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Vintage Mattel Masters of the Universe Series One Skeletor

Mattel's Masters of the Universe Skeletor was first released in 1984 as a member of the evil warrior’s clan and came with a purple Sword of Power, a Havoc Staff and a mini comic.

For every He-Man that was released in the original toy line there was a corresponding Masters of the Universe Skeletor figure released. This allowed Mattel to keep them on toy shelves while also allowing them to add new gimmicks and accessories to them.

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A Collapsible Table:

The Mattel Masters of the Universe Skeletor figure was first released in 1982, as the main protagonist of the Masters of the Universe toy line and is one of the most iconic and memorable villains of all time. 

Skeletor utilized the same basic muscular body sculpt as He-Man, but with some added details that were used on many of the villains.

He had a finned design on his forearms and his left-hand was sculpted wide-open with spaced clawed fingers and he had purple boots that were scaly and organic looking with three pointed toes to give him a more demonic look.

Early figures had a paint error on his head sculpt which resulted in him having an orange pink colour on his cheeks. Many of these earlier figures also only had the front of his boots painted making them look like shin-pads, but later figures had them fully painted. These earlier figures also had a purple loincloth that was later changed to black.

He also had a fun action feature with a spring in his waist so when his waist was turned it would quickly snap back into place, delivering a power-punch to his enemies, when released.

His main weapon in the Filmation cartoon series was his Havoc Staff. However, he could only hold it in his right-hand as his left was sculpted open. Many children improvised by putting the sword in his left-hand using the handguard to clip onto his fingers and hold it in place, which resulted in most swords having a broken handguard.

His Sword of Power was the second half of He-Man’s grey Sword of Power, as the two could be clipped together creating the full Sword of Power.

Skeletor was inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead artwork and mummified corpse of outlaw Elmer McCurdy. He first came on 8 back cards and later on a 12-back card.


Price MOC $50-$250

MLC $15-$150

MOTU Wave 1 (1982)

1.       He-Man

2.       Man-At-Arms

3.       Stratos

4.       Teela

5.       Zodac

6.       Skeletor

7.       Beast-Man

8.       Mer-Man

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