von Doom is one of Marvel's oldest villains. Over the years, he has been a formidable villain, and surprisingly even a hero sometimes. Dr. Doom is best known in the Marvel universe for his hatred of Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic.

Many fans will agree that this figure was one of the best in the series. It was a near perfect representation of Dr. Doom. The detailing on his clothes, the belt, armor, and face sculpt were awesome.  

The Marvel Legends figures had some of the best articulation on the market at the time, and this figure was no exception with movement in almost every joint, but the skirt hindered his hip movement.

For accessories, the figure came with a castle base with the Von Doom Emblem on it, a gun, a mask, and his cape. The gun fitted perfectly into the gun holster on his belt and the cape, which was made of soft fabric, gave him a classic look. My favorite thing about this figure was that you could easily take off his mask to reveal his face and put it back on.

Generally, this was a really great figure to have in your collection. At the time of release, variants came with gold-framed posters of Dr. Doom that were the size of the blister pack, and there was also an issue of the Fantastic Four comic in the pack.

● Dr. Doom US

● Dr. Doom w/ Gold Poster UK

● Dr. Doom w/ Gold Poster CA

MOC: $25-63

Loose: $12-30

Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 Doombot

The Doombot is Dr. Doom's mechanical clone and is capable of taking the place of the villain when necessary. As a result, the figure is almost an exact replica of the Doom figure. The only difference happens to be the coolest feature about the figure; the figure also had a removable mask but underneath the mask instead of Dar Doom there was a robot face! The detailing on this head sculpt was perfect and had a very robotic and mechanical look and feel to it.

Other than the face, everything else was the same as the regular Dr. Doom. This figure is hard to find and like the Hulk figure wasn’t featured on the backing-card, so it is usually more sort after by collectors. The figure also featured a gold framed posters of Dr. Doom and an issue of The Fantastic Four Comic.


      Doombot w/ Gold Poster UK

      Doombot w/ Gold Poster CA

MOC: $30-75

Loose: $15-43

Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 Human Torch 

The Human Torch is another great classic Marvel universe Character and a part of The Fantastic Four. This Human Torch figure was based on the old Spiderman Classic figure. The Human torch wasn’t known to be a buff character, and the figure stays true to this look with just a bit of highlighted muscles. The figure's arms, legs, and head had flames sculpted into the figure, which added some flair and authenticity to him. The paint job was also well done.

The figure had really great articulation as with most of these Vintage Marvel Legends, with articulation on most of his joints. 

The Torch came with a really cool flame base accessory that could be attached to his waist; there was also a spurt of flame that could be attachable to his hand.  This figure was a great representation of the Torch and one of the better figures from the Toy Biz Marvel Legends line and one that you shouldn't miss out on.

Variants of this Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 figure could be identified by the lack of the number '4' written on the figure's chest. Also, depending on the variant you get, you may find a Fantastic Four comic book or a gold-framed poster of the superhero.

There were several variants of this figure:

● Human Torch w/ #4 US

● Human Torch w/o #4 US

● Human Torch w/ comic w/o #4 CA

● Human Torch w/ Gold Poster w/o #4 CA

● Human Torch w/ Gold Poster w/o #4 US

● Human Torch w/ Gold Poster w/ #4 UK

Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 Namor

Namor may not be as popular as several other characters in the Marvel Legends line, but he is still a hotly contested figure.

Namor the Submariner is known to be the monarch of Atlantis and although he hasn't been featured in the MCU yet the character is very much active within the comic books.

For this figure Namor was sculpted with a retro-looking costume that was popular when the figure first appeared. He had an open sleeveless jacket on, flaunting his muscles. There was a bronze belt around his waist with a trident etched into it. The figure also had black pants and boots and around his ankles were moveable wings that looked like something inspired by a Greek god. The sculpting on this figure was amazing all round, from the details on his face down to his feet, and the paint job complimented the great sculpting perfectly.

The figure had almost complete articulation except there was no ab crunch. Also, the figure came with a water base stand and a Trident for accessories. These cool accessories gave him the persona a presence of a real ruler of the waters. The toy was typically packed with copy of Namor the Savage Submariner Comic but the UK and Canadian variants came with a gold poster of Namor.

  Namor US

 Namor w/ Gold Poster CA

  Namor w/ Gold Poster UK

 MOC: $22-45

Loose: $14-37

Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 The Thing

Vintage Marvel Legends Wave 2 The Thing was one of the best-sculpted figures in this series due to the complexity of his body sculpt. Toy Biz did a great job of replicating his look and he looked like he was actually made of rocks.

This was one big mean-looking figure that represented the Ben Grimm character almost perfectly. The little blue shorts he had on and the rest of the figure displayed an awesome amount of detailing that was put into the character down to the cracks between the rocks. Both the sculpt and paint jobs are incredible.

The Thing had up to 30 points of articulation including bendy fingers. One drawback with this figure was that there was no special action feature but he came with a graffiti painted wall as an accessory.

Variations of the figure were available with an issue of a Fantastic Four Comic book or a gold-framed poster of the thing and there was also a trench coat version of The Thing.  This variation shows the Thing wearing a trenchcoat, sunglasses, and a hat as if he is trying to hide his identity from civilians while he's out on a casual stroll.

 ● Thing US

● Thing CA (comic)

● Thing w/ Gold Poster CA

●Thing w/ Gold Poster UK

●Trenchcoat Thing US

MOC: $28-50

Loose: $18-30

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